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  1. D

    300wm as my first bolt action gun?

    Hello good people, I can't decide which caliber to go for my first long-range precision bolt action rifle. Unfortunately, I can't buy more rifles, so I must choose carefully for years ahead. I won't be competing, I just want to shoot for fun but I love challenges in terms of how accurately can...
  2. 2ndlegend

    Looking for some caliber ideas.

    Hey guys, I am looking for some suggestions on a new caliber for a rifle I am going to put together. I currently have a KRG stock (Remington LA), which I absolutely love and am planning on using for the project. I also have an older Remington 700 barreled action in 30-06, which I really would...
  3. E

    What caliber (6.5 Creed or 300WM) would be the better choice?

    Hello everyone, I am just getting into long range shooting and am deciding to purchase a new B/A rifle. I would like to know what caliber I should go with. I plan on shooting up to a mile, if I can. Currently, my "long range" experience, if you can call it that, is with a Mosin Nagant 91-30...
  4. 3

    Tikka t3 vs savage 12fv

    I am in the process of buying a rifle for my significant other as she fell in love with my old rem700 sps tactical in .223. So I'm in a toss up between these two rifles. Both would be bought in .223 rem caliber. I have narrowed it down between the pros and cons. Also, both are within $20 in...
  5. G

    Need help in deciding caliber

    Will be shooting at 600, 800 and 1000 and was looking at 308 or 30-06 help me decide as I have a chance to purchase a m40a1 type rifle in 308 or let it pass and have 30-06 built. Would probably use 175'smk barrel on m40 is 11.25 twist at 24. Would do you think. I am learning how to reload...
  6. K

    Long Action 6.5 caliber

    I have a long action (right now in 6.5x284) Winchester 70 that is needing a new barrel. I like the ballistics of the 6.5x284, but do not like the barrel life. I have bullets for 6.5 and would like to stay in the 6.5 family with my new barrel. What caliber would you recommend for a new barrel...
  7. B

    caliber info 7-300wsm

    Noob with some thick skin so feel free tolet fly if the urge hits you. looking for information on the 7-300wsm. Tried a search and came up with nothing. Any info would be greatly appreciated
  8. C

    Caliber comparison

    I have been looking around at different info on differnt calibers. The search here wont bring up any results if say I search for "260" or ".260". Is anyone familiar with a thread that I can check out or any other sites with info on calibers? I was looking for pros, cons, fps, velocity...stuff...
  9. C

    Suppressors home defense caliber and rev. or semi-auto ?

    I'm thinking about getting my mom a pistol of some make for home defense and need some insight. What do you guys think is the best home defense caliber? And is there a preference for revolvers or semi-autos for home defense? Thanks
  10. 18Echo

    Caliber choice for .284 barrel blank

    I have a Rem 700 LA on hand and a Krieger 1:9 .284 MTU contour barrel on it's way. I have Gary Ocock lined up to put everything together. Original plan was 7mm Rem Mag, but after reading many posts and then checking out the 6mmBR.com section on 7mm's I'm having second thoughts. I want a 1K...
  11. G

    Help picking caliber

    I have decided upon ordering a GAP rifle in the next couple of months (pending funds-selling several pistol's that are safe queens). Here is my question. For a starter long range precision rifle, would I be better served with the Crusader in 308 or should I go with something with better range...
  12. J

    Newb looking for right caliber

    Hello all, I am looking to get into some long range shooting. I currently own, as far as rifles, a 22 as well as a .243 that I've rarely ever shot. I'm looking to eventually touch the 1k yard mark; and work my way up as I go. I know I want to get my first rifle based on a Savage or Remington...
  13. B

    30 caliber adapter

    anyone ever used one of these: http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/32-acp-rifle-chamber-insert.aspx?a=471502 I ordered one to try, if it works it will make a easy way for subsonic loads for the non-reloaders. I was just wondering about rifle damage and accuracy.
  14. D

    New rifle project, need caliber input please!!!

    I have just picked up a long action Rem 700 ADL in 300 win mag as a donor action. I want a cartridge for 1500-ish yards. I would like input on what can be built on this action which has: decent barrel life, affordable to shoot, good to great ballistics to the above distance.
  15. chuff

    Maggie’s Which caliber?

    If I had a .223 Remington, a .308 Winchester, a .300 Winchester Magnum, and a .338 Lapua Magnum which one would I be a better shot with? Is 24x enough magnification to shoot out to 500 yards?
  16. Lowlight

    Possible Sniper's Hide Spec Built Caliber Choices

    Okay, we talked about this briefly but things are starting to move forward and I wanted to check a few things out before getting too involved in the build specs. The Sniper's Hide M2009 build will be loosely based off the Gladius which was an 18.5" 308 rifle that George spun together for me...
  17. 03psd

    Heavy for Caliber: Definition

    I have a basic understanding of the meaning from seeing repeated use in context but are their set weights for each caliber that are considered Heavy? Also does length have anything to do with it? For example the 155 Scenar being a lighter 30 cal by weight but long for its weight. Also what are...
  18. B

    .257, Viable LR Caliber?

    I was wondering if anyone is using a 25 for any LR shooting. There are limited higher BC bullets, but it seems to be an asskicker. I have a 25-06 Rem Sendero that I dropped into a HS 2000 stock w/ a falcon 4-14 on top. I recently found a load for 115 Berger VLD's over IMR [email protected] 2990. I shot this...
  19. Opiy

    Dillon caliber conversion kit 9mm work on .357?

    I know the 9mm caliber conversion will work with 40S&W but I wonder if it will work with 38spl and .357mag. They are a little bigger than the 40. The 40S&W is .424 and .357mag is .440 width so I expect no but thought I would ask and see if anyone has tried it. But I bet the 40S&W caliber...
  20. S

    Caliber for spouse?

    Folks, Thinking of getting some type of 6 or 6.5 MM for the wife. I'm looking for something that has low felt recoil, and will be shot at 600 (mostly) and 1,000 yards (sometimes). I'm thinking that a 243 might fit the bill, but a 6.5 might be nicer if (read: when) I need to "borrow" the rifle...