1. cast1

    Subsonic 45-70 load data.

    Hey guys. I can’t seem to find any published load data for the 410 subx projo in 45-70. Anybody have anything?
  2. rabeck27

    Reloading Equipment 8.6 blackout dies

    I have some Hornady custom grade 8.6 blackout dies for sale. New in box. $110 shipped
  3. Snaz

    SOLD SOLD: .308" Lapua Subsonic 200gr bullets

    ***These are Projectiles ONLY, not loaded ammunition!*** 4 x 100 Lapua .308" 200 gr Subsonic bullets for 300BLK. $50ea or $180 for all, shipped USPS Flat Rate w/signature confirmation. *NO trades, please. PayPal F&F or add 3% G&S Thanks!
  4. Anthony Laversa

    The search for the perfect barrel, and internal ballistics...

    Ok, so I have spent some time researching the ballistic characteristics of the 22LR. I am interested mostly in internal ballistics at this point. I started with some reading on "accuracy" as it relates to velocity and I have come up with an interesting idea I would like to bounce off the...
  5. UK_Mike

    .308 Sub-Sonic with VV N32C & Lapua 200gr Sub FMJBT Bullets

    Hi Guys I am in need of a little help and guidance on starting a load development for a .308 sub-sonic round. All the info I have managed to obtain relates to Trail Boss and the most suitable power for this. As I live in London England and were up until recently part of the EU who decided that...
  6. Cosmic338

    CFe BLK for 300 AAC?

    Anyone use this stuff? Is it any good for subsonic rounds? Bought a pound of it with 210 gr Berger’s. Hope this will make a good combo.
  7. G

    Optic recommendations for BA 300 Blackout?

    Hi there! Looking to get the communities recommendations on optics for my new ruger American ranch right I just picked up in 300. I will mainly be using this rifle for hunting within 150 yards and will be shooting probably half super half subs. Have considered just sighting rifle in for...
  8. E

    200gr Lapua Subsonic .308

    Does anyone have the bullet length of the 200gr Lapua Subsonic projectile? I am just curious, I am getting ready to work up some subsonic loads for my rifle but I am running the fps through the JBM stability calculator before I load a bunch and can't seem to find the projectile length anywhere...
  9. S

    Range Report Subsonic .308 Win

    Trying to get a feel for what to look for in a good Subsonic .308 Win round. What grains and velocities are you guys finding work well, and what rifle, barrel length, and suppressors are you using when firing. Any brands really standing out? Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. K

    Match 223 and Sub-sonic 308 Rifle Ammo

    **New price on .223*** Silenced America is has taken deliver of 40,000 rounds of 223 and 308 rifle ammo. This ammo was produced by David Tubb in the past 30 days. All brass is new featuring David Tubb's own head stamp. This ammo is available for pick up at our Amarillo branch or at our...
  11. C

    Range Report subsonic ballistics

    If you are comparing 2 different bullets that are identical in BC and Velocity (1050fps), only the weight is different, would a heavier or lighter projectile drop more within 350yds? All of my ballistic calcs say they would be the same due to B.C., but I have to think they would be different -...
  12. ejd049

    Suppressors Subsonic 223 Ammo

    I am waiting on a AAC M4 1000 for a Rem 700 in 223. I am wanting to stock up on some subsonic ammo. Can I get some sources for ammo in stock for purchase and some recommendations? Thanks
  13. C

    Suppressors 10.5 9mm upper keep subsonic?

    Just curious if a 10.5 9mm upper will keep 147gr subsonic? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
  14. gebhardt02

    subsonic questions

    I've been working up some subsonic loads, and they seem to be doing OK, but I have some questions regarding stability. The loads are 308, LC 99 LR brass fully prepped, 220 gr RNSP bullets, 11 gr Unique, 210M, getting 1077-1124 fps over 11 rounds, Krieger 11 twist. I know the twist is on the...
  15. MLC

    CCI Subsonic Segmented HP

    Do any vendors have these in stock? I want to try them with my Browning Buckmark for small game disposal.
  16. improwler

    Subsonic .308 loads

    Does anyone have a successful home grown subsonic load for an M1A?
  17. ChadTRG42

    50 BMG subsonic rounds

    Anyone have any good subsonic loads for the 50 BMG? I've found a few, but was curious on some with other bullets. Thanks! Chad
  18. Short-bus

    CCI Subsonic Segmented HP Review

    I've posted my results, and report on a couple other sites other than here so i'm just going to copy and paste the posts in here individually for y'alls. I'm usually a lurker over here but I was hoping that you all would appreciate the results of me getting some of this ammo to test out. It...
  19. H

    Subsonic 308 loads?

    I have been researching subsonic loads and have been getting mixed reviews. I am looking for a stable and safe subsonic 308 load... no baffle strikes How does this sound... Powder: Trail Boss 10-11 grains Brass: mixed Primer: GMM or Winchester Bullet: 200 grain sierra HPBT Thanks for your input
  20. A

    Subsonic 308 w/ AA5744?

    I just got my suppressor and would like to work up some subsonic loads (.308). While I was in the sporting goods store yesterday I did a quick search on my phone and found some people recommending AA5744. This happened to be one of the few powders they had in stock, so I grabbed 2 lbs. It looks...