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    Filing down the tip of a .223/5.56?

    Re: Filing down the tip of a .223/5.56? For anything used in home defense you should always purchase an off the shelf product. If you ever have to shoot someone there will probably be a lawyer wanting to sue you for what you had to do. If what you loaded into your weapon was homemade (or...
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    Mail Call Mondays

    Re: Mail Call Mondays Took a look at some of your video uploads. I think you can make a real difference in the education of the common internet commandos not to mention the people that really want to learn about their equipment choices. It’is real and solid stuff and a welcome change from...
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    Show 'em

    Re: Show 'em <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: trilogymac</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Hope someone enjoys the pic! Trilogymac</div></div> Now that’s what could be called a NICE RACK!! A man could spend some quality time fondling those...
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    Member Link Up San Antonio!

    Re: San Antonio! The Bullet Hole located on the west side of the city. Its ranges go out to 300 yards.
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    FGMM Shooters

    Re: FGMM Shooters Wow, I didn't realize that the little plastic holders were worth a six-pack each! I've been reusing mine for my handloads but for that price I can let them go to you. That is unless you were talking about 30-40 trading for 1 six-pack. Even that isn't a bad deal for someone...
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    Rifle Scopes Help a LEO win some equipment!!!

    Re: Help a LEO win some equipment!!! Voted. Glad to help a public servant whenever I can. Looks like your buddy might be in line for a chance at some great prizes. I buy from SWFA even though I have to pay the Texas sales tax on my orders. They will treat you right.
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    I'm not a big PETA fan but-

    Re: I'm not a big PETA fan but- If I understand the inner workings of PETA correctly, they go much further than “Don’t Eat - Don’t Test”. They don’t want pet animals to exist at all. I believe their ultimate goal is the total elimination of all pets, making it illegal to have one anywhere...
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    Got some shitty news today... Updated 5/9/2012...

    Re: Got some shitty news today... Prayers sent! Put on a happy face and hit it head on. Now that you are aware of this invader you and your body can change the odds. All the best to you and yours, RJR
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    Embedded with the Taliban

    Re: Embedded with the Taliban I love the "Glass" thought! It’s also a good way to reduce our stockpiles to meet the next treaty limits.
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    Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest to CA Game Violations

    Re: Ted Nugent Pleads No Contest to CA Game Violations Uncle Ted is guilty of not knowing and following the laws of the land. He stood up in court and took his lumps like a man. I don’t think he would have done it if he knew it was illegal and would not air the tape on national TV if he knew...
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    Roedale... delivery issues....

    Re: Roedale... never again.... I would like to say that I made my comment on "In Stock-On Back Order" with only partial information from the OP. I did not know that your site said with 6-8 weeks delivery. With this additional information I don’t see any issue with the delayed shipping. I...
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    Roedale... delivery issues....

    Re: Roedale... never again.... To me AVAILABLE means that the item is in stock ready for shipping. ON BACK ORDER means that it may take 6-8 weeks before shipping. Maybe I have the wrong idea of what these words mean. It just goes to show that even when things look simple there is always...
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    Help with neck sizing die issues

    Re: Help with neck sizing die issues I have only use full length sizing dies. Thanks for the insight.
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    Help with neck sizing die issues

    Re: Help with neck sizing die issues I’m new to reloading too. How can the casing be bulged out larger at the shoulder than the diameter of the cartridge? It looks like the die is the wrong one for what you are trying to load for. I’ll be watching to see what the final verdict is. Good luck
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    clarification !!!!!

    Re: clarification !!!!! It’s a classic case of the abused becoming the abuser... Still doesn’t make it right ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I had this same thought as I was reading down through the thread. Israel has been dealing with terrorists for...