1. SargeantQ

    Return of the Robinson Armament XCR!

    Hello, I am the new PR and marketing guy for Robinson Armament and I would like to educate everyone on the new updated system! If you own one please join and give us your feedback! There have been a few issues in the past with different groups and people, but we have evolved and look forward...
  2. D

    700 XCR Compact Tactical question

    Hey everyone. I bought a new Remington model 700 XCR Compact Tactical in .308 Win. I then purchased a scope mount kit for the Leupold scope. When I took the plugs out of the receiver I noticed the first hole toward the barrel looked a little shallow. When I installed the scope mount the screw...
  3. T

    700 xcr lrt 300 win mag

    hey all im new to the forum and am getting into longer range shooting i am planing on getting a rem 700 xcr lrt in 300 mag (getting great deal on nib aroung 600) and was wondering if anyone has any experiance with the rifle pros and cons any input you guys can give me would be great im looking...
  4. RidgeRebel

    SPS Tactical vs XCR compact tactical?

    Can anybody give me a range report on either of these? How well do the SPS shoot out of the box? I,m selling my DPMS and going to a bolt rifle. I can spend about 1500 on both rifle and optics and I'd like to spend more on the optic. So if the SPS shoots well to start out I'll go with it and...
  5. hank dangle

    remington xcr and the sps!!!!

    which one would you choose and why???? looking at the 20" barrel to purchase...
  6. M

    Remington XCR Long Range Tatical

    I just got word that my Remington XCR Long Range Tatical in .308 will be shipped to Bass Pro Shop next week. Now what to mount on it for optics???? MMMMMM. I have a super sniper on one rifle it's really good. I was think one of the Luepold LRT's any ideas, suggestions. Probably the last...
  7. B

    remington police or xcr tactical

    remington police or xcr tactical? I am purchasing my first bolt rifle after several ar builds. Interested in 1000 yd. precision long range type activity's. Have put money down on the police, however wanted to get some of your opinions before I dros it. Thanks in advance brian btw 300 win mag
  8. M

    Best place to buy .223 Remmy 700 XCR Compact Tac?

    Looking for two of these rifles, if anyone could point me to a reasonable source I'd greatly appreciate it.
  9. tireys

    Brothers from another Mother RRA and R700 XCR

    This is gonna be fun. I can't wait to get these dudes to the range. RRA 20" 1 in 9 .223 and Rem 700 XCR Compact Tactical 20" 1 in 12 .308. Nothing too fancy as both are essentially stock guns. Burris 3-9X40 on the FF Tac2 hunter knobs w/ Leatherwood base and Burris XTR med. rings on the Remmy...
  10. K

    Rem 700 XCR LR 308

    Picked this up a few days ago, first groups in this setup were great, I gotta head back to the sandbox so I will not be able to get a target load worked up. I did have a bunch of a certain hunting load worked up for my Kimber Tactical it shot great through the SPS tactical and the Rem XCR...
  11. H

    Remington Model XCR Compact Tactical

    So I purchased the above rifle. The rate of twist is 1 in 12". Can I optimally shoot FGM 168 grain? Or do I have to shoot 150 grain ammo? Thanks.
  12. T

    Suppressors Surefire adapter on Remington XCR

    Does anyone have any pics of one? Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    Remington 700 Target Tactical & XCR Tactical

    http://www.remington.com/products/firearms/centerfire_rifles/model_700/model_700_tactical_target.asp http://www.remington.com/products/firear...ct_tactical.asp Anyone here have one of these rifles yet? What did you think of it? Thanks.
  14. Surgeon_Shooter

    xcr tactical rem.700

    this is my friends xcr in .300 win mag. he needs some ideas on a muzzle brake and glass. yall help him out.g[/IMG]
  15. Stealth5

    Thoughts on a REM 700 XCR Long Tac.

    Im in the process of getting a .308 rem and was wondering what your think of a rem 700 .308 XCR long range tactical.
  16. 500grains

    Robinson XCR

    The Robinson XCR is an AR15 type rifle with a gas piston system and monolithic rail platform. It seems to have a small but loyal following? Does anyone here have experience comparing it to a quality AR-15?
  17. N

    Remington 700 XCR Tactical

    hello everyone, What you think about reminton 700 xcr tactical?? i will buy this rifle but i can't find any reviews. What you think if compare with 700p or 700 ltr?? thank you so much