Rifle Scopes Damn, more @%&!! newbie questions

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Mar 10, 2009
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Good morning all. Hopefully my first post will not be a total dumbass ?? but is there anything specifically unique to a SS scope that will validate the fact that thats what it actually is ? I know that its not a NF or luppy or S+B, but hell, they are counterfiting EVERYTHING nowadays. Its unused with no box,papers, for $225, guy says, momma said, you have to many,loose it.
Its a 20x42, whos main use would be ??????, looooooonng range, medium ??
Thanks for any quidance.

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Jan 1, 2007
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Re: Damn, more @%&!! newbie questions

I would go to SWFA . They are the only ones selling them new. I think they warned of some copies being sold. I had 3 SS scopes , (2)10x and (1) 16 x. They were good reliable scopes with ok glass and very good tracking. I have shot with 2 of them at a 1000 yds. They will work but much prefer the more expensive scopes with a good ARD. I would recommend a 10 or if you have to a 16x over a fixed 20x . Sometimes mirage is a killer. I always thought 10x would never be too much magnification for mirage to be a problem, until one day my 10x ST 10 was showing mirage like crazy and making shooting a real pain !



Dec 2, 2006
Re: Damn, more @%&!! newbie questions

20x is too much unless all you do is shoot very long distances. 10x or 16x would be a much better compromise.

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Dec 21, 2007
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Re: Damn, more @%&!! newbie questions

I shot my 20x to 1k, but barrel mirage on hot days really got to my eyes with it. Its o.k. glass, but as previously said, it tracked flawlesslt.

I think the universal statement around here is "You could spend a whole lot more, and get a whole lot less."

I am not sure there isnt anything on there that couldnt be copied, but on the bottom, engraved on the scope is:

(on my 16x)


There are not to many distinguishable features on the scope, but as far as counterfeiting, someone with brains would not be counterfieting a $300 brand new scope...not to say counterfeiters are brainiacs though..


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Feb 4, 2009
Re: Damn, more @%&!! newbie questions

I recently bought a 16x Super Sniper to put on my Remington 700 and I really enjoy it so far. I don't have alot of optics experience as I shot with only iron sights forever so take that into account. I just recently got into the long range game but I'm hooked now shooting @40 rounds a week for the last 7 months.

I would say the glass is good enough to get the job done. I was more worried about adjustments being dead on and they are dead on. It took 2 shots to dial in my SS when I first got it. The first shot was 4in low and 1in left. I dialed 16 clicks for elevation then and 4 clicks for windage which ended up centered in the X ring.

Side note: SWFA has awesome costumer service. I got a refund from UPS due to my order being late which required the shipper(SWFA) to request the refund. I emailed them and had the refund ASAP. I recommend calling them to ensure what you want isn't back ordered as their site doesn't show whats in stock or out of stock before ordering.