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  1. B

    First trip to the range with the TRG....Pics Added

    So after seven months of waiting to acquire all the parts, Brass, Dies, Scope, etc. etc. I finally took my TRG 42(.338LM) to the range today, and all I can say is WOW, what an amazing rifle. The damn this is everything I expected and more, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a rifle in...
  2. 7mmRM

    New rifle.... added a little paint.....

    Bought this from another 'Hide member. RRA recievers. Troy quad rail. SPR profile 1/7 Krieger. I added a different grip, phantom flash hider, Magpul PRS, Unimount, and a Iluminated Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44 with the Gen2 like reticle. Next is to install single stage JP trigger. Its a...
  3. rcnpthfndr

    Hunting & Fishing Trail cam pictures from the yard * added video*

    The other trail cam threads inspired me to try one out. Here’s some pictures from the last couple of day. The next couple of days we are going to try the video feature out. I do see the need for a faster recovery time between pictures, i guess its time to upgrade already.
  4. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing My Snipershide trade rifle Pics added

    I traded dontstrokeme for the 700 SPS in 223. I traded chpprguy for the 223 varmint barrel. Got the stock from SgtHenry the super sniper optic, rings and base from another site, the bottom metal from Austan. My dad and I spent several hours together and I learned a lot. We removed the pencil...
  5. USMCj

    Gunsmithing Need help modding MCM A5 for Surgeon *Pics Added*

    Hi guys, I finally got my MCM A5, and Im trying to fit my Surgeon RSR action into the stock. I spent 20 minutes inletting the recoil lug area to accept the Surgeon .3" recoil lug. Now I need to make a releif cut for the Surgeon side bolt release, does anyone have any pics of a McMillan A5...
  6. BryanLitz

    Range Report JBM Update: Measured BCs added to bullet library

    <span style="font-size: 14pt">On behalf of "JBM Small Arms Ballistics" and "Applied Ballistics, LLC" I would like to announce the addition of measured BC data to the JBM bullet library.</span> For those who are not familiar with the free JBM online ballistics calculators, this is an excellent...
  7. S

    Added 2nd ladder pic/results to

    http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=1212516#Post1212516 I'm I now correct in method and conclusion?
  8. E

    What are they worth / Pics added

    I came across these today, #1 Gustav Genschow & co. Berlin 22 LR single shot. #2 Sako Riihimaki 22 LR Both in very good condition.
  9. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing HVLP for me! Pics added

    Awhile back I broke down and bought a HVLP from Harbor Freight. I got to use it today coating a 700 and a benelli barrel for some friends. These are the best coatings I have done yet. I have been using an airbrush up until this point. I have to say if you are thinking of doing some coating an...
  10. A

    FNAR-can it be shortened and have a FH/brake added

    I am very interested in purchasing a FNAR soon. My buddy has one that is an absolute tack driver. At a 100yards he is getting 1/2 MOA with hand loads. We are talking bolt action accuracy out of a semi. I have handled a light version at my local shot and i love how it feels. It is a a little...

    Bullet Test Pic added !!!!

    I am new here and would like some help. Dont worry it wont involve work. I am a custom bullet maker and I have a new design .30 caliber projo. It is resembles the SMK 175gr. I need 5 people to test them for me, I will be doing the same thing also.I work on FT. Benning. I just want some feedback...
  12. Mgordon

    New rifle #2, first target added.

    This next rifle was a Blueprinted Remington 700 from Bruno's. The barrel is a Bartlein .224 chambered in a 22-250 AI with a 1-14" finished off at 26" with a heavy crown. The Stock is a older 40X that I had to remove old bedding and rebed and finish. It was pillar bedded and glassed in with...
  13. S

    Range Report Where am I going wrong? ***Pics*** added as bribe

    I go to knobcreek today with my "newer" (right at 200 rnds) 700 .308. It is the only LR rifle I own. I am shooting HSM 175 grn SMK at 2600fps, per snipercentral's webpage. I dont own a chrono to verify this info so I just trust the manufacturer. The rifle is factory 700 SPS 26" BBL. Scope...
  14. D

    New build and paint. pics added

    Well, got a new build about finished. Working on the paint on the stock. Not sure If I like it yet. Got a little finish work to do on the paint, then clear coat it with matte clear. Howa WSM action, 7WSM, Broughton 1 in 9 medium palma taper at 26in, CDI DBM, Manners T-4 stock at 3.2 lbs. Stock...
  15. xarmor

    Rifle Scopes Green Redfield accu range value? (pictures added)

    Found a green anodized Redfield acurange for sale, anybody got a feel for what these are currently selling for. Reticle is good, scope is serialized to a rifle, anodiztion on the tube has turned goldish color. Overall looks to be in very good used condition. What would be a reasonable price?
  16. Joe G

    Suppressors 50 Cal McMillan Video Added 3/26/09

    McMillan repeater, NF scope, AAC can, 690gr subsonic Having a friend with a love of guns, PRICELESS EDIT here******should have been 34.5 gr of red dot to get 950fps. 43 gr was shot over the chrroney when making the loads, but it was not subsonic. Still safe though. My first video upload so...
  17. fpdsniper

    Rifle Scopes Lots more scopes added to website!

    I've been down with Bronchitis for a few days, so I used my "down time" to add lots more Bushnell and Nikon scopes to my website. Here's a link to the optics page: http://www.bigrivertactical.com/page/page/1752077.htm Donnie
  18. LoneWolfUSMC

    New MkII BTVS has found a home! (pics added)

    I just picked up a Savage MkII BTVS package at Dick's sporting goods last night. I managed to get it out to the range today. I only put about 15 rounds of Wolf Match Target through it since we had a 17-22mph gusting wind. It was good enough to get it zeroed at 100 yards. It shows some promise...
  19. Guns4570

    Desert Tactical Arms Steath (Pics added)

    Well, I picked up the SRS and 308 barrel at the FFL today. 338 conversion will show up in a week or two. Waiting on glass thats due in 3-4 weeks. Very cool rifle can't wait to get some time behind it.
  20. M

    Got my Patriot Arms 7mm-300wsm today! Pics added!!

    Well got the rifle today from UPS. Its been a really crazy day. Jered does a hell of a job building rifles! I want to thank the whole crew for putting up with my ass. The final product is amazing. I will try to post some pics later (never tried before). Its everything I wanted and then some...