1. H

    Newb ? - Is there a "system" to find THE LOAD.

    Please pardon the really basic questions. I am relatively new to reloading. I know the basic "how-to" stuff and now want to know more.... Starting with a new rifle... How do I find the magic load for a rifle? Do I start with one powder and try different bullet weights using the same...
  2. R

    Rifle Scopes Want to find 8X fixed scope

    this Magnification is so difficult to find ,any suggest? price around $1000
  3. MudBug

    where can I find model 70 bottom metal

    that doesn't cost more tham my rifle did. I have a Model 70 Ultimate shadow in 270 WSM that is my general hunting rifle. I finally bought a new stock for it not realizing that there is no bottom metal with the stock I have. So Now I have a new B&C medalist stock that needs the bottom metal (A...
  4. 3

    Trying to find the thread on Lapua 155 Scenars

    I am trying to find the thread that questioned if the 155 Scenar really has a B.C. of .508. I tried to search for it without any luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. guns1977

    Rifle Scopes Where to find the best deal on US Optics Scope?

    Okay I"ve decided what scope I want/need and am going with a us optics sn3 tpal, the scopes have a price but was wondering where to find the best deal on them? Just wondering if any tips from those familiar with the scopes and company. Thanks
  6. Am180man

    Where to find ballistics data on BH Gold 168 A-max

    Does anyone know where I might locate ballistics data on Black Hills Gold 168gr A-max .308 Win Match ammo? With a 200 yd zero, what drop can I expect at say 450yds? This is through a 20" barrel. Steve
  7. J

    How to find places to shoot......a long way!

    If you want to scout places to shoot go to google earth you can look around. But at the top there is a ruler. Click on the ruler and a small screen will open in the map. You can choose various measurements (mile,yards,etc) click on the yards and find a firing point and click.(you will have a...
  8. R

    Photos New find

    So we have a store called NPS here locally and they deal in lost freight, damaged and mis addressed packages, yadda yadda Went into town with the wifey and what do the have.... a brand new Sage EBR Designated Marksman I won't trouble you with the price, haha
  9. Highground

    Suppressors Who'd a Thought You Couldn't find J-Frames?

    It seems that everytime I decide I want something, I can't find it and if i'm not looking for something, I see them all over. I decided to pick up another J frame recently after selling one years ago. Think I could find one locally? OK...I can somewhat understand the run on black guns, but S&W...
  10. Mag 300

    How can I ship primers ?? need to find hazmat lic.

    looking to close a deal and shipping of primers is the only thing holding it up . As I understand it I could have to visit jail is not shipped correctly . Anyone know where there is a source for hazmat shipping?? do gun shops do it . other stores Any ideas would help Bill
  11. T

    Anyone Know where to find Hogdon H4895???????????

    I am looking for 1lb or 8lb bottles of Hogdon H4895, I haven't been able to find any for awhile. Also has anyone ever used Hogdon BLC-2 for loading 308 for accuracy? If so what was your experenice and loads, I will be loading SMK 168, and SMK 175's. Thanks for all the help and heads up. PS am...
  12. E

    Hard to find recipe

    I'm new to reloading, but I have a good understanding what is involved and how to do it. I found a good deal on .308 bullets 147 grain FMJ. The issue that I'm having is that I can't find any specification's for making this round. I have the Speer #14, and the Lyman 49th. I have also checked many...
  13. R

    Anybody find a smoking load for DPMS .308?

    Out of all of the factory stuff I've tried, Black Hills, 168 grain did the best, producing sub 2" groups at 200 yards, which was better than Federal 168. The best handload I've come up with so far is Lapua 155 grain Scenars, with 46 grains of Varget, which will do 1/2" out of my bolt gun at 200...
  14. P

    New and trying to find some info

    I did a search for wind but came up short. What I'm trying to do is find some information about wind. I'm going to try to put together a hunting/long range rifle, but I live in a windy area. The average wind speed is 13 MPH. I was thinking about the 338 lapua, but cost is a negative factor...
  15. R

    Where can I find new 300WM Lapua brass ?

    Anywhere ?
  16. T

    Rifle Scopes couldn't find it, had to ask.... caps for menace?

    i just ordered a falcon menace and i am wondering what size butler creek caps i need for it. i ordered the 4-14 x 44 in FFP and i want some caps for it
  17. D

    Gunsmithing Where to find a 700 Safety Lever?

    A friend of mine cut down my barrel. In the process of removing the trigger to put it in the lathe, he accidentally broke the safety lever. I have a new Remington 700 SPS, but it has the 3 screw trigger, not the x mark. Does anyone know where I can find a Remington Safety, or complete...
  18. Opiy

    Want to find some primers and bulk .40 bullets.

    Anyone know of a place that has some primers and bulk .40 S&W bullets? I saw some primers on Gunbroker but were double the price! I have now the Federal Small Rifle primers so I would like to get some more small rifle primers. Feel free to suggest some sites or whatever comes to mind. I will...
  19. reeljob

    Lucky find today

    I found a local gun shop toay that had 2500 of CCI BR-2 and 500 Fed GM 210 primers. I am good on BR-2's but I bought all of the Fed GM's. Looking back I should have cleaned off the shelf. Currently I am having no trouble finding Varget but I hear it is scarace some places.