1. BgBmBoo

    Savage 10FCP small or large shank??

    Ok...any of you Savage shooters out here know if the .308 10FCP Savage is a large or small shank? I have a opportunity to pic one of the 10FCP's in the McMillan A5 stocks for a REALLY good (read give away) price. But I do not want a .308 so I want to swap the barrel out but need to know what...
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Caps for large objective scopes?

    Hey all, While I was configuring a USO SN3 3.8-22x scope on their website, I noticed that they don't have any Butler Creek flip caps available for their 58mm objectives. What did you guys end up doing?
  3. Valken

    Rifle Scopes Large scopes.

    Since a lot of us shoot .308. Why the the need for something more than 10x power. I notice we seem to like really large scopes with power that seems to much for me. Also as a side note I notice scopes seem to get bigger with 34mm bodies and even 35mm bodies. Is it all necessary or just wants.
  4. C

    Bench Rest Large primers at PV

    They also have CCI large mil primers
  5. M


    Has any one used on 338LM?
  6. LoneWolfUSMC

    Midway USA has Federal 210M Large Rifle Primers!

    Get em while they last!
  7. S

    CCI LR Military Primers??? Same as Large rifle???

    What is the real deal on the CC1 military large rifle primers? Just as good as normal large rifle? Why cheaper? Less flashy packaging? Need to know before I buy a bunch. Jeff
  8. pshell

    Range Report Large differences in windage from load to load?

    I have a couple different loads that I shoot out of my 700 PSS. I just confirmed my base zero for my main load (168 SMK over 43.5 grs of Varget, win brass, fed primer) and switched over to a varmit load I just started to work out. I'm using 110gr SVK's, 40 grs varget and the rest is the same...
  9. oldgrayone

    Primers Small rifle and Large Rifle Mag. at Midway

    Just got a email 5:17 pm eastern time they have both in CCI.
  10. GardDog

    Wincheter Large Rifle Primers in Stock @ MidwayUSA

    Got the email & checked the site, they are still in stock.
  11. hunterbeto

    help, I need to buy large rifle magnum primer

    <span style="font-size: 14pt"><span style="color: #FF6666"><span style="font-weight: bold">help, I need to buy large rifle magnum primer friends, Anybody know where I can buy primers LRM within the USA? I'm traveling to Miami / FL 25th, and I managed to buy these primers anywhere! I am...
  12. BgBmBoo


    Natchez has CCI BR-2 larger rifle primers in stock as of 10:20am PST 6-4-09. BR-2 PRIMERS click here!
  13. B

    I have 4k small and large rifle primers

    The local gun shop says they are desperate for primers and want me to bring in the 4k plus that I have but no longer have a use for. Can a few of you guys give me an idea on the current market value so I can go in there armed with some idea? Here's what I have exactly. 1000 Federal #205 Match...
  14. junglejim23

    Large rifle primers in 45 acp

    Ok I have been wanting to load up the last 100 xtp's I have in 45 but I can't find large pistol primers any place. So I am wondering if i could sub large rifle primers and stay safe I will be using titegroup.
  15. M

    .308 brass and large primers

    Anyone know where to get Winchester .308 brass? How about large rifle primers? Specifically federal 210.
  16. Hawk Gunner

    Need help finding large rifle magnum primers in AL

    Im critically low on these but have plenty of others. Does anyone know of a place that has or is likely to have some? I have to go to Birmingham on Monday morning. If anybody knows a place between Mobile and Birmingham to look I'd sure appreciate the tip. Heck if its within a 3.5 hr drive of...
  17. gilgamesh1

    Natchez has Winchester Large Pistol Primers

    Was pissed that I missed out on the Federal Primers mentioned in an earlier post today. But now they have some Winchester Large PP available for less than the Federal. Hopefully this is a good sign for future primer availability. Good luck.
  18. BgBmBoo

    WIN. LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS still in stock....

    Still showing 1000 packs in stock at:,152.html These are Winchester WLR's. Take care,Stan
  19. mattsnuked

    Sellier and Bellot large and smallrifle primers?

    Anyone have experience with these? How do they compare with Federal standard primers? Good or bad. These are the only primers I could find in stock.
  20. Mag 300

    7 WSM on Dillon 550 Xtra large powder die needed

    Do you need an extra large powder die to reload the 7 WSM on a 550? Thanks I will call them tomarrow just wondering Bill