1. Highground

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE Brake Fit

    How far should the FTE brake screw on before it stops? Mine threads on and comes about a quarter turn from being "tight" when it is indexed. Is that normal to allow wiggle room for indexing and rely on the clamp to keep it in position or should it have been machined to tighten up closer to it's...
  2. J

    Badger M2008 Builds.....Where are they?? Pics...

    Well, we know Badger sold 100 short actions, 20 of them for the where are the other 80? Here's mine in a 1.5 AICS, I'm going to swap it to a 2.0 soon, if anyone needs a good deal on a black 1.5 inletted for the Badger and can wait a month PM me. Anyway, I just got it back...
  3. rweldon

    Gunsmithing Good place to have a Badger Bolt knob installed?

    I'm thinking of adding a Badger Tactical Bolt knob to my remington 700. Who does this service well and reasonable to boot?
  4. B

    Gunsmithing My idea to fix AICS badger bolt cutout nastyness!

    Here is my first prototype of a replacement "bolt cutout" for the AICS stock with a Badger M-2008 action. Feel free to copy for your own use. Anyone wanting to manufacture can shoot me a PM. Brass is all I had laying around, aluminum would be better. Piece will be attached with two allen...
  5. S

    The Badger M2008 action is here!!!!!!!

    Sales started on 9/10/08 and they only have 100 actions for in their initial run. Lapua and Magnum actions to come. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!