1. L

    new guy from Ca with questions

    Hey I'm new but I was just curious as to if anyone could pass on some knowledge for me as I am an avid airsoft marksmen and I'm leaving for the army and scout sniper school in about 2 years. Thanks in advance
  2. R

    Suppressors Quick questions about Ti-rant 45 and 9

    I think that im going to get both the 45 and 9 versions of the ti-rant. My local dealer has a group buy for 20% off and that seems to be about a cheap as they go. My questions are what are the cons to these cans? It seems that everyone either gets the osprey or the ti-rants. Is there any...
  3. MaverickNH

    Night Vision VIS/IR Lasers & White Lights Questions

    OK - new to NV and just have a PVS-14/helmet system on order (with SF-M1 for helmet-mount). For purposes of indoor/outdoor home defense, and night coyote hunting in the NE, I'll be looking for lasers and lights for a SIG556R (with ACOG 3x30), SIG556 (with EOTech XPS3-4 and 3xMag) and Glock 17...
  4. Stringer

    Winchester 52 questions

    I recently acquired a 1956 52C heavy barrel which, judging by the dusty crud in the bolt assembly, probably hasn't been used in decades. I want to get it going again and fit some aperture sights. Here's what I'm starting with: It has a marksman stock that appears aftermarket, because the...
  5. mattsnuked

    AR 308 reloading questions

    What avg. velocity are you running with 168 SMK and Varget on a 308 AR. Or I guess what would be a good spot to stay around if the load had acceptable accuracy? I was testing out some loads and about the max I could get was 2640. I couldn't find a lot of info regarding AR 308 loads on here. I...
  6. J

    Rifle Scopes Too much magnification possible? (Noob questions)

    Hey all, I'm considering getting a USO SN3 scope. I plan on shooting at distances of 100-400 yards, and then gradually expanding as my shooting improves. I have some noob questions however... Is there such a thing as too much magnification? I'm debating on either the SN3 3.2-17x or the SN3...
  7. Tactical30

    Reloading books and bullets Questions

    I have got a couple reloading books and not all of them have the specific bullet I want to load in it. Im waiting on the Sierra load book in the mail cuz that mostly what I shoot and im sure they have all the bullet types in it. My question is if you have a bullet like a Barnes .223 62gr. M/LE...
  8. C

    Gunsmithing fixin ta snap(Scope mounting questions)

    Ok...I've been looking. I hate the search function here. I need to know the best way to mount my base, rings, and scope. I have a 10FP, Farrell base, XTR rings, Vortex scope. Should I use loctite? I had a red dot on a shotgun which came loose. I dont want that to happen again. If you use...
  9. Recon Sniper

    Rifle Scopes ACOG Questions

    Hello Hide, I was asked by my Gunny dig up some info on the Acog. I guess now'a days the Corps is doing rifle quals with the ACOG, and non of us iron sight shooter have ever been trained professionaly of whats right and worng while shooting the ACOG. We want to try and teach what the Corps is...
  10. 6

    Gunsmithing Some questions

    I have a 700 police and would like to thread the barrel for a suppressor. My questions are : 1. If i thread the end to the same length will I affect the crown in a any negative aspects. 2. Is there anything more to consider then cutting the proper threads and size and keeping them concentric to...
  11. Tactical30

    2 questions

    1.) How many times can you reload .223 brass or any other brass? 2.) What are some good websites that show and tell you good case loads for different calibers?
  12. J

    Gunsmithing Feed Ramp Questions

    Hello...I picked up my first big rifle recently. I've notice that when i chamber a round into the gun that the feed ramp seems to scratch the cases a bit.. I have put 40 rounds through it and was thinking perhaps i should have the ramp polished. I have searched and search and found no...
  13. F

    Powder for 408 CHEYTAC? Also reloading questions

    1. I have (stupid idea here). Any recommended laods for the 408 with it? I am shooting 420 grain Rocky Mtn bullets, both hunting and target. The only other powders I have handy are for 308 and 260 (IMR 4064) H414 and Win 748....assume no loads for those... 2. I have the ammomaster-2 .....which...
  14. H

    More questions about Desert Tactical ***PICS/RR***

    I searched and didnt find anything. I am wondering about some of the Desert Tactical accessories. Specifically their quality and prices. I am wondering if their cleaning kit is high quality and worth the cost. It includes a coated cleaning rod a bore guide plus more stuff. Is anyone here...
  15. B

    Rifle Scopes two questions, Howa rail, ring height

    1) Who makes a 20MOA 1-piece rail for a Howa 1500/WBY Vanguard besides Roedale precision? 2) I have Leupold low PRW rings holding my scope onto a Roedale rail on my Sako 75 at the moment, the scope sits irritatingly high. What's another quality option for lower 1" rings than the low PRWs, but...
  16. 18Echo

    Reloading questions from Reloading cherry...

    Just dropped a bunch of cash on reloading equipment from Midsouth. The only thing I have left to get is dies, headspace guage, and bullet comparator(sp?). I've read through the Hornady and Sierra reloading manuals and watched the RCBS reloading DVD, did a search here and still have a couple...
  17. gebhardt02

    subsonic questions

    I've been working up some subsonic loads, and they seem to be doing OK, but I have some questions regarding stability. The loads are 308, LC 99 LR brass fully prepped, 220 gr RNSP bullets, 11 gr Unique, 210M, getting 1077-1124 fps over 11 rounds, Krieger 11 twist. I know the twist is on the...
  18. B

    Brake questions..

    Is there a brake out there that doesn't make the rifle so loud for the shooter but still does a good job at reducing recoil? Is there one that brakes well, isn't so loud and still reduces flash?
  19. D

    Questions about a 22 conversion kit for AR

    Just got my AR put together and set up the way I wanted! I was thinking of getting a .22 LR conversoin kit for it. Ammo is cheaper and I would be shooting with the same gun, sounds great. I have three questions or concerns with this and was hoping to get some input or help. 1. What's your...
  20. J

    Dont read if beginner questions annoy you...

    Could someone please explain headspace and its implications to me?Also, how do you decide what barrel contour is best for your application? Thanks in advance for your patience.