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    New here

    Just bought a Sako Trg 22 with 300 rnds through it. Always wanted one of these since the early 2000’s. Just mounted my ZCO 5x27 off my AR10. Rings are too high for my taste at 1.5”. Have the Spuhr Trg dovetails coming from Europtic. Bought the dovetail because I don’t like how the Trg rail hangs...
  2. L

    Sako TRG 22 Optic Rail

    I’ve been a member for a while, but never really post. I just recently purchased a Sako TRG 22 in 6.5 Creedmoor and don’t really like how the factory optic rail extends passed the front of the action. Is it possible to move it rearward so it sits flush (there’s room behind it for what I assume...
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    Sako TRG 22 308
  4. L

    Help with finding right bi-pod mount system.

    Hello all, I have a Sako TRG 22a1 and I'm wanting to mount the Sako factory bipod to the rifle. However, I'm not familiar with the mounting system that the bipod is using and I can't seem to find any help regarding the TRG, most forum results are the old polymer stock and I don't believe that...
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  6. P

    is sako going to follow suit with a lefty trg22?

    with news that accuracy international is going to produce an aw in a lefty, i was wondering if sako will follow suit with the trg22. maybe its just wishful thinking on my part.
  7. M

    WTS: NIB Green trg22 and trg42 green stk rifles. Please read the selling rules of the site and post in the right spot once you meet the requirements. Trying to bypass the rules will get you banned, feel free to pm with questions...
  8. C

    Photos Sako TRG-22

    Nothing fancy, just my brand-new TRG-22 right after coming out of the box.
  9. V

    Trigger Pull Weight, TRG22

    Sorry for another question regarding the TRG 22. Does anyone know the recommended pull weight for the first stage of the trigger. I tested the weight of the second stage and is at 3 lbs. The manual advises how to adjust but does not mention anything regarding recommended weight of 1st stage in...
  10. G

    TRG22 custom paint jobs

    Hi Im getting my green/phosphate trg22 painted in the next month and would love to see some custom painted trg's from the forum members. I need inspiration. Dale
  11. J

    Hunting & Fishing TRG-22 Hunting

    Here's a couple of shots from my hunt last week. A really big baboon I shot at 191 yards An impala I shot at around 150 yards off the bipod, you can see the entry wound just above his nose. Another impala that stepped out 10 minutes later, shot went in right under the jaw in the neck...
  12. T.Defense

    Sako TRG-22 Trouble

    My Sako shoots fantastic however I've been having a little trouble as of late. The Trigger mechanism was binding up so I sent it off to Beretta in MD and they promptly replaced it. Very good service. Now something else odd is going on. It only happens when you rack the bolt hard / fast...The...
  13. G

    TRG22 in 6.5x4.7

    Has anybody converted a TRG22 to 6.5x4.7 caliber. I was told its an easy conversion as all thats needed is a new barrel but that sounds too easy. Anybody know????
  14. C

    Where to buy a TRG-22?

    A SAKO TRG-22 has been one of my "dream rifles" since I was a kid just learning to shoot my dad's .22. I have been patiently saving up and am close to taking the plunge on the green phosphate model. I'm just wondering if the Hide members have hints on reputable dealers who have good pricing on...
  15. DHanz

    Sako TRG-22 Loads?

    I've been trying to creep up on max loading 175SMKs and it's been a long creep. I guess because I'm able to load the OAL so long that it's a bit different than my other rifles. I tried the search but didn't dig anything up. Anyone care to share what they are using?
  16. insectguy

    TRG-22 sling help

    On either side of the butt of the TRG, there is a hole with a screw adjustment in it. Since the screw will adjust to either side of the stock, my assumption is that is to lock a sling swivel into place. Is this correct? What sling swivel works here?
  17. mshedden

    TRG-22 dumb question

    My rifle came with a swivel and stud for the rear lower buttstock. The stud has threads as if it were designed to screw into wood(?) after a pilot hole had been drilled(?) (not machine threads like a bolt). Anyway, I can insert this stud about half way into the hole under the stock, but it will...
  18. A

    Gunsmithing AIC 10 round magazine in TRG-22

    AIC 10 round magazines fit and feeds well in my TRG-22. Is there a fix to have them drop free like the TRG’s? If I can get then to work without any issues this would a big savings in comparison to the TRG’s high cost. alexander66
  19. D

    New Sako TRG-22 in. Questions.

    TRG-22, S&B 5x25 Gen II XR. Near base, Badger rings. Started on barrel break in today. Thanks Alex for the Rifle, Carlos for the Scope, and Jon and Andy for helping me get some rings today. Question is, for any of you guys shooting these, what bullets have you had best luck with. I have 178...
  20. btc624

    Loads for trg22 155gr scenar

    I have read the load data on this board for the 308. I have found very few if any that had a trg. I plan on using lapua brass, federal 210m primers, and 155gr scenars. I cant decide on which powder rl-15 or varget . varget seems to be very popular but some say it will burn the throat of you...