1. 3

    Barrel Break In and Cleaning Questions

    I am getting a new barrel for my 300wm and Im doing my research on barrel break in because I want to do this one the right way. Call me crazy but it makes perfect sense to me to leave the copper in the bore because when you think about it the first thing you do at the range is fire off some...
  2. KOOutdoors

    Range Report Cold bore shot help

    I have about an inch high cold bore shot.(barrel had about 20-30 shots threw it) Shots 2-4 are holding together good. I'm new to long range shooting. I'm curious if this is normal? How do I accommodate for this while hunting? Do I create two different ballistic programs? Any help would...
  3. S

    Gunsmithing Break free bore paste

    Just wondering if any of you use it. The local gun shop owner sold me some and said it worked great. I sent 25 patches down the barrel and am still getting dirty patches. I can't believe my rifle was that dirty. Should I keep following the directions and keep going til I have a clean patch or am...
  4. H

    What are your cold bore POI shifts?

    OK guys, how much of a shift is there from your cold bore shot vs. firing on a warm bore? How much do you think your bore warms up by firing one shot? I have reasons for asking that I will post later. Thanks in advance, Hootie
  5. S

    Gunsmithing 308 bore?

    .298 vs .300??? In the planning stages of another 308 MAINLY dedicated to pushing heavies sub-sonic. What bore dia would you recommend?
  6. M

    How to measure scope over bore

    I see in ballistic programs it asks for the scopes height over the bore. What is the easiest, most accurate way to measure this?
  7. R

    Range Report Cold Bore shots.....

    OK, so I have been watching all the back and forth banter going on here lately over the "CB Deviation". I was asked to go out and shoot and record my findings..... easily done. This morning: 86 degrees 30.76 InHG 3-5 mph from the right 4700 ft ASL 39% humidity Sun, directly in my face and a...
  8. BigBrother

    When cleaning- bore brush or no?

    So, I've been cleaning since I got my first rigs about a year and a half ago using the Otis kits, with BreakFree as my all purpose cleaner. So far no complaints. But, I'm beginning to doubt the use of bore brushes entirely. I used to follow the Otis instructions to a T, always wet patch...
  9. T

    Big Bore Stock ?'s

    Hey guys, who makes good big bore folding stocks?? ANY PICS PLEASE!! I know what you are all thinking what the hell does he want a folding/collapsible stock for...well portability for one and storage. I dont happen to have a big truck or SUV that I can just throw everything into. So Any Help and...
  10. cazorp

    Gunsmithing Who makes the best bore guides?

    I've been looking att getting a bore guide from Lucas, are there other alternatives that I should consider? Who makes the best custom bore-guides?
  11. T

    Gunsmithing What is the Free bore of a match Grade rifle

    I am trying to learn what is considered the normal free bore for a 308 Winchester rifle with a match grade chamber? I know that the old Remington PSS's had as much as 0.090 of free bore and were hard to reach the rifling. So before I order a match barrel with a match chamber I am wondering what...
  12. M

    Gunsmithing Electronic bore cleaner???

    Has anyone tried this? (scroll down to see pics in action) I have an old k98 mauser and a Mosin Nagant that have terrible barrels. This looks promising. Thanks for any info!
  13. BasraBoy

    Lucas Bore Guides

    Not sure whether to post this in the smithing section or here.....bear with me if it's in the wrong place. I've been using the Sinclair delrin guides for a while but I've got a new rifle from GAP on the way and thought now'd be a good time to look at some alternatives...want to treat the new...
  14. T

    NEWER SUBJECT: Can cold bore zero errors be ...

    JBed out? I'll be posting some pics of targets showing that (here comes some controversy), a gun's CBZ errors can be eliminated by re-conditioning the barrel with JB. This is sure to start some discussion!! Maybe not the best place for ELR discussion, but when you're talking about 2000 yard...
  15. Surgeon_Shooter

    Loading problem! BORE TECH solids

    Fellas ive tried all that i know to do as far as loads with this bullet maybe yall can help. I have the bore tech 245grn v3 match in .338. My rifle is a surgeon remedy with a 28.5 krieger and it has a 1:9.5 twist rate. How far am i supposed to seat off the lands?????? I heard it was .070 but i...
  16. H

    Getting a cleaning rod stuck halfway down the bore

    ..has to be about the scariest thing I've encountered while ever cleaning a rifle. It happened to me tonight, and I leave for a big hunt early in the morning. I'm ultra paranoid about keeping my rifle in good working order, but tonight i had a jag slip through the patch somehow and scrunch up...
  17. cletuskasady

    Gunsmithing Bore Guide AI AWM

    guys, searched with no success. looking for a bore guide for my AI AWM 300 win mag. bought a couple from mike lucas in the past, but he doesn't respond to e-mails or answer his phone anymore. Any suggestions.
  18. E

    Gunsmithing Barrel cleaning, bore brush and chamber brush.

    How often are you using the bore brush if your patches come out dark on the first swipe and successively lighter on the following swipes with patches. In five passes with the patches, I'm really not getting any dirt. Are you using your brush at all or just using the patches? How often do...
  19. L

    Tight Bore vs Groove Variation over normal specs

    Good Day Everyone, First let me apologize for a "VS" thread As I not really wanting to debate which is better but rather am wanting to discuss ballistic data for the sake of knowledge. Recently I had a work specific .308 built that sorta deviated from the norm of things in regards to the...
  20. dar1246

    Barret Bore Cleaner

    I bought some the other day. It works pretty good. I was using Montana Extreme. I think this is a little better with the copper. Has anyone use it?