1. Danattherock

    Rifle Scopes What magnification do you set focus/diopter with...

    Ahead of the arrival of my ZCO 527 today on the brown truck, I was researching this subject a little bit in an effort to get the most out the optic. I heard ZCO recommends setting the focus at the lowest magnification within the range. I had previously been told the opposite and to use max...
  2. scudzuki

    Timney 510 trigger adjustment

    I have a practically new Timney 510 in my equally new Remington 700. The instructions that come with it suggest backing the screw on the front of the trigger assembly out to decrease trigger weight. There are 2 screws in that location, and the instructions do not indicate which one to...
  3. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes In what units do you "think" about adjustment?

    Kind of an open ended question for you guys- When I was starting off about a year ago, (mildot reticle, MOA knobs), my train of thought would go something like this: 1. Range estimation with mils (if UD) 2. Lookup (or recall from memory) come ups in MOA, dial it in 3. For adjusting after shot...
  4. Msprink05

    Gunsmithing savage trigger adjustment (pre accutrigger)

    So ive got a preaccutrigger savage that im planning on putting a new trigger in. My question is since ive seen do it yourself trigger jobs in the rimfire section, is it possible to do it with this trigger? If i do it wrong or mess it up i can just put a new rifle basix in it anyway so any info...
  5. 3

    10/22 scope out of adjustment

    I put my new Meuller 8.5-25 on my 10/22 and I'm maxed out of "UP" adjustment and I'm still 2" low and 25 yards. Any suggestions? I have access to a mill so I can mill the top of the scope mount or the bottom of one of the rings to build adjustment it. But before I do that I thought I'd see...
  6. ltfirehunter

    40X trigger adjustment

    I have a 40X 22 rimfire and I am needing some assistance in the adjustment area. This trigger is the one with the adjustment screw in the trigger itself along with the 3 screws in the housing. Right now it has the pull of a 2 stage trigger, a little take up and then breaks clean. How do I adjust...
  7. ms6852

    Gunsmithing Trigger adjustment

    I posted this question and got no hits, probably because I posted it in the wrong section. Anyway I would like a lighter trigger pull on a 10/22 trigger. I am not a gunsmith just a tinkerer. I took the trigger apart and polished it, which took me several hours to put it back together. I...
  8. A

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Custom Shop - Adjustment Knobs

    I've been looking at the Leupold Custom Shop, and I'm confused at the options for the adjustment knobs. What are the differences between FIELD CLICK, FINGER CLICK, and CDS DIAL? I would like a positive-click knobs that is fully capped. I don't like tall target turrets, but just want to know...
  9. J

    Rifle Scopes Monarch adjustment?

    Any ideas of the amount of internal adjustment for a Nikon Monarch scope? Specifically, a 4-16x with a 1" tube? Thanks!
  10. B

    Rifle Scopes Ran out of scope adjustment

    I just picked up a SH IOR 1st gen today. I mounted it on my stock 700p .308 with a 20 moa rail. I zeroed it at 100 yards today, and I only have 8 mills of up adjustment left on the scope. thats not enough to get me out to 1k. There is a total of 22 mills of adjustment on the scope from top...
  11. ms6852

    10/22 barrel droop adjustment.

    How much of an adjustment is required to be made for the barrel droop on the 10/22 rugers for 100, 200, and 300 yds. I'm in the process of building one up. Nothing fancy just a hogue stock with a tac sol bull barrel 16.5 inch with a 3x9 bushnell. I have the moa adjustments from here for those...
  12. C

    Gunsmithing Jewell trigger adjustment?

    Does anyone know what size allen wrench they use for the pull weight screw? I can't get ahold of anyone in San Marcos. Thanks.
  13. 0

    Rifle Scopes Tasco Varmint 2.5-10x42 (internal adjustment)

    Looking at putting a Tasco varmint 2.5-10x42 mildot on a 22lr rifle until I have the funds to put a Buckmaster on it. Does anybody know the amount of internal travel the tasco has? Any other cheap scopes you would recommend to put on the rifle until I have the Buckmaster? Would like mildots...
  14. Donut

    Rifle Scopes 50 MOA internal adjustment + 20 MOA base?

    With a scope with 50 MOA internal adjustment (specifically, I'm loking at the Nikon Buckmasters 4.5-14), that gives +/- 25 MOA from “center”, right? Assuming a 100-yard zero requires ~4 MOA (3.935, according to JBM) that would leave me 21 MOA of drop compensation before the scope bottoms out...
  15. GBMaryland

    Gunsmithing Jewell AR-15 Trigger Adjustment

    Ok, So I put a Lilja barrel on my AR the other day... shoots GREAT, but a very strange little thing happened. I got two double fires out of it in 30 rounds. So... I read somewhere this mechanical malfunction can be th result of not having adjusted the trigger properly. Before I send it back...
  16. pdog1517

    Rifle Scopes Scope adjustment housing bottomed out on rail

    Need some advice. Leupold VXIII LR 6.5x20x40, Leupy 1 pc std base, std low rings all on my 700 VS SF. Within the last 2-3 in lbs of torgue the adjustment housing makes very slight contact with the rail, before that there is 1/32"-1/64" clearance. Is this a bad situation? Do I need to remove a...
  17. LSOSGT1109

    Gunsmithing Trigger Adjustment?

    How do you adjust a xpro or xmark or whatever the new remington triggers are called? There's a small allen screw in the back of the trigger. Is that the adjustment screw? I hate these new triggers!
  18. sniper307

    Rifle Scopes how much adjustment range does your MK4 have?

    i am talking about the variable power models.3.5 x 10, 4.5 x 14, 6.5 x 20, etc. just a informal measurement to see what the average is. my 6.5 x 20 is advertised as 70 moa up down and i have more like 83. just wondering fellas.
  19. Puck

    Rifle Scopes motorized zoom adjustment

    I searched using "motorized zoom adjustment" and came up with nothing. So here's the question. Why isn't this a feature on some scopes for fast ranging and target acquisition with just a scope reticle. Seems like at least they could make something like a spring loaded zero stop for magnification...
  20. xxsjj2007xx

    Gunsmithing X mark trigger adjustment???

    Have you guys adjusted an x mark trigger? I want to get a new trigger but for the time being and $$, I need to wait. Any help would be greatly appreciated and pics even better. Thanks.