1. mateofeo85

    Reloading Equipment Reloading Dies For Sale - ALL SOLD

    I've got some dies collecting dust under my bench that I would love to move along to someone that can use them. All dies in rectangular boxes will be shipped (CONUS only) using USPS flat rate boxes. One rectangular die box fits in a small flat rate = $8 shipped; two to six rectangular die boxes...
  2. Safety_3rd

    Reloading Equipment 300blk, 6.5, dies, berger 338, berger 7mm 195

    For sale: ** Sold pending funds to Chutin** 200 berger EOL 7mm 195 gr -$65 per hundred 24 berger 338 Cal 300 gr- $24 ** Sold pending funds to KJMD*** Lee ultimate 6.5 Creedmoor dies - $75 Lee 300 acc blackout dies -$42 Hornady 300 blackout dies- $40 Shipping is $9 for priority 2-3 day. I can...
  3. D

    SOLD 308, .45 ACP, and 44 mag dies plus Dillon 550 stuff

    Dillon 308 dies, barely used. Size, seat, and crimp. Can include a Dillon powder chute die if it'll do you good $100 Lee .45 ACP die set, also have a 550 conversion kit too $50 Lee 44 mag set with a Redding taper crimp die, also have a 550 conversion kit $50 Several Dillon powder dies $10 ea 2x...
  4. J

    Expanding case mouth with Lee FL die after priming

    So I bought some new brass online and got it all primed up and ready to load and the first bullet I went to seat got cut up pretty good. Upon further inspection, the case mouth I.D. was reading 0.220 or 0.221. I ran one of my once fired cases through my full length sizing die and took a...
  5. jackdesert

    Reloading Equipment SOLD ALL 7mm Rem Mag Hornady Once Fired and Virgin Brass, and Lee Standard Dies,

    For sale: SOLD ( slightly < or > than ) 200 pieces of once fired Hornady 7mm Rem Mag brass along with 44 pieces of unmolested brass with CCI 250 primers from the same lot. About 40 pieces of the once-fired brass are from some factory Hornady ammo (gold primers ). $120 SOLD 7mm Hornady 180...
  6. Curahee19

    Reloading Equipment Reloading room cleanup

    Hey guys got a bunch of stuff to sell some have not been used at all some have been used just a little FORSTER FULL LENGTH SIZING DIE 6 dasher 6xc 260 rem 308 338 lapua mag FORSTER MICROMETER BULLET SEATER 260 rem 6.5 creedmoor 308 338 lap Pair it with any full length sizer and I’ll give a...
  7. J

    Best single stage reloading kit

    I’m looking at a rcbs rock chucker supreme or a lee kit, I have no prior reloading experience but am generally a quick learner! I want a kit that will last forever and is relatively simple and inexpensive! Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  8. A

    Hornady LNL bushings with Lee press?

    I started reloading with a single stage Lee press; then got a Hornady LNL progressive. Most of my reloading is pistol competition and 3-gun rifle which the Hornady has served me very well. I am now getting more into precision rifle shooting and I realized an issue. I want to be able to use...
  9. J

    new to reloading: Lee deluxe die set, what else do i need in terms of die? (.308)

    Hi i know a fair bit from research but there are some things im unclear on. im looking at a lee deluxe set to reload ammunition for a bolt action remmy. (single stage press) im not interested in peoples opinion on the make, im putting a set up on a budget so please no just stating hornady or...
  10. bdh308

    Lee balance scale?

    Anybody else use this shitty ass scale? Im constantly rezeroing and didnt know if anyone else experiences the same problem.
  11. B

    Lee Classic Turret question

    Note: I already have a Lee Classic Turret for reloading handgun ammo. From everything I have been able to gather, the Lee Pro Auto Disk will not be able to drop a big enough charge for the .308 (typically), so that's out right there. My main question is this: will using the Lee Classic Turret...
  12. LoneWolfUSMC

    Case Prep with a Lee Zip Trim

    I was goofing around with my camera last night and wanted to see if I could make a passable Youtube video. I just picked up one of these Lee Zip Trim setups a couple weeks ago and figured it would be a good subject. They are cheap and simple. Not as fast as a Gracie or Giraud, but for a couple...
  13. The Mechanic

    Lee Rasmussen's New world record 5 shot 1000 yard

    This weekend at an FCSA event Lee Rasmussen set a new .50 record at 1,000 yards with a 5 shot group 1.95 inches. That is between .1 and .2 MOA with a 5 shot group! Congrats Lee
  14. captnmo

    Lee reloading kit - Why so cheap?

    So I'm looking at buying a reloading starter kit and have investigated the usualy suspects: Lyman, Lee, RCBS, etc. But I notice the Lee kits are about $180 cheaper but haven't heard anything negative about them. Am I missing something or are these really a good kit? Thanks.
  15. T

    Lee Press and Redding Dies

    I know it's a stupid question, but can I use Redding dies in a Lee Press. Are the threads the same? Sorry for the 'case of dumb ass' treedoc
  16. F

    Lee Casegauge trimmer for .338 LM

    I saw a comment on another thread that I can't find whereby someone said they modified a .375H&H Lee Casegauge/trimmer to use for .338 LM since Lee doesn't yet produce one unless you have them special make one. If anyone can chime in on the mod, it'd be appreciated, as I'm looking to make said...
  17. T

    Lee Classic Cast Reloading Press better than RCBS?

    Hey guys, I just sold my RCBS for the Lee press and I love it! Very solid well centered and it doesn't cam over like the RCBS Here's what mine looks like: http://takdriver.com/showthread.php?t=402
  18. T

    Lee neck die for .308

    I've had good results from the Lee Collet neck sizer die with my .22-250 I'd like to try one for the .308 (Rem700PSS) but it seems everyone is out of stock Your experience with this die in a .308 and a source for the die (rather not buy the deluxe 2 and 3 die sets) would be much appreciated TBC
  19. w_rigdon

    CH4D and Lee Press

    Will the CH4D dies for the 375CT work on the Lee Classic Cast Press.
  20. S

    Lee Collet Dies?

    I am going to try the Lee Collet Die for my new 7mm08 I am having built. I here so many good things about the ammunition these dies will put out but I never hear much about them on here? Is there something Im not hearing about them that I should know? I know they are not the top of the line...