1. GhostFace

    Rifle Scopes Leupold 1 inch tactical scopes worth?

    Our department has a three of the older tactical scopes with one inch tubes, target turrets but not M1 style and duplex rectical. I went to Leupolds sight and could not find them listed there. I know they made some upgrades to these now and no longer offer exactly what we have. I think these...
  2. E

    Gunsmithing Suggest a gunsmith to bed a non tactical rifle.

    I got an very nice Anschutz with exhibition grade wood and wanted to bed the action. So is there a gunsmith who can take good care and not mar the finish, yet do a great bedding job on this you can recommend? I ask this because although some smiths specialize in tactical, precision rifles...
  3. C

    Suppressors Sig Blackwater tactical 2009 9mm

    Does anyone know of one for sale anywhere new or used . I have been trying to locate one for some time but have come up a day late every time
  4. O

    Spikes Tactical teaming up with Adams *UPDATE*

    That's right!!! Spikes Tactical is teaming up Adams to produce a Piston AR that will rival just about anything out there... Starting price... Around $1500!!! I'm told (by the owner of Spikes) that they'll be available in the Summer! UPDATE- This is DEFINITELY NOT going to be a "kit-mod"...
  5. T

    Howa Heavy Barrel .308 Tactical

    My buddy is wanting to buy a decent .308.... What do you guys think about the Howa tactical with the Hogue synthetic stock? He just wants to put a good scope on and a bi-pod and go have some fun. Thanks
  6. T

    TVP Tactical Steel 4-11

    Shooters, Had a few guys call about shooting the Steel Course this Saturday the 11th, everyones invited. Be here 10:00 A.M. Anyone needing their barrels threaded please let me know. If you need a "Shark" suppressor we can help you with that too. TVP
  7. P

    Rifle Scopes Burris 6-24 Xtreme Tactical Riflescope

    Has Anyone used the Burris XTR Rifle Scopes. I want to put one on my .338 but was wondering how good they were. Thanks
  8. dustinlotz

    .308 SPS Tactical on the Chrony

    I ran into my buddy yesterday at the range, and he had his chrony there. I thought I would share the data I collected. This is with my SPS Tactical (20" barrel, 1/12 twist). Temp was 85 degrees, at sea level with about 75% humidity. 168gr. Hornady A-Max 44gr IMR 4895 2.820" OAL MAX: 2634...
  9. H

    First Time Tactical Rifle competitor needs help

    Hi Guys, I have shot IPSC/IDPA for several years but never a rifle match. Can you tell me what type of shooting is done in these matches like prone, sitting ,offhand. What equipment I will need. Type of practice, type of targets etc.. just any and all info you can give on these type of matches...
  10. coolwaterz

    Rifle Scopes IOR 2.5x10 tactical question

    Hey guys With regards to the 2.5 x 10x42 tactical illuminated nato reticle it states the illuminated reticle is a first focal plane option and the non illuminated is second focal plane standard. This is on the newer version,,below is a pic of the older model.. Does this scope have the FFP...
  11. LVshooter

    RESULTS Las Vegas Precision Tactical Rifle Match

    Another cold windy day. We won't know what to do on a nice day. There was a mistake on the scores, here are the corrected scores. Sorry Bear. You and Gary can trade medals at the next match. Kurt S. 461.6 Gary M. 408.0 Bear W. 370.0 Mike M. 325.8 Roger C. 303.6 Werner H...
  12. maxgusmc

    Rifle Scopes US Optics SN12R tactical scope

    Just received a FedEx with my new tactical scope, a US Optics SN12R w/JP reticle. <span style="color: #3333FF"><span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">UNBELIEVABLE CLARITY!</span></span></span> Zeroing tomorrow. Will update after and hopefully post some photos.
  13. André

    Rifle Scopes Warne tactical mounts

    I'm not satisfied with the alu Weaver bases and rings I used to mount my Nikon Monarch 6,5-20x44AO on my Rem 700 P in .308 Win. Any pro/ contra regarding Warne steel tactical base (1pc., Picatinny) and rings ? Thanks in advance.
  14. T

    Rifle Scopes Huge tactical scope market gap?

    Does anyone else see this huge gap in the tactical scope market gap in the $400-1000 range? I mean there are tons of options over $1000: Leupold, IOR, NF, S&B, March, Premier, etc. etc. etc. Vortex is supposed to have something new out but I think I read somewhere in the $1500 range. All...
  15. C

    Gunsmithing Williams ST (short tactical) bottom metal?

    Guys, I've found a guy with one of these for sale. He say's it was originally produced for McMillan to replace the Model 70 stuff on the M40A1. My question is, is this bottom metal just the pre Oberndorf design or is it physically unique? This is what he has said about it. "I have a Williams...
  16. Gunnut105

    SPS Tactical

    Is Remington discontinuing the SPS tactical? I asked my dealer to order me one and his distributer told him they are discontinued. As poplular as they are right now, I would be surprized if this were true!
  17. H

    Remington Model XCR Compact Tactical

    So I purchased the above rifle. The rate of twist is 1 in 12". Can I optimally shoot FGM 168 grain? Or do I have to shoot 150 grain ammo? Thanks.
  18. L

    EAG Tactical Carbine in Great Falls MT

    EAG will conduct a Carbine Operators Course in Great Falls MT 27-29Aug2009. This class is not yet up on the W/S. If you have questions, contact Donna at infoATeagtactical.com or ask here. EAG Tactical 3 Day Carbine Operators Course EAG Tactical (Pat Rogers and Crew) will conduct a 3 Day...