1. Grantimoto

    Firearms Rap 50 bmg with nightforce nxs

    Iver Johnson 50 bmg. Rap 50/amac 1500. Nanuk 995 case, 33 rounds of ammo, nightforce nxs 5.5-22x. Everett, Washington $4500
  2. Bushmaster7

    Light 50 BMG?

    What is the lightest magazine fed 50 BMG rifle out there today that still has manageable felt recoil performance? From handling various 50's at SHOT and elsewhere it appears the Safety Harbor SHF 50R weighing in at 17.5 lbs. empty with a 22" barrel is the lightest I have seen to date. Their 18"...
  3. cuzi.defense

    Rifle Scopes .50 BMG Zero Distance

    I am new to the .50 BMG caliber and am curious what the standard zero range is for the round. I have heard allot of different rumors as to the round not stabilizing until it passes 300m and am curious if there is any truth to this.
  4. D

    mcmillan action 50 bmg

    do you think you would see any noticible difference in acuracy between the single shot 50bmg action compared to the box feed mcmillan action ? has any one got test data to compare? cheers
  5. B

    bullet puller for 50 bmg

    does anyone know of a bullet puller that will fit on the lee 50 bmg press? i can't find one anywhere. thanks
  6. Shumba

    Rifle Scopes IOR 2.5-10x FFP Illuminated scope - 50 BMG proof?

    Thanks. Found the answer
  7. Down Under Hunter

    50 BMG loading- 750 GRN AMAX OAL ??

    Can anyone suggest good loads they use using the 750 grn Amax and 50 BMG ? What OAL are you using ? Any other hints appreciated. Cheers DUH
  8. J

    50 BMG Ballistic Bullet Info

    Guys, just wondering if anyone has BCs for M33 and M17 tracer rounds. Looking to light up the HS 50 this week and need some MOA data. Thanks you
  9. Captain Moroni

    50 bmg muzzle velocity???

    I am going to WY to shoot some prairre dogs and I am borrowing my bosses AR-50 I need to know the MV of lake city 660 gr. and the BC if you know it Thanks
  10. J

    50 BMG Load Data

    I accept the fact that load data, should always be checked, and accept responsability for this, SO! now that thats over with. Does anyone have any load data for teh 50 BMG for RL-25 or H-870 or Retumbo powders. for 650-to-750 projectiles... Because of the U.S shipping laws, H-50-BMG has dried...
  11. ChadTRG42

    50 BMG subsonic rounds

    Anyone have any good subsonic loads for the 50 BMG? I've found a few, but was curious on some with other bullets. Thanks! Chad
  12. veezer

    Source for 50 bmg muzzle brake?

    Anyone have any sources for these besides the Armalite AR50? I am looking at having a 50 made and cant find much on where to get a brake.
  13. T

    Where are you buying your .50 BMG?

    Where are you finding the best current deals?
  14. T

    New TX-50 progressive reloading press for 50 BMG

    introduced at the recent NRA Show in Phoenix, AZ May 2009 click link for video, and web page
  15. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes ST-10 on a .50 BMG?

    OK, as I mentioned in a previous thread I am in the process of replacing all of my Leupold MKIV's with USO ST-10's. One of the MKIV's is on my Barrett M99. I e-mailed USO and inquired about using the ST-10 on a .50 BMG and they said it "Should" hold up. I was looking/hoping for a more concrete...
  16. C

    50 bmg press

    What's the best option in a 50 press?
  17. H

    Rifle Scopes Scope for a 50 BMG

    Hello to all! First post but Ive been around for a while. I used the search and Ive been reading for hours but I wanted a clear cut question. I have a 50 BMG that needs a new scope. Ive decided on two scopes and I would like to know what everyone had to say about each. Scopes are the Burris...
  18. T

    50 cal bmg, M14, G3, Galil, AK-47, 100 Round Drum here's more 50 cal shooting and other great assault rifles!
  19. Z

    Thinking of Upgrading to a 50 BMG

    I currently have a RRA AR15 and a DPMS 308. I have been getting the itch to sell one of them and upgrade to a 50 BMG and wanted to get any thoughts if anyone has done something similar. I also don't know which one of my current guns I should sell to finance the deal. I am looking at the...
  20. T

    50 cal bmg shooting Me and My buddy at the range with his new toy.