1. flatlandsurvival

    SOLD WTS Sako TRG 22 308 Win

    Up for consideration is my Sako TRG model 22 in 308 Winchester. I have owned this since new and have 108 rounds on the barrel. Comes with everything you see on the rifle as well as the original box. Here's a link should you need more info on this firearm...
  2. TriggerGroupMeasurements.jpg


    Needed measurements for 3D model.
  3. A

    New TRG-22 and First Day Range Report

    Hi guys, I finally did it. I've spent the last 2 months spending way too much of my money diving head first into precision shooting and I would like to share my first experience with shooting my new TRG-22. I hope sharing this first impression will help other beginners with their decisions...
  4. B

    Anyone make a good less expensive aftermarket Sako TRG 42 magazine?

    Does anyone know of an aftermarket magazine for the Sako TRG 42? $175 for the factory mag is pretty steep. Perhaps, KRG or Alpha have something in the works? (crossing fingers)
  5. E

    TRG,,, what weight bullets?

    Those that reload for their TRG 22, what weight of bullets does the rifle seem to prefer? do you change to a different bullet for different distances? (X upto 500 yards, Y beyond 500) Thanks
  6. E

    Gunsmithing TRG trigger

    Is it possible to adjust/modify the TRG trigger to remove the miles of first stage travel? yet still have it be reversible (back to OEM when wanted).
  7. B

    TRG Stuff

    As many of you know Alex at Europtics is a wonderful person to work with, I simply wanted to cast another vote of complete confidence in the man and his business. Having recently purchaced the TRG bipod and three ring mount, I experienced excellent customer service and prompt shipping...
  8. N

    Sako TRG Bipod

    I've searched for a while and can't find much on subject. Those that have them, how do you like your Sako TRG bipod and why? Does it pivot for cant and if so does it lock? Do the legs lock in indexed positions or infinite adjustment? Currently using an Atlas on my AR10 that I'm happy with...
  9. E

    Gunsmithing TRG 42 trigger help

    My TRG trigger was binding up, I could not adjust it out, amoung other problems with it. I sent it in to Beretta for repair. What they did was just send me a new complete trigger mechanism (thank you Beretta). The problem I am having now is when I installed it and tested it with a snap cap I...
  10. E

    Photos Tactipool TRG

    Lone WolfUSMC gave me the idea to take some nights from his earlier post. Decided to pose a TRG 42 in 338 Lapua. Here are a few shots. No flash was used and exposure were around a second with ISO set at 200.
  11. Tai_Mai_Shu

    SAKO TRG Sling Removal Question

    Hi, I just got my TRG 22 in today. I want to remove the sling assembly that is along the side of the barrel. My question is, did anyone else try removing this piece of metal from the rail. I was able to finally get one of the two screws loose, but the other one is really on there. When I...
  12. I

    TRG Questions

    Ive heard time and time again that sako trg 22's as standard will not be competitive long range rifles after 600yds. Can someone shed some light on this? Have many people rebarrelled their TRG 22 for that extra couple hundred yards but get to keep the sako action they love? I know its far...
  13. G

    Sako TRG Accessories.......WTF

    From time to time, I think of picking up a Sako TRG 42 in a magnum caliber since there is no denying they are one of the best values for out-of-the box accuracy available. But what is up the prices of their accessories? $450 for a bipod? $200 for a magazine? $450 for scope ring base? Are...
  14. V

    TRG 22 Barrel Break in, necessary?

    I have used a break in procedure on rifles and not used it. I think you talk to 5 guys and you will get 7 opinions. As far as a TRG 22 goes, has anyone tried it and what were the results, positive or negative. I know this is a never ending debate but just wondering about this rifle as I have a...
  15. H

    Mounting Near brake on my TRG 22

    Hey guys, I recently received in trade an as new Sako TRG 22. It includes an unmounted Near Mfg muzzle brake. Quite a chunk of metal. Looks very precisely machined, like all the other pieces I have seen from Near. I have never mounted a Muzzle brake and am wondering if there is anything I...
  16. H

    Sako TRG 22 Stealth/Phos

    After trading off a TRG 42 a while back, I have been wanting another Sako. The build quality amazed me for a factory rifle and the trigger is as nice as any I have used. I got my hands on another TRG, a 308 this time, via another trade, and am wondering who else is shooting a TRG22. Am also...
  17. M

    Sako TRG 42?

    I am deciding what to do for a .338 Lapua. In reading about the TRG I have heard that the twist rate isn't fast enough to stabilize the 300 gr. smk. Is this true? I have heard that the solutions available for mounting a 34mm tubed scope are unreliable and fragile. How accurate is this? How...
  18. B

    TRG Trigger

    Hello all I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could impart any knowledge about the do's and dont's of adjusting the trigger on the TRG. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
  19. D

    Sako TRG aftermarket parts

    Would the Sako TRG rifles be a more attractive option as a high end production rifle if there were affordable aftermarket parts? Parts including a bipod adapter for example versapod, picatinny rail/scope rings and muzzle breaks?
  20. A

    TRG 42 Opinions sought

    As described: Opinions sought on the TRG 42 in .300 win mag. Opinions good bad and ugly please gentlemen. I've been toying with the idea of buying one of these for a while. Love the cartridge but have zero experience of the rifle. Many thanks in advance