1. S

    1973 Anschutz firing pin

    Folks, I will not belabor my purpose: I am seeking a firing pin for a model 54 Anschutz .22 target rifle. It does not have to be functional as I intend to use it for dry fire practice, and I can grind the tip back to protect the breech surface. The pin I seek is 3.75 mm thick at it's end...
  2. dcogan@360Precision

    New Weighted ARCA Rail for Foundation Stocks from 360 Precision

    360 Precision is happy to introduce a Weighted ARCA Rail that works with the Anschutz Rail on the bottom of the Foundations Stocks. The rail comes complete with screws and T-Nuts to mount the rail to the bottom on the forend. The rail with the brass weights, weights 24.9 oz. These rails are...
  3. ClintQuint

    Anschutz 64s

    Ok, so full disclosure - newish to shooting In general, been having a blast shooting Tikka T3x in 308 but Cant afford to shoot that often because of price and availability of ammo. So I was looking around To find something 22lr and found a used Anschutz 64s for sale and then saw some videos...
  4. msting22

    Accessories SOLD: Anschutz 64 Scope rail 20 MOA.

    Up for sale is a like new M. Werks LLC Anschutz 64 Scope rail 20 MOA. I’m only selling because I need more MOA for ELR. $60 Shipped
  5. delfuego


  6. I

    Tactical stocks for Annie 1416 series?

    As I noticed it's full of plenty tactical stocks for CZ, 10/22's and many rifles but haven't found ANY stocks for annies, a part from a boyd's Tacticool which isn't available anymore and Anschutz target 1000€+ stocks(I'm from Italy) Any suggestions? At the moment I'm thinking about Duracoating...
  7. selfbowhunter

    anschutz or sako.... help me decide today

    i have worked out possible deals on a sako p94s and an anschutz 1416d HB. both rifles are in excellent condition with little use. the sako is $150 more. which is the better rifle for a trainer? which is likely to shoot better? thanks. chuck
  8. C

    Anschutz ejection fix

    I just figured out why my model 10A ( 64 action) will only eject 30% of the time. I replaced the ejecter and the spring clamp. less than $20
  9. J

    Anschutz 54 vs 64 actions

    Tried search function, no luck. I want to get one really good rim fire. What are the differences between the actions? I'm hedging towards a 1710 HD in 22lr. But the 1418 D KL .22 lr is 700 dollars cheaper. Should I get the last model and put the dough towards a nice scope? decisions, thoughts...
  10. Kogapsp

    Prototype Anschutz rail

    Here is a picture of the prototype rail that I have the design for. As you can see it can slide back forth on the tail and tightened. I can also build in a 2o moa and can mount a picatinny rail to it as well. Just looking for interest. I am also working on windage adjustment to be included to...
  11. S

    Anschutz 1418

    Oh boy, my Anschutz arrived yesterday. Today I put a Bushnell 6x18 scope on top and she looking great. Took her to an indoor range and put a couple hundred rounds down range. A bit disappointed with the trigger pull but it can be adjusted down as soon as I get her broken in a bit more. I guess...
  12. R

    any Anschutz shooters out there?

    Im in search of a Model 54 non-wing safety model. Preferably the older rifles, any input? whats the market value for such rifles? thanks
  13. D

    Went out looking for a Anschutz and found a Winny

    Picked up this one today. Anyone want to guess the Model? Less than 800.00 for it and two bricks of traget ammo. Donald
  14. M

    anschutz bolt

    Anybody know if a bolt from an Anschutz 1403 will fit a Savage-Anschutz Match 64 action. The bolt picture in the add looks more like a 54 bolt with a larger dia. cocking piece than the 64 bolt on my 22 magnum. I'm confused cause the add said it fits a 64ms , 1403 , 1403d , 190.
  15. Smokin

    Who sells Anschutz Trigger Shoes?

    I can only find suppliers in the UK. Anyone know where I can source trigger shoes in the US?
  16. E

    Anschutz 1717 Meister grade.

    Just wanted to show fellow rimfire enthusiasts my Annie. It's the 1717 Meister grade with pillar bedding done and the inner stock sealed. Large bolt handle much better than the two finger ball that was on there..............
  17. Smokin

    Anschutz Air Rifles?

    How practical is it to shoot this in an urban back yard? How noisy are they? Seems like a hell of a way to get some good practice in. How are they refilled?
  18. L

    More Anschutz MPR results

    Picked up a Leupold 4.5-14x40 LRT (w/mildot) and mounted it using a B-Square rail adapter, and Leupold PRW low 30mm rings. All shots were fired using Wolf Match Target. Zeroing started at 40 yards and I can say I was pretty happy. 4 5 shot groups averaged .169". I then moved back to 100...
  19. H

    Anschutz 64 ejection problem fixed

    Ejection on my rifle (Anschutz 64 MPR)was very poor, 1/3 of the cases exit properly on the right, 1/3 out the left side, and 1/3 just lay on top of the next shell, regardless of how fast or slow you work the bolt. This seems to be a common problem on this model, and is totally inexcusable on a...
  20. T

    Anschutz rifle owners

    Do all the Anschutz's shoot great? I have an Anschutz 54. Just wondering if the 64's shoot just as good and if the triggers are the same.