1. The4GunGuy

    SOLD TriggerTech Diamond Straight Rem 700 Trigger

    SOLD SOLD SOLD TriggerTech Rem 700 Diamond Flat Clean Blk/Red Single Stage Trigger R70-SRB-02-TNF Have an extra TT Diamond. Love these triggers and the crisp break. This is s flat face trigger. You will need to adjust to YOUR DESIRED PULL WEIGHT, since I have it set to around 1lb for PRS...
  2. T

    Need help identifying a rifle

    When I was younger, my friend had a little 22LR rifle that was single shot, octagonal barrel and was really cool. You had to insert the cartridge right into the chamber, then push a little thing forward and the hammer was behind the "thing." When you fired it, you had to cock the hammer, pull...
  3. Corp. Punishment

    Tikka Single Shot follower?

    When I am at the range I enjoy loading my rifle single shot, but with my Tikka T3 the round always misses the hole. I am now on the search for a single shot follower. Does anybody know where I could get one? Thanks
  4. G

    The single all-around rifle?

    Gen II Templar, .308 10-twist PSS +1 contour .299 Bartlein with Surefire brake/adapter, Palma Match chamber, 40x trigger, in baby-poop skins with TAB sling; SB PM II LP 4-16x42 CCW single-turn Mil/Mil Gen IIXL in Badger rings: Had a few stability problems the first hundred rounds with Lapua...
  5. Hawk45

    Suppressors Single Action Sixgun - What ya'lls got?

    Looking to pick up a .45LC single action (I reload). Colt is the classic and Ruger seems to be the modern standard. What are you guys shooting and your experiences. Barrel length recommendation? It will be for plinking and camping trips mostly. No games at this time but never know if a...
  6. T

    Rifle Scopes S&B 4-16 X 50 FFP4 single turn

    I mounted the scope on a one peice AI mount. The mount has 18 MOA built into it. The scope mounted perfect. I took it to the range and zeroed it in. After I set the top turret to the one. I could not do a complete turn of the elevation. The elevation turret is marked 1-13 in cm clicks. It tops...
  7. DesertMonkey

    RPA single shot 50BMG?

    I am looking for any one that has knowledge on these. Are they a good action? Are they worth the money? Any and all info would be nice. And would something like this move easily on today's market? Thanks, L.
  8. P

    Mix Single and Two Stage Trigger - One Shooter?

    I am building a couple of AR15s and one AR10, as well as obtaining a couple of bolt rifles (over time). Question is, should these rifles all have the same type of trigger (single stage or two stage)? I have been told by some that trying to switch back and forth between both types can be...
  9. B

    For a single shot 1500 meters

    These are the choices 338 Lapua 300 Win Mag 300 WSM 325 WSM
  10. L

    Single stage v. 2-stage trigger

    What are the pros and cons of a good single stage trigger verses a good 2-stage trigger? Thanks for the information. Lance
  11. P

    AR Trigger: Single or Two Stage?

    I've read some comments here, including the trigger test, on AR single and 2 stage triggers. What I have not seen so much of, is that for shooting from a bench or prone, in a non-competition environment, is whether the single or 2 stage is preferred. I am looking for top accuracy out of a .223...
  12. Sgt. 0811

    Single Six question

    Does the cylinder have to be matched to the gun to work?
  13. Opiy

    I am thinking of a new single stage press

    I was looking at Redding for a new single stage press for when I get me a new bolt gun. I was looking at the boss but they also have the Big Boss which is beefier and seems to offer more bells and whistles. Anyone have these and how do you feel about it? There another single stage that just...
  14. Santiago Rodriguez

    Single Shot 77/22 Magazine?

    Does anyone know of where one might find a single shot 77/22 mag? Or if there is a way of modifing a 77/22 mag to be able to put a single round on top while mag is seated in the rifle instead of placing one directly into the barrel chamber. Similar to Benchrest or Silhouette. Any pictures or...
  15. Crash01

    Single Stage Press Advice

    I was certain that info would be easily found, but I couldn't find any topics on it. I have some money set aside for a single stage press, or turret. I've reloaded since I was 12 years old, but unfortunately, it was all shotgun shells. I understand the basics, and have a few reloading books that...
  16. M

    Dream build question: Single Action vs Repeater

    I am dreaming of a new custom build from some place like GAP or Surgeon. Most of my shooting time is on targets, with 300M up to 1000M ranges available to me. But, a gun for pure target shooting is not my cup of tea. If I am going to gain proficiency with it, I must also be able to hunt well...
  17. K


    I have a Walther 22lr single shot. It has a heavy barrel conture. The bolt handle is at the very back of the action behind the tigger. The rifle has no model number I can find on it. On top of the action it says Waffenfabrik Walther Zella-Mehlis (Thur.). The barrel and action is all one piece it...