1. 300WSM

    why is 38spl so slow compared to 357 mag and 9mm?

    ok so couple of questions... first why is 38spl +p so slow compared to 357mag. Case size seems to be about the same. 2nd why aren't 38spl faster then 9mm? 9mm is a much smaller case yet is faster? Sorry for the newbie question. 9mm 115gr 1250fps, 38spl+p...
  2. G

    info for 300 Win Mag data for a semi-auto

    I have a Benelli semi-auto in a 300 Win Mag, I would like to do some reloads for it using 180 grain bullets. I understand that loads for a semi-auto are some what different. Can some one explain some of the differences. I thought of using H1000 powder & Federal 215LR Magnum Primers. Thanks in...
  3. galveston22

    Anyone have a tricked out 7mm Rem Mag sniper?

    If so, I have a deal for you. I have some really good 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Nosler BT professionally loaded by a guy out of San Antonio who owns Individual Reloading Services. I have about 20 rounds that I dont need anymore as I have sold the rifle that shoots it. I will ship it to you for just the...
  4. ryznstr15

    Reloading .308/ 30 CAL with Mag LRG Rifle Primers?

    Hows it going all. If someone could please tell me if it is possible to reload my 308 with large magnum rifle primers and what to expect that would be great. I was told that I would have to drop my powder charge due to it burning hotter because of the magnum primer??? Any info would be great...
  5. H

    338 Lapua Mag Ammo

    I just saw this ammo on Sportsman's Guide website and thought I would pass it along. I don't know what 338 Lapua goes for so I don't know if it's a good buy or not.
  6. oldgrayone

    Primers Small rifle and Large Rifle Mag. at Midway

    Just got a email 5:17 pm eastern time they have both in CCI.
  7. H

    .44 mag rifle

    just got a new .44 magnum lever action rifle for the wife. I bought a case of cheap bullets, but will be reloading as soon as I burn through that first case. What powder and primers are good for this caliber in a rifle with a 19" barrel? (not very tacticool, I know)
  8. C

    Help With 300 Win Mag Ammo

    I have a milspec 300 win mag and could use some help on ammo selection.I will use the gun mostly for hunting and some long range shooting.Thanks for any help.
  9. bsp212

    Gunsmithing 300 Win Mag chamber reamer

    Looking for a .300 Win Mag chamber reamer for 220 gr. SMK at AICS mag length. Any suggestions?
  10. P

    300 Winchester Mag Loads

    I have recently extracted a heavy-barreled 300 Win. Mag from the back of my gun safe that was barreled in 1996. I shot it about 50 times and it lost favor to the other toys. At the time I semi-retired it, I had settled on a load of 69.0 grains of IMR 4350 behind a 180 grain Sierra SBT...
  11. B

    7mm mag vs 7mm wsm ??

    what is the difference in those two .....besides powder capacity and the different length actions? Is the WSM supposed to be slightly more accurate or what.....seems like kinda splitting hairs. velocities are almost the same...more ammo choices with the full size cartridge. How about throat...
  12. bohem

    Will a Rem 710 mag fit a Rem 700 action?

    I'm working on a project that's based on using a 700 BDL magazine for a 30-06. The local place has a pair of 710 mags for 30-06 at 15 bucks each. Will they fit a Rem 700? I don't think they will, but before I write off the cheap mags, I figured I'd ask the guys here who might have one.
  13. Lineman711

    Question about .44 mag and lead bullets

    I recently bought a used Super Blackhawk from a guy and last night he stopped by and gave me 3 boxes of his reloads. I'm the kind of person that doesn't fire others loads in any gun I own unless I know them to be a competent loader and he assured me he was. So I took the reloads. 3 boxes of...
  14. B

    Gunsmithing remmy 700 mag

    I've got a 700 SA off being rebarreled in .223AI, I want to run the 75gr Amax... and I want to increase the factory mag length a bit so I can seat the 75's out a bit. Any suggestions? Cutting the block out of the back of the mag would be the obvious route to go
  15. ncyotecaller

    Arms Tech LLC Mag Xtender

    How well do these work? It looks like a low cost alternative to a high capacity mag and expensive bottom metal.
  16. A

    Target load for 7mm Ultra Mag

    Anyone have a good target load for 7mm ultra mag
  17. N

    Gunsmithing 308 barrel on my rem700 300 win mag?

    If the bullets are the same caliber am I able to use any 308 barrel to rebarrel my rem 700 300 win mag or am I missing somthing?
  18. B

    7mm mag 175gr SMK- how much jump

    Starting to work on some loads for a 7mm Win Mag using 175gr SMK and was looking for a good place to start on how far off the lands to load. The rifle: Robar SR90 24" 1-9" twist McM A3 Looked in the reloading depot and could not find many loads for 175 smk that gave distance off lands. Thanks...
  19. beenjammin

    Ruger Mark III 22/45 firing with no mag issue

    Guys, i think there is a write up somewhere about putting mark II parts in the mark IIIs to allow them to fire with no mag. Can ayone point me in the right direction. What else are popular internal parts for these pistols. I was thinking about the VOLQUARTSEN accurizing kit. i got a tactical...
  20. FNuser

    Howa Long Action Inside Mag Dimensions?

    Anybody got one to give me measurements?