1. Sgposin

    Firearms Springfield M1A SOCOM II .308

    Looking to sell my M1A SOCOM II. Gun is in perfect condition. I’ve only taken this gun out one time and has about 50 rounds through it. Asking 1899.00 plus shipping. This is cheaper than anything on Gun Broker by a long shot. No trades please. Along with the factory 10 round magazine, I will...
  2. Novak77

    Accessories FS Sage M14ALCS/PMRI EBR Chassis

    All, Up for your consideration is a gently used Sage M14ALCS/PMRI EBR Chassis w/a Magpul PRS2 butt stock. Comes as pictured with a Heavy Barrel Op Rod Guide Block. The previous owner opened the chassis up a bit for their receiver. Please PM for additional pics, offers, etc. $925 TYD in the...
  3. G

    M1A standard or national match?

    Hey folks, new to the site. Im in a dilemma... ive been shooting long range for a few years and im looking at getting a semi auto. I want an M1A but cant decide if i should get a national match grade or a standard rifle. I dont plan on shooting further the 600 with it because I have a...
  4. D

    Rem 700 SPS Tactical - carbon fiber composite stock

    Hello, I wanted to post here to ask a few questions about a stock I am building. I made a carbon fiber composite stock for a Springfield M1A that I own and it turned out really well (see attached images). I am actually getting a lot of interest in it from the M14/M1A crowd. I think my next...
  5. R

    Where can I go online to find a new M1A Springfield Loaded 22"? And what Scope?

    Hey guys. After alot of research I want to invest in a Springfield M1A Loaded 22" rifle. Its historic and a beautiful rifle. I also wanna try out the .308 win round. Any ideas on a scope? Thanks Guys!
  6. sictransitjosh

    New rifle build: AR10 or M1A? Thoughts?

    Well, I'm looking to build a new rifle, and I'm just asking for opinions/suggestions. It will be a .308, and I've narrowed it down to either an AR-10, or an M1A. I love M1As to begin with, always loved the Sage Mod 0 chassis for it. But, also love the AR-10 platform as well. It will be used for...
  7. bwatson8541

    Springfield Aromory M1A Socom ???

    Im thinking about purchacing the M1A Socom but i dont have any experiance with this rifle. Can anyone tell me what its capabilities are at long range and what optic would be best suited for this gun. Thanx in advance.
  8. HillbillyfromAL

    Photos First Time at the Range with My M1A

    I haven't been able to shoot since about December of 07 with any rifles, I had to have back surgery. I was kinda surprised at how shitty I did, but hey I guess that's just more of an excuse to get out more often. The wind's weren't bad 5-10 and gusty, so yes those flyers are my fault. The one I...
  9. GunjunkieM24

    Photos Some Old school M1A's

    This was really my first passion for rifle building.. I built all of these M1A's from GI parts, New SAI receivers and "Freds" walnut stocks. TRW Winchester H&R Springfield Also have one old Springfield Garand in the foreground...
  10. M

    Sniper Type M1A Price Check

    I think I'm going to have to sell my M1A to pay some upcoming medical bills but I'm not sure what to ask. It was made in 1997 and has the following features. Springfield Armory M1A full size rifle with USGI parts. Barrel is stamped NM ( National Match ). Trigger group is TRW and bolt is SA...
  11. improwler

    Rifle Scopes bassett machine M1A mount

    anyone have experience with one of these, good or bad?
  12. J

    Rifle Scopes Scope recomendation for a M1A Socom

    Never looked into the EER scout type scopes before and I'm looking to buy an M1a Socom. Thanks Jim
  13. L

    Gunsmithing Trigger for M1A

    I'm looking for a drop in trigger for my M1A, two stage preferred. Any ideas? Lance
  14. Victor Co Heather

    Awesome M14/ M1A armorer tool....

    Not sure how many of you shoot M1As but I found this tool that is bad ass. It does just about everything you could need to work on an M1A. The quality looks amazing, I can't wait to order one... http://battlearmsdevelopment.com
  15. Mumbles

    M1A accuracy tips

    So as a self-consolation present to myself, I bought this rifle last November: It's spent most of it's life sitting in a hard case with an Aimpoint mounted on the forward rail, with maybe 100 rds put through it, but about a month or so ago, I randomly got hooked on it, and I've been...
  16. Gildoom

    Springfield M1A JAE stock

    The wait for my stock was around 4 months, Lisa gave updates and suggested mods for the stock to help its resale as well. They are very good people, highly impressed. The rifle is a great shooter, the biggest fear I had was some advice you all, and I forget the gal here who months ago warned...
  17. W

    m1a and the 155 Scenar

    Tomorrow my M1a supermatch will be here, it's got a 1 in 10 twist barrel. Most of my shooting with it will be at my 700 yd range here at the farm, and hopefully get in a 600 yd high-power match now and then. The only .308 bullets I keep around are the 155 Lapua Scener, and the other day I...
  18. N

    155gr load for M1A

    Was given some 155gr bullets want to shoot them in a M1A, have several military cases to load. What powders and primers do you think that would work..
  19. 2

    Gunsmithing M1A smith

    Any suggestions that I won't have to wait 6months to a year for? I just need a scope mounting problem solved.
  20. Grump

    Range Report M1A and 155 A-Maxes

    Tried some 4064 in and OCW test and the promising results were at speeds we're not supposed to see with a 22-inch barrel. FA 63 Match cases, reloaded 1x before WLR primers Seated 2.82 or so OAL New ordinary match barrel from Springfield Armory Temp 80 F, humidity probably 30-40. 45.0 (last of...