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    308 subsonic IMR 4064

    I have a SPS Varmint 308 cut to 20 inches, the Barrel twist rate is 1/12. I started the process for a AAC Cyclone supressor. I have hornady 150 grain round nose bullets and a batch of IMR 4064 powder. Does anyone have a good subsonic load with the materials I mentioned? I did some searching but...
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    Rifle Scopes Seekings 6/4 or 4/4

    I have the 6/4 Seekins rings for my .308 with the S&B 4-16X42 scope. The only reason I went with the 6/4 version was because the 4/4 versions were out of stock.
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    Rifle Scopes schmidt Bender 4-16x42 military scopes?

    I have a 4-16X42 with the P3L reticle. The scope is MIL/MIL single turn and is very nice with the smaller objective lens. From what S&B told me before I bought the 4-16X42 was that a lot of their customers wanted the 50/56mm cousins. Heath
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    Rifle Scopes S&B for left hand rifles

    Well I got the S&B 4-16X42 mounted to the rifle. I used Seekins 34mm LOW rings as well as a Seekins 20 MOA base. Based on doing my research, I know the S&B scopes are not too friendly for left handed shooters because the illumination control gets in the way of the bolt knob. Well, I moved the...
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    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 4 M1 Zero Stop

    That is really cool, I love the design you did.
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    Feedback Good Guy List

    specopsk9 is good to go. Very smooth transaction and excellent communication.
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    Fliers impact

    I am just about ready to get my rifle out on the range and do shooting from 100 yards up to 500 yards and doing as much positional shooting as I can. With that said, I saw this article and it talked about fliers are NOT MISTAKES, in that they tell a story to the shooter. The Truth About Barrel...
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    Rifle Scopes Zero stops for SWFA Super Sniper Scopes

    Just got my shims for my SS 10X Mil/Mil scope. The shim's quality is excellent and I was able to get my zero stop set up and I currently am able to dial .3 mils below my zero. High quality kit, and highly recomended. Heath
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns EDC Auto Knife

    I carried a Benchmade AFO II and the knife was extremely reliable. The blade is very sharp :)
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    Rifle Scopes Zero stops for SWFA Super Sniper Scopes

    Looks like I am buying a set, SS 10X Mil/Mil
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    Suppressors M9 Suppressed

    The AAC TiRant 9 I have been looking at as well. I wish there was as chance to try before I buy. The only other weapon I have shot suppressed was a MK23 with the SOCOM suppressor years ago. Heath
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    Suppressors M9 Suppressed

    I sent the barrel off to Tornado Technologies to be threaded for 1/2X28 RH. I am looking at the Gem Tech multi mount as a strong candidate. Does anyone here have any recommendations for a can for a M9? If there is any advice on parts of the gun that should or need to be upgraded as well then...
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    Suppressors M9 Suppressed

    The direct thread versions from what I have heard tend to work themselves loose. I may be wrong as this is my first venture into the suppressed world. Any suggestions on how to keep the suppressor from working itself loose? Heath
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    Suppressors M9 Suppressed

    I am putting a Gem-Tech Multi mount suppressor on my pistol using the MP5 3 lug adaptor. I was able to order a 12 pound recoil spring but I was wondering what is a good hammer spring weight to order from wolff? Thank you, Heath
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns PPQ M2 Holster reccomendations

    Does anyone have holster reccomendations for a Walther PPQ M2 in 9mm? The holsters primary use will be for concealed carry and some range time. Also please take in mind i am Left handed. The pistol will not have a light equipped. Thank you, Heath