1. R

    444 dies for loading 44 mag?

    Considering how close these two cartridges are in outside dimensions, excluding length obviously, do you think you could load 44 mag rounds with 444 Marlin dies? Case head is the same at .514, Marlin bullet dia of .4305 vs .432 for the 44 mag, case mouth dia of .4530 for the Marlin vs .456...
  2. Jrb572

    Remington 7mm Rem Mag Question?

    What contour was the Secret Service using on there 7 mags? Are they still using them? What contour would it be in a Bartlein barrel? Thanks any help is appreciated.
  3. E

    Suppressors Need advise on a suppressor for a 300 Win. Mag.

    I need some advise on which suppressor to get for a 300 Win. Mag., I'm also going to use it on a 6BRX, any suggestions?
  4. S

    Recommend me some brass for 300 Win Mag

    A new rifle is on the way, chambered in 300 Win Mag. I had figured on purchasing a few hundred pieces of Lapua brass but since learned Lapua does not offer it anymore. So what's left? This thread on from last year makes me suspicious of Nosler brass...
  5. B

    7mm Mag and 162 gr AMax

    I have a remington 700 with a trued action, hvy sporter barrel, and soon to have an hs stock. I am going to start reloading and I need a data table on this load. I am going to use Nosler brass and Fed. 215 primers. Also how well does this bullet perform on deer as I am considering on hunting...
  6. bsp212

    300 Win Mag 208 A-Max load

    Anyone use Retumbo for this? Specs will be Win brass, WLRM primer, 208 A-max at AI mag length or a little less. Rifle: 700 trued action, Krieger 10 twist 28" I have Retumbo on hand, but can't find data for it and 208's.
  7. V

    Browning A Bolt 300 win mag

    Just the other day my father gave me his Browning A Bolt in the 300 win mag. We where shooting the other day at a range for the first time in years together and he was getting bad groups with the Browning so I gave it a try and mine were all hitting the mark, he said it must have been the big...
  8. S

    Gunsmithing LA Detach Mag- flush & 10rd mag system?

    I am wondering if there is a mag system that I can run for mag calibers that has both types of mags, a flush or almost flush mag like the HS as well as the normal longer 10rd mag. I would like have a nice clean flush mag when packing, yet still have the 10 rd capability when needed. I spoke to...
  9. G

    .300 Win Mag dies

    What are some of the better sets of reloading dies for precision handloading the .300 win mag? Ive always used standard RCBS stuff in the past, but have never loaded for absolute accuracy before.
  10. 2

    300 NORMA MAG ?

    Does anyone have experience with the 300 NORMA MAG? Would like to know the ballistics capabilities of the 208 A-MAX and 240 SMK. Also, what barrel length is optimal for a full propellant burn? Thanks
  11. H

    243 AI vs 260 AI vs AR10 mag length

    I'm getting ready to build an AR10, either in .243 AI or .260 AI With magazine constraints realized, which cartridge can I use the highest BC bullet vs velocity without using up all my powder space? Will the 243 107-115's work at mag length with good velocity? Or will a 139-142 gr. 260 be...
  12. T

    700 xcr lrt 300 win mag

    hey all im new to the forum and am getting into longer range shooting i am planing on getting a rem 700 xcr lrt in 300 mag (getting great deal on nib aroung 600) and was wondering if anyone has any experiance with the rifle pros and cons any input you guys can give me would be great im looking...
  13. M

    Gunsmithing Which Mag Conversion for Rem 700/HS Precision?

    Its time to rebarrel my rem 700 sa vs synthetic varmint rifle. Which mag conversion would you guys recommend? I plan on using the oem hs precision stock. The Badger M5 and the V-Bull Precision mag conversion look great. Thanks In Advance, MickeyJr308
  14. W

    Gunsmithing 308 semi auto mag dimensions

    Hi there i posted about an AR10 mag to get the dimensions could anyone please measure their mags on the following at the top the length and width of the mags on the outside so i can make a detachable mag setup on my rem using a detachable mag. AR10 M1A?M14 SLR/FAL SR25. I think i am starting...
  15. hue001t

    primers for 7mm rem mag?

    i was qurious as to what primers i should look at for a 7mm rem mag
  16. P

    Where is all the .338 Norma Mag Brass Pls. Help

    I have a friend in the States who will help me get some .338 Norma Mag Brass I thought BHSS was supposed to have 250,000 pieces of this stuff. Apparently its on Back Order and they dont expect it for ages !! My barrel is here and the Smith needs a couple of cases. Would anyone be willing to...
  17. Cross C

    AI 338 mag internal length????

    I've been searching with no luck, with the 338 magazines anyway, for the maximum internal magazine length for the 338 Lapua version of the Badger M5 Detachable mags. Will the Badger also fit with a Stiller TAC 300 action with proper inletting in the stock? I am asking this not to run a LM in...
  18. S

    300 mag complete!

    Well I finally complete my Savage 300 Mag. It took me a while to get enough funds for it, but damn was it worth it. It's a savage 110fp 300 win mag, with SS scope, EGW 20 moa base, IOR heavy duty steel rings, and Stockade Prairie Dog stock. I need to get a Karsten cheek piece now, but other...
  19. Pusher591

    .300 Win Mag & Suprressor?

    Anyone shoot a 300 Win Mag with a suppressor? Im thinking about building a 300 Win Mag, CRUSADER style and put a surefire on it. Thinking maybe a 18.5 or 20" barrel. I was also wondering has anyone shot a 300 Win Mag with a surefire muzzle brake on it. Does it work fairly well and what would...
  20. H

    338 Ultra Mag Brass?

    Does anyone know if there is a company that makes 338rum brass besides Remington? There brass sucks neck run out is constantly .003 to .010 off.