1. 3006spokane

    New Member - First build

    This is my first bolt gun build. So far nothing special but I'm already hooked and want to keep adding more to it. Rifle is a Remmy 700 SPS chambered in 30-06. I started out with a Leupold 3-9x40mm rifleman but I knew the rifle far exceeded the glass so I started looking around for budget...
  2. KeithR41

    Gunsmithing New member with Rem 700 question.

    Hi. I'm a sniper on my dept. Tac team. I shoot a Rem 700 PSS, 26bbl, Leupold MK IV 4.5-14. I am required to shoot FED. 168 GMM factory ammo for duty. However, for practice I found a hand load that shoots my cold bore to the same point of aim as my duty ammo. (I have to handload for my own...
  3. P

    New Member Seeks AICS Skins!

    Hello everyone, First I'll introduce myself. I'm 46, live in North East Victoria in Australia and work 4000 kilometres from there in the Mining Construction Industry. I am a fitter and machiner by trade (what I'm doing now) and have a varied work history including 6 years of Military service and...
  4. U

    Member Link Up Member in distress

    My old sniper partner Poa Poi came up to visit after 22 years and we had a great weekend looking back at all of our exploits while being in the Corps. together. When he got back home he went to work on monday, came home and had a stroke! He is doing ok, but has been in the hospital since monday...
  5. M

    Member Link Up New Member from Florida

    Hi all, Im new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. Im a 3rd year Podiatric medical student who is displaced in South Florida, Im origionally from the central part of the state. I have always been in to anything involving guns and the shooting sports, and have recently gotten into...
  6. B

    new member

    Not sure what thread to post this in, but wanted to introduce myself.Not sure if introductions are the common practice here,but went ahead anyway. This is my first post to Sniper's hide. Looking forward to learning from the members here on site. I have been shooting a rifle now for about 1 1/2...
  7. C

    New Member, New to sniping NEED HELP

    OK so ive shot with my dad since i was 5(now 23), i started with a 30 carbine and worked my way up... we have always reloaded our bullets for accuracy, but now 300 yards is easy and i want to build our rifles up and learn allot about how to be a bad @$$ sniper and have the pride of making my own...
  8. earthtrekker1775

    Suppressors New member. How do I post photos on a forum topic?

    I am completely lost when trying to post my photos. I got as far as trying to upload an image to a photo forum but the file was to large. On topic pages that have many photos I try but there is no file manager tab to use. Do I have to get a photobucket or like membership or can I upload from my...
  9. jsanderson

    New member, new rifle..

    Hey guys, I just purchased a Rem. Model 700, .308, SPS, 26"barrel, OD green beavertail stock. And of course a couple of pictures. And a picture with a few of my other guns.. And if you notice my AR has the handle on backwards a buddy did that, and I just never noticed it until I took the...
  10. Lineman711

    New member with question

    New here, just have a quick question. I'm new to long range shooting, been hunting and pistol shooting a long time but never shot over 300 yards. Been a reloader for 7 years. I'm picking up my new Rem 5R this Friday. I've got some Leupold LR bases and rings here I plan to put on the rifle...
  11. F

    Board member who sells Rem 700 SPS-Ts?

    A few weeks ago I saw (I think it was here) a member who sells the Remington SPS Tacticals at a fair price. Damned if I can find it... Can someone help a brother out? Thanks.
  12. Recon Sniper

    New Member

    Hello Hide!! I have been an outside viewer for a few years and finally made an account. I look forward to learning with you all. Errrrrr, Coxic
  13. L

    Photos New member and his toys

    Guys and Gals I'm a new member to the forums and figured an introduction of sorts was in in order. And what better intro then some gun porn. These are my two precision rigs. The green one is a Winchester Model 70 in 7mm Remington Magnum, the action has been rebarreled and trued by Pac Nor, it...
  14. S

    Member Link Up anyone a member of the club at quantico, va?

    I'm curious about whether there might be anyone here on the forum that is a member of the Quantico Shooting Club. I recently sent a request to be added to the wait list(though I'm not quite sure how long that wait may be) and would like to see if I could attend any of the events or rec fires on...
  15. A

    Member Link Up MN member checking in!

    Just here to say hi to my fellow rifleman. I shoot everything from a 17hmr to a .338RUM, reload, and enjoy varmint hunting.