1. FNuser

    Howa Long Action Inside Mag Dimensions?

    Anybody got one to give me measurements?
  2. N

    Max load with RL22 in my 300 win mag

    I was wondering if I could bounce some data off you all, and get some feed back about safety and overpressure rounds. To start I have just started reloading and I have been loading for my 700P in 300 win mag. I'm working up a load for some Speer 168 grain BTHP match I picked up at bass pro...
  3. C

    300 win mag milspec ammo quetion

    gun is ready to shoot/looking for rec on ammo/mostly use for hunting and some longer range shooting/thanks for any help.
  4. H

    300 ultra mag data?

    Does any on have a good load? I have only been able to get with an 180gr and 200gr 2900 to 3089 max before I start getting over pressure sings. I don’t wont to go with a lighter bullet my barrel is a 1-10 28" I would have stayed with a 300wby or a 300 win mag if that is all I can get out of it.
  5. S

    Gunsmithing what mag system?? rem 700 6BR??

    What would be the best magazine system for a remington 700 short action, if i were to chamber the barrel for a 6br?? I didnt know if one type would work a little better than another? thanks Lee
  6. esromvre

    .30-338win mag

    Dose anyone have load data for this and the 208 A-max? good on powder for now so looking for load data. note NON MOLY on this one. but moly loads will work also.
  7. H

    Best dies for 338 ultra mag?

    What are the best dies possible for 338 ultra mag Redding, Foster, Rcbs.? Are competition dies worth the $300?
  8. dontstrokeme

    Gunsmithing Need a quick smith for M700 Mag Extractor

    I want to be able to shoot on the 13th of June and my local gunsmith is telling me it will take at least a week to get the shit to replace my extractor. It is a Mag face and is not riveted but I gather that all can be installed is the riveted type....brownells and midway both have them but I am...
  9. G

    rem 700 sendero 300 win mag

    what is this worth if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. its got the jeweled bolt 26 inch stainless barrel and the hs stock. its also got a leupold vari x III 3.5 x10 on it. its an amazing shooter but i need some new glass so its got to go. heres a pic of it
  10. rc2125

    700 rem spsv .243, aics/ai mag, will it feed ok?

    Ordered an AICS for rem 700 short action .243, Will the rounds feed ok out of the Ai mag? Assumed they would, but might as well ask....googled and only found some info on a 243ai having some issues.
  11. P

    Process to make 338 Norma Mag From .338 Lapua ?

    What are the steps involved to make .338 Norma Magnum Brass form .338 Lapua Brass. I have opted to chamber for the .338 Norma Magnum and give it a whirl................ cheers PC.
  12. Triad

    Triad AI Mag Pouch Family update

    Much of the past info on this topic was lost a few weeks ago when the S-4 took a dump. And now that there are new additions to the family, I thought I would post an update. Here it is: The five round pouches are in stock...... You might notice that the two pouches look a little...
  13. B

    New Sako TRG 300 Win Mag

    I know OAL's are different for every gun and bullet for that gun, but I am working up some initial loads for my new rifle and I would like to know if I am in the ballpark. I have used a hornady OAL guage and to put the bullet near the lands it will not fit in my magazines. Therefore I have...
  14. S

    Gunsmithing Uzi mag misfeed

    Ok I bought a couple 32 round clips (can't remember manufacturer) and each time I shoot I get two rounds out then have to remove the clip relock and then rechamber. Then I get another two rounds. I tested the ammo on the factory 20 round with absolutely no issues. Any ideas on what I can...
  15. T

    300 Win Mag Federal brass?

    I have a few boxes of 100 Federal Gold Medal Match brass I am thinking about selling. Manufactured 96-97. Anyone know what about its worth?? thanks for any help!
  16. G

    .300 win mag barrel length

    Its been pretty well established that the best all around length for a .308 precision bolt rifle is 20-22 inches. What about .300 win mag? Id like to add a suppressor to my 700 pss, but the factory barrel length would be cumbersome at best. What about 24 inches?
  17. C

    Ammo For 300 Win Mag

    Need some info on ammo for 300 win mag.Its a mipspec i just got it and am going to the range to shoot for the first time this weekend.Need some help with ammo choice.I will be using the gun for mostly hunting and some range shooting. Thanks for any help.
  18. srv656s

    Suppressors What's a good 1911 mag pouch for conceal carry?

    I've been carrying an extra magazine in my pocket when I carry my 1911 and it irritates me and it's not the best place for it since it tends to pick up lint. Also, not the most accessible place for it. I've decided to buy a 1911 magazine holster, there are a ton out there I don't know what to...
  19. 19Scout77

    Shorty Short Mag

    Just picked up my 22.5" experiment. About 14lbs as you see it--7wsm. <span style="font-weight: bold">**for those of you sensitive to the plight of poor mistreated landlords--please note that no hardwood floors were harmed during the making of this thread**</span>
  20. J

    300 win mag and IMR 4064 powder

    Hey guys, Got back into long range shooting with a purchase of a TRG42 in 300 win mag. My father has quite a bit of IMR 4064 when he used to reload 243 for groundhog shooting. I have 190 and 200gr Sierra HPBT bullets and plenty of brass/primers. Was wondering if anybody has a good recipe for...