1. RidgeRebel

    cci 400 small rifle primers in an AR 15

    I have been using these primers in my AR for a while and had no problems but I was told that these primers could slam fire. Is this true or are they safe in AR's?
  2. rweldon

    Does anybody have small rifle primers in stock?

    Does anybody have small rifle primers in stock? and I don't mean gunbroker. I keep hearing that midway is supposed to have some this week. I wonder what the price will be?
  3. Jrb572

    Varget and small rifle primers.

    Graff's in St. Charles Mo. had both in tonight. Only thing is primers only can get a hundred and 1pound of varget at a time . But hey I'm happy I got some. Just to let you Missouri guys know it was there. I hate to say it but I'm glad of the restriction right now. It will give some of us a...
  4. BgBmBoo

    Remington 6 1/2 small rifles primers 5000 of em

    I know this is not the for sale section, but figured this would target the group of folks most interested in them. I am small rifle primer rich! And decided I need the money for other things vs me ever using the amount of primers I have on hand. So...I am open to offers on 5 "bricks" (1000...
  5. D

    Small Rilfe primers in stock

    Wideners has Wolf Small Rifle Magnum Primers in stock, grab em while they last ETA: w00t, good post for #50
  6. G

    Gunsmithing Small Sandblasting Gun Needed - Recommendations

    I have a small compressor (4 cfm @ 90 psi) and need to grit blast a barrelled action. I want to buy a small sandblasting gun that requires a minimum amount of air flow. Can someone suggest a blasting gun for this application?
  7. sniper7mm

    Wolf small rifle primers .223

    Anyone using these? good, bad, so so ?? In these tough times I am looking for some other options.
  8. paraman1

    Using Small Pistol in Small Rifle primers place

    Due to the current primer situation I cannot locate any small rifle primers and was wondering if there is any factual evidence of problems associated with swapping out for the small pistol primer . I know in some small case loads they reccomend using the SP primer (.22 Hornet) but this would be...
  9. A

    Remington 1 1/2 Small Pistol primers

    Anyone here use these in reloading .40? Went to the store today and they had a shipment of primers in so I went nuts and bought some. One of the boxes are "Remington Small pistol 1 1/2". Box says not to use on .40 but I have seen on another forum or 2 where they were used and seem ok. All...
  10. C

    Herter's Small Rifle Primers

    Can anyone tell me the approximate age of these Herter's No. 6 1/2 small rifle primers? What was the price of these back then?
  11. N

    Winchester small rifle primers - anywhere?

    Anybody know of anyone with Winchester small rifle primers in stock?
  12. N

    Small Rifle Primers Where to buy

    Looking for either match or regular primers. Match for 6BR, regular for Ar and M1 Carbine. Any suggestions. Would like to buy 5K each to make hazmat worth it.
  13. H

    small rifle primers- Gone evrywhere?

    Can someone tell me if they know somewhere that has small rifle primers in stock. Prefer- BR-4's. I checked everywhere I can think of and they are out of stock. Thanks
  14. F

    AR 10 Small Base Dies ?

    Are very many having to use Small Base Dies on AR10 .308?