1. GUNNER75

    Rem 40X .22 US, ready to run.

    Just picked up a nice little rifle. Any 40X .22 guys on here that can give me any info on these rifles? Will post pics later. No, I didn't run the search very hard yet, but will. Here she is. Ready to run.
  2. spanishfly

    New Hunting Rifle (Rem 5R)

    This is my New Hunting Rifle a (Remington 5R SS in 308) with fluted barrel and bolt done by Karl Feldkamp.
  3. assistancefromadistance

    Subsonic 260 rem Loads?

    I was looking to put a can on the old 260 rem, but not real sure if the load data is out there? any help?
  4. DarinR

    Why did Marines go from M70 Win to M700 Rem?

    Did they find the M70 had shortcomings or was it budget/availability based? Just curious why it happened. The more I learn about the M70, I more I like it. Thanks, Darin Reiss
  5. D

    new stick, what caliber,.260 rem or 6.5 creedmoor?

    in the next few months I'll be getting a new stick for shooting steel and paper at a max of 450 yds for now. will go farther if I find a different place to shoot, or if turtle extends his range. the question is whether to go .260 rem or 6.5 creedmoor??? Hornady is making it easier to reload the...
  6. 4Rail_Gunner

    260 Rem With 140gr VLD Berger

    Anyone have any Load Data For a 260 Rem pushing a 140gr VLD berger? Was wanting to try H4831SC to see how it shot with the 140VLD. I currently use 42.5gr of H4350 and 140SMK's. Lapua 243 brass and Loaded to 2.800 OAL I just wondered if anyone is having luck with this bullet and I couldn't...
  7. S

    howa action vs rem 700 action

    I once read some where on this forum that the howa actions were better machined (closer to being true) than the rem 700 action. Is there any thruth to that? And the same goes with there barrels? thanks lee