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Bad Dad Jokes

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So the oldest daughter and neighbor were looking at the moon and a planet... I heard” is that Mars ? ... No Jupiter....” so I chime in with ... at least we can’t see Uranus ... and I heard crickets
Hobo Hilton

Flood Damaged Vehicles

Hobo Hilton
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A word to the wise.
I was surprised to get an email advertising flood damaged vehicles up for auction. Being from Louisiana I have seem thousands of flood damaged vehicles. Seems I remember some laws of the State that said they had to be destroyed. I...

Covid and Misinformation

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I see some of the most ridiculous post regarding Covid and misinformation is never a good thing, especially when it comes to health. I am Pro Choice as it should be up to you as to whether you get the shot or not as you will be the bearer of the...

6.5 Creedmoor AR10 Cycling Problem

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So here is my issue... I built an AR10 (DPMS style) in .308 with a Criterion 18" rifle length gas system, standard weight rifle buffer and spring, and a Toolcraft BCG; this setup runs flawlessly with pretty much all my loadings and with the factory...

6.5 creedmoor ammo awareness

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Posting this because I’m stuck purchasing factory ammo currently until I take the leap of starting reloading. 6.5 creed is almost impossible to find in my area, and when you do it’s hard to be picky as they only get random loads in. I picked up 2 boxes...

IF you're using SURFSHARK VPN or know someone who is --- READ

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Contractor repos the shower he installed.

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For every shady contractor there are three thieving scum customers that think once you've installed something permanently on their property it's theirs, whether they 'decide' to pay for it or not.

This one thieving cunt thought she she would pay half...