1. T

    "Hypothetical" MKII / Marlin replacement stocks

    tying in with these 2 topics, TRYING TO GET INPUT ON SOMETHING SIMILIAR, so i can get the ball rolling on a tactical...
  2. BigBrother

    Good replacement for Black Hills 68gr match?

    Hey all- wasn't exactly sure where this belonged, it was a toss up between exterior ballistics and rifles, since it has to do with both. I settled on this specific BH ammo a while back for competition: Out of my Bushmaster Varminter-...
  3. R

    McMillan M-86 Barrel re-placement

    My old M-86 is getting ready for a re-barrel job. The original shot real well, and I wondered if any members knew what barrels were used for the M-86. Thanks
  4. H

    Rifle Scopes Falcon 4-14FFP replacement knobs are out

    Just a heads up for falcon menace owners that are having turret alignment issues. I just received a replacement pair in the mail from optics warehouse. The new style looks exactly like the old except now they have 3 set screws on the side of each turret.
  5. Veer_G

    Rifle Scopes Decent optics replacement suggestions for M-76?

    Title explains it all. I'm looking for a good suggestion other than the Yugo issue optics, but keeping the mount. Recommend 1" tube decent quality optics with mildots for medium to long range, and yes, I recognize the shortcomings of the platform itself.
  6. galveston22

    Replacement stock for 2009 Savage 10FP

    What are my options guys? 4.40" action bolt spacing, centerfeed.
  7. M

    Gracey Blade Replacement Question

    I am growing more and more tired of pulling the original blades off to re-sharpen and having to readjust them. I see that Jones and Giraurd have carbide blades available that look pretty easy to adjust and get going. My question is do you have to do the motor upgrade to make these work well or...
  8. P

    Gunsmithing Remington replacement trigger?

    I tried a search and got a LOT of results. I know this has to have been asked before, but,... I have a Remington 700 SPS-V. Since it is an SPS it has the X-Mark trigger from what I understand, and it can't be adjusted very well. Which aftermarket trigger makes a good replacement? I am...
  9. S

    Replacement Barrel

    I have a nice 722 Remington Sporter in .222 converted long ago to .223 that could use a new barrel. I really don't want to dump a ton of money in it and I could sell it. But the action on this old girl is so smooooth compared to the new stuff. I was wondering what you guys thought might be the...
  10. A

    Rifle Scopes Got my new USO... *UPDATE - Got Replacement*

    Well, after 14+ weeks my new USO arrived today... with the wrong reticle. It's a SN3 3.2-17 Tpal, and was supposed to have a MDMOA, but instead came with a PCMOA. The SN matched the paperwork, which did specify MDMOA, so it looks like someone just goofed and put the wrong one in on assembly...
  11. T

    Gunsmithing Replacement STEEL bottom metal for Rem 700..... there a drop-in replacement that does NOT require additional inletting? A true drop-in replacement. tom
  12. T

    Gunsmithing Aluminum replacement firing pins

    Do they cut down on reliability at all and is the decreased lock time noticed by those who use them? Thanks in advance. TJR
  13. rc2125

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mk4 turret replacement

    Couldn't find any info on the leupold site or searching around here. Anyone know if Leupold can or will replace M1 turrets with M2 dials on say a 4.5-14x50 Mk4 scope? .....and on a side note, do these mil at full power or 10x?
  14. shootist2004

    Gunsmithing remy 700 firing pin replacement

    Ive been banging on the 3/32 pin for an hour now..... is this thing glued in? it wont budge! I soaked it in kroil for 24 hours... I would take it to a gunsmith but I cant wait 6 months! any advice?
  15. Jimmy2Times

    Rem 700 SPS replacement trigger gaurd/floorplate?

    OK, I just picked up a new 700 SPS. This will be my new project gun. The first thing I noticed is that the trigger guard and floorplate seem to be made out of plastic? Is it really plastic, or just some cheap, cheap ass pot metal? I know Remington has gone plastic crazy in the past few years...
  16. ashland

    Gunsmithing Mod 70 Trigger Replacement

    I'm replacing the factory trigger on my Mod 70 with a Jewell. Can anyone give me some instructions on this or direct me to a thread or website? Thank you.
  17. doubleT

    Rifle Scopes Replacement screws for badger o rings

    Can anyone tell me the screw sizes for the Badger Ord rings? Had a set given to me; however two of the screwheads are buggered up. I think they are 8-40's but I don't know the length. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. J

    Varget Replacement?

    Since Varget is apparently no longer available anywhere in the universe, does anyone have any other powders they would recommend? Thanks, JH
  19. 03psd

    Gunsmithing Replacement Trigger for LH 700

    Asked this across the street figuring it was a dumb ass question and not wanting to get flamed here. To my surprise no one over yonder has replied so perhaps its not such a dumb question. Here goes: Are the aftermarket triggers for M700 different for left handed bolt action rifles versus right...
  20. M

    Remington 700 Education 2 - replacement bolts

    1. If a guy got any caliber SA could he get a .473 bolt face replacement bolt and be GTG? 2. From Pacific Tool and Gauge's web site <span style="font-style: italic">Most Remington Receiver sizes are .700 + .0015 ID. You can open the receiver up to a true .705 ID with the GTR Raceway Reamer...