1. claytonm

    Accessories WTT - Q Fix 22" 6.5cm Bartlein barrel

    Hey all, first post in the PX, feel free to grill my ass if I did it wrong. So I'd really like to have a lighter weight barrel setup on my Fix for 6.5 Creedmoor since I have really come to love the size and balance of the .308 barrel. This 22" barrel is off of my early serial Fix. I will...
  2. C

    Anschutz ejection fix

    I just figured out why my model 10A ( 64 action) will only eject 30% of the time. I replaced the ejecter and the spring clamp. less than $20
  3. Twisted

    My trigger time fix for at home....

    Just for when its too late to make it to the mountains or range with the big gun I built this little target stand at work out of PVC. Came home and welded a small plate on it and went to town.
  4. shooter65

    Gunsmithing What is the fix....

    When you drop a barreled action into a new stock and it rocks from the end of the barrel to the back of the receiver? When you put it all together the barrel has a slight upward incline.
  5. H

    Download Excel Dope Chart with scope error fix

    Here is a excel file I have created to tailor dope charts to my scope with corrections for MOA errors of the known indications versus real world MOA. It is set up to work on anyone's scope. Just tab through and enter data where needed. If no scope error simply set MOA for one full rotation and...
  6. GasLight

    Gunsmithing Just a quick fix I did on my bolt today

    I got my rifle back from GAP, they put a PTG bolt and a couple other things, everything looks AWESOME! I went to mount my Falcon Menace scope, and the bolt hits. I could have gotten higher rings, but with my stock and pad the current rings are about perfect. So, I decided that I would create...
  7. gunlove

    Gunsmithing ?How to Fix F***'d up Bottom Metal job?

    Last August I had a gunsmith in GA F*** up an Bottom Medal Job. I am wondering how/if I can fix this (for me it means getting a gunsmith to fix it). It is a Badger M4 on an HS Percision Stock. I have never even looked in a receiverless HSP stock before. I can only imagine it is hollow and...
  8. shawn_40312

    Rifle Scopes How hard is it for Leupold to fix a canted reticle

    Apparently pretty hard. Sent in a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm m3 due to canted reticle, received the scope after a month of waiting. The reticle is still canted. I knew i should of went with Nightforce.
  9. B

    Gunsmithing My idea to fix AICS badger bolt cutout nastyness!

    Here is my first prototype of a replacement "bolt cutout" for the AICS stock with a Badger M-2008 action. Feel free to copy for your own use. Anyone wanting to manufacture can shoot me a PM. Brass is all I had laying around, aluminum would be better. Piece will be attached with two allen...