1. Endless_Soup

    Firearms Tikka T3x CTR .308

    Looking to sell this lightly used Tikka T3x CTR in 308. About 60 rounds through it. I really haven't gotten it out to stretch its legs unfortunately, and I'm looking to fund an LMT MWS Project. Comes with the original 10rd magazine. Ships from my FFL to yours... it's already with my FFL, so I...
  2. C

    A Good Problem to Have...

    I was making small talk with my FFL dealer while making an unrelated transfer and long story short, he tried to make me a deal I couldn't refuse. He offered me an Anderson AM10 lower for $50 NIB. How could I refuse that? I couldn't, I bought it. I got home, he had sold me a matched AM10...
  3. D

    1x10 or 1x11.25 twist for 7.62?

    school me please on the differences. thanks. for ar-10 type 16-18 inch barrel
  4. D

    Suppressors YHM 7.62 QD Flash hider

    What's the deal with not being able to purchase QD's / flash hiders for the YHM Phantom series cans? I haven't gotten a chance to speak to anybody about this yet, I have just read on a couple of sites about an ATF ruling. Does anyone know the reason behind not being able to sell them? This...
  5. 45.308

    Winchester 7.62 Brass any Good/ Fiocci too?

    Found some Winchester 7.62 147gr for $10 per 20 and before I drop the coin, is the brass any good for reloading? I figure its thicker NATO brass and not a true 308? Looks like its annealed? I have 10 boxes on hold but I could get a lot more. Also found some Fiocci, poor spelling but its their...
  6. F

    Triggers for 5.56 and 7.62 build

    I'm looking for opinions on lower parts kits for a couple builds I am starting. Both rifles will be used for long range shooting. Thanks in advance.
  7. S

    FN Semi Auto 7.62.. ??

    Anybody know anything about this rifle? FN Semi Auto 7.62 x 51
  8. R

    Need Value: LC Match 7.62 Brass and 7.62 Ball Bras

    have several thousand pieces of 7.62 brass and do not know what today's fair prices are. All was fired in match M14 rifles by my boys and I at Camp Perry. Would appreciate guidance. Apx 1200 pieces LC 85 Match-Once fired; Apx 500 pieces LC 85 Match-Once fired and deprimed; Exctly 2,291...
  9. darkarcher

    Pmags for 7.62's are shipping

    Just got shipping notification for this from Brownells: MAG243-PMAG 20 LR 20 RND 7.62X51-FOL Wish I would have ordered more......
  10. 762Fundi

    Range Report Ballistic Table for South African R1M1 147gr 7.62

    Does anyone know where I can find a ballistic table for the South African R1M1 147gr 7.62??? The last I chrono'd I believe it was at 2760 fps. Thanks
  11. Opiy

    Suppressors Yankee Hill Phantom 7.62 QD opinions?

    What seems the be the opinion of this suppressor? Is it good, outstanding, or sucks? How does it compare to an AAC? I just found out a local guy has one for 7.62 ( no idea of price) so I am trying to find out of it is a good one or not.
  12. Rigamortous

    Suppressors Sandstorm Gemtech / Surefire / AAC Scar heavy 7.62

    I want to get one more can, this time for the 7.62 I have narrowed down my choice's (or wishlist) to : Sandstorm Gemtech Surefire FA 7.62 SS AAC Scar heavy Anyone have any experience with any of these ? Any complaints ? Also, does anyone know of a dealer that has any of these in stock ? I...
  13. lrs50bmg

    LaRue Tactical Stealth OSR 7.62

    Any had a chance to see this, or test one yet? Larue Tactical OSR 7.62
  14. TOPO-sniper

    Noveske stop selling 7.62 rifles/uppers?

    Just noticed there were no 7.62 uppers/rifles on the Noveske website today (at least how they used to be listed so I may have just missed it). Any clue why?
  15. M

    Winchester White Box 7.62 ammo

    Local money pit got in some Winchester white box 7.62x51 147gr. FMJ ammo for $16.99/20. I noticed the brass is WCC marked, and has the little NATO circle doohickey on it. Would this ammo be worthwhile for general plinking in a DPMS LR-308? Is the brass any good for reloading? Are the primers...
  16. N

    Anyone Reload cases from linked 7.62?

    A few of my friends were saying it's worthless... the Lake City stuff looks good to me, any issues?
  17. grunt0311

    Reloading 7.62 v 308

    I have tried some searches and didnt come up with any. I do have some questions about differences in reloading both of these. Is there any difference in using 7.62 NATO v the 308. I would like to use the 7.62 LC brass in my spec builds. Would this cause any problems with chambering, firing...
  18. D

    Suppressors YHM Phantom 7.62 ???

    My brother is looking at purchasing a YHM Phantom 7.62 to use on both his DPMS AP4 and Savage 10FCP .308 He wants to know if the standard thread-on suppressor and the QD suppressor are the same actual can. He will need to get the 5/8"x24 suppressor for his Savage, and a 1/2"x28 QD mount for...
  19. M

    Suppressors 300 Whisper and AAC 762 SD Suppressor

    <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/M7Pbyf-eLW4"></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/M7Pbyf-eLW4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">...
  20. jonaddis84

    Suppressors YHM 7.62 Phantom Owners

    Anyone on here own this suppressor? Im in the waiting stages for mine to come in and wanted to see how you guys like yours. Also wondering on POI change and accuracy at 1000+. Its a 5/8 threaded model.