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FYI - Athlon Ares ETR 1-10x28!

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Illuminated circle-of-death plus tree. Looks pretty comparable to the Razor 1-10, probably a slight reduction in glass quality and a slight reduction in durability.

EDIT: also, parallax fixed at 100yd. For a 1-10 I would think 300yd would be a better...

Time for a Third Party

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Our politicians have failed us miserably and have dragged us down to this dangerous path which threatens the very core of the Republic. They have forsaken the tenets of our founding to pursue their own self interest as well as lust for power over...
The D

Sleeper cell

The D
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Haha, got ya! It’s not what you think, I promise.

My wife is growing another dissident and he or she(won’t know the sex for a few more weeks) will be here sometime in July. All old wives tales about the babies sex points to a girl. And this...


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There’s a couple threads going on that pop back up from time to time. Now that the cartridge is pretty well understood and all the non load questions are asked, time to make sticky for loads and such.

My current:

109 berger 0.020 off
Cci 450

ORYX chassis

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I have a Remington .223 with 26" factory barrel[not threaded] in the cheap factory plastic stock.I want to put this in an oryx chassis,has anybody used this chassis and what did you thank of it.Most of my shooting is 300yd and under with some trips...

Large companies to quite supporting

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I've seen someone mention Apple but there are other companies I intend to quit supporting. Let me know if you know of more.

1. Amazon (Just closed & more simple than FB)
2. Google (I've switched to Duckduckgo)
3. Apple
4. Twitter (quit)

New Site Changes

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Hey guys! You may have noticed that the site was down for a bit. We were performing site maintenance and upgrading the forum software. We believe we've caught the majority of the bugs that were caused by this update, but if you see anything that looks...

Nox 18 unboxing and first thoughts

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Hadn’t seen anything about this yet except Wigs review so I thought I’d throw you guys a bone. Got my Nox 18 from Robert on Friday and had a chance to play with it some last night and tonight.

First thoughts are is this thing is pretty sweet. It’s...

Shoulder pocket

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I find that putting the butt of the rifle stock on my collarbone really helps out with recoil management while in the prone. Is this wrong. I have heard you do not want it on the collarbone, you will eventually crack your collarbone With a magnum...

Lets start with Apple

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Apple is no good. If you happen to have Apple "smartphone", do not upgrade to another Apple phone. If you use any Apple related services, stop using these services. In general, boycott anything Apple related. Just a logical attitude.

New Reloading Strategy

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I have to admit...the current situation has me rethinking some things...

In the past, I have always striven for ultimate accuracy available from every load, even 55gn & 62gn FMJ's for my 223's. But now, I'm thinking a bit different. Now I'm...

Voting in the future

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I was raised to be deeply respectful of the voting process and if you didn't vote you didn't "get a say". It appears the people who hate freedom have voting as rigged as a Las Vegas casino. So, I'm conflicted as to whether voting in the future will...

Another Satisfied Customer

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