1. D

    Suppressors Springfield Armory- 2nd gen EMP

    Although i've looked for a while here in VA, my search has been fruitless. How about anyone else that might be doing the same? Now that I think about it, what was the problem that was to be addressed with the first iteration? Something I read in one of the rags, I believe, said it was going to...
  2. S

    August 2nd, Precision Rifle match in Phoenix

    August 2nd at 6:45am. At phoenix rod and gun club. No more than 50 rounds, know your 100 zero and your come ups out to 500yds.
  3. C

    Photos 2nd attempt

    I fired the first shot, and then adjusted the scope .5" to the right - was thinking about trying that on the last target as I never really "zeroed" after the scope was out of the rings. Some improvement. Still having trouble getting into a good position where the rifle stays put during recoil...
  4. S

    Added 2nd ladder pic/results to

    http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1212516#Post1212516 I'm I now correct in method and conclusion?
  5. G

    Rifle Scopes 2nd hand swaro lrf

    I have 3 days to bid on a 2nd hand Swarovski lrf unit that is 2 years old and I believe has had commercial hunting guide use in the alpine areas of New Zealand.Do these things have any known flaws after heavy usage or any thing I should be aware of before buying 2nd hand ?Some advice would be...
  6. rsracer65

    Member Link Up MN Members 2nd Annual Bauer Arms BBQ Sat 30th

    Hey everyone, We will be hosting a BBQ here at the house this weekend the 30th, feel free to swing by and have a burger or brat and have a good time! We will have burgers, brats, dogs, & chicken along with a few types of sodas if you want to bring something to share feel free to do so! Also if...
  7. Tip em over

    Rifle Scopes 2nd bad Zeiss in a row!

    Just sent in my 2nd 4.5-14 x 50 Zeiss Conquest for repair/replacement. First scope would not hold a zero on my rifle. Zeiss replaced it with a new scope which was cool. The replacement scope came with 46 MOA of elevation adjustment compared to 68-69 MOA which my other 4.5-14 x 50 has. I'm quite...
  8. flounderv2

    Maggie’s 2nd Amendment Award....

    So last night there was an "end of busy season" dinner for all of the people in my group here at work. Well the managers and partners decided it would be fun to give out funny awards to everyone. Well, when it came time for me to get my award, This is what they presented me with. The 2nd...
  9. S

    Odessa May 2nd FV200yd F-Class results

    Here are today`s results... We had 7 guns today on a beautiful day here in upstate New York. F/TR Kasumi 186-17V Jim R. 168-3V Doug B. 131-3V F/Open STP 195-19V JDA Sr 194-23V Jeff W 173-8V Greg L 172-5V We had a great time today with 2 new friends shooting with us, Jeff and Doug. Thanks...
  10. U

    More powder at Walmart........ 2nd time this week!

    I just got home from Wally World and brought 12 bottles of Varget and 8 more RL 22 home with me. This was another load that came in last night. Keep check if your Walmart sells powder as it should be there if someone hasnt already bought it all.
  11. M

    2nd GAP - Rock Templar Range Report

    Took the 308 out to the range this afternoon. Our range makes you qualify at the 300 yard range before you can go on to the 400 and 600. I wasn't listening when the fellow behind the counter gave me the targets and told me you had to shoot 5 shots in the 6" white circle to qualify. There could...
  12. RollingThunder51

    Photos Who is that American 2nd from the left?

    1934 Nicaragua, already in for 16 years. Correction to title provided by Skunk
  13. M

    Rifle Scopes 2nd focal plane calibrated reticle mil-dot / NP-R2

    Say I have a Leupold Mark 4 MR/T M2 2.5-8x36mm with the TMR reticle. P/N 60180. At an indicated 8x setting, there are dots every 1/2 mil, and hashes every mil. If I move it to an indicated 4x, are the dots now every 1-mil, and hashes every 2-mil? Or if I had a Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm with...
  14. B

    It's here!! My 2nd rifle from Patriot Arms - pics

    Just picked up my 2nd rifle from Jered and Dave at Patriot Arms. Once again, the boys from Georgia hooked me up with an awesome rifle!!! Here are some pics:
  15. W

    Member Link Up PA members 2nd Amendment March

    Set for April. http://forum.pafoa.org/political-138/45649-second-amendment-second-none-rally-harrisburg-2009-a.html
  16. D

    2nd HardRock Match on 3/7/09 @ 0830 CT

    Good day, The 2009 HardRock Match Series will run the second match on 3/7/09, and the practice day on Friday 3/6/09. The match format is 20 rounds with five shots at each of 600, 800, 900, and 1k yds. at a 1 MOA 10 point bullseye with a 2 MOA 5 point scoring ring in 20 minutes. No sighters, no...