1. MisterOrange

    Targets for load development

    I know, I know, there's a million choices already. But I wasn't 100% happy with anything I've found yet. I had the time this morning, so I drew one up. I designed the target the way I want it, with the aiming point being the tippy top of the triangle. One inch line going up from the tip, half...
  2. lowlight

    Advanced Marksmanship The Measure of a Man and His Rifle

    So in the "Precision AR" thread, it was discussed that in order to gauge a rifle and shooter you need a 20 shot group? I get this argument goes back 100 years as people always want more. But if we go back in time when Sniper's Hide was in its infancy, I tried enacting a 5 shot minimum on...
  3. M

    FBI Sniper School Q targets

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a link to download these specific targets. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The images I've shared on here are very low quality and fuzzy even close up. Thanks in advance, Matt
  4. Big Dog Steel

    Big Dog Steel Cyber Monday

    Our Cyber Monday sales are starting a little early. No coupon codes, gimmicks, or tricks. We've severely cut prices and added a few more target options for our patent pending twist-lock target system. We've added a Head target, IPSC "A" zone, 12" square, 8" circle or the head and A zone...
  5. R

    Safe target distance?

    I have been looking around for a target that reacts when hit (movement or sound) and can be fired at with a rifle at close range. So far the closest thing I have come up with is this : Do-All Outdoors Impact Seal Self Healing Big Gong Show Reactive Target : Hunting Targets And...
  6. Ring

    Night Vision Thermal Targets on the cheap

    cross post from, not MY POST... Thermal Targets on the cheap - AR15.COM
  7. lowlight

    SHOT SHOW Hidden GEM Oakwood Controls Target System

    We are gonna be using this system very soon and I wanted to show you this hidden Gem at SHOT. Oakwood Controls Long Range Target System, the Portable H-Bar System Oakwood Control’s Portable H-Bar Target System is an exciting, new product that breaks prior price-to-performance ratios for...
  8. Nautijohnson

    Member Link Up Wateree Tactical Group Please check out our Facebook page and LIKE. We are located in South Carolina, and offer affordable training, sell custom targets, target stands. Hit me up if your in the area, and come shoot with us. we are also planning to host rifle (out to...
  9. RollingThunder51

    Photos The targets are coming in.,..

    With the Nemesis rifles now in hand, the targets are starting to come back into the shop. These came in from Salt Lake by DA. Not much to add to targets like these.. SH members can download targets here: .
  10. D

    rimfire targets

    I have a few of Desert Frog's tactical rimfire targets I got from but I have seen a few others with the logo on the bottom just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a zip file for the others, or should I just wait for the website to be up and...
  11. L

    Some fun with new .22 tactical targets @ 50-100

    I've had these for a while, but haven't had the notion to try them. I put together a .22 trainer over the winter, but haven't shot it much. It's been too nice outside so I've been shooting my .308. Today I went out to try these targets, and wasn't disappointed at all in my Annie's...
  12. BgBmBoo

    Photos My winning 1000yrd targets

    Well here are my targets from a 1000yrd bench rest match I shot in last month. I was able to win all three categories. High score, best overall target, and best group. I was using a borrowed rifle that I had never shot before....rifle was a 6XC built on a BAT action...very good shooter...
  13. slimguns

    Who sells the cool little steel body .22 targets??

    I remember seeing them on here months ago but I was broke and now I finally have some money that hasn't been spent on ammo and I can't find the guy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Slim
  14. veezer

    Fieldcraft advice on reactive targets

    We are having a shoot this coming weekend and have some tannerite to use. What I need is some good ideas on things to attach them to to make it a litter funner. We have used 5lb flour bags in the past that worked reall well, but I am looking for some more ideas. We will be using some full...
  15. N

    Fieldcraft One shot.. to multiple targets.. what changed?

    When did the snipers role go from One shot, then retreat.. to engaging multiple targets? Is it the resent war in Iraq that changed the focus of the snipers role? Now we see more rifles with magazines or semi-automatic ones.
  16. glock24

    DIY steel targets . . . continued

    For some reason the below SH thread on homemade steel targets has been lost in cyberspace. It doesn't show up in the active forums anymore. I learned a lot from it and have since completed my first steel...
  17. H

    Range Report Steel Targets AR500- NOT!

    Got some armor plating and was told that it was AR 500, 3/8 inch thick. So I had a friend cut a 18X24 piece, I welded up a frame drilled a couple of holes hung it from some chain and stuck it out at 600 yards. 223 left tiny dimples, thought I was good for the 300 WM. The 300 blew right through...
  18. glock24

    Advanced Marksmanship What size steel targets?

    I'm in the market for some long range steel targets, let's say out to 1000 yards. My rifle is 0.75 MOA, but I've never shot it past 500 yards. My scope magnification tops out at 15x. I'd like to buy some steel to practice that these longer ranges. What is a good size not only to see, but...
  19. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Military Training Targets

    Would like to get some silhouette type targets similar to the ones where the guy is training the Iraqi soldiers in the post below. It looks like they are shooting at 25m at a target that simulates the approximate size of a man's torso at 100m? Is there a website where I can get more info on...
  20. N

    Advanced Marksmanship steel targets

    I'm thinking of making some steel targets to shoot at around 200-600 yards. What is the size and thickness of the steel plates for that distance?