1. 3-0-hate

    Gunsmithing Lapped lugs look good?

    First time lapping lugs myself. Just wanted to check to make sure it looks like I have full engagement on both lugs and also ask if I should switch up to a jewelers rouge to polish the engagement surfaces a bit or just leave it be and let it self "polish"? Thanks for looking.
  2. S

    Gunsmithing Recoil lug alignment

    How do you align the recoil lug when you are putting on a new barrel. I was thinking of leveling the action and just trying it untill the bottom of the lug is level. But im sure there has got to be a better way. Im not sure what lug I am going to use yet.
  3. tireys

    Gunsmithing Recoil lug

    I am building a Rem. 700 in .243win. I have some parts already but still need a few more. 1 part I need is a recoil lug. How do I know what size to get?
  4. S

    Gunsmithing switch barrel question recoil lug??

    Does the recoil lug HAVE to be pinned in order to have a switch barrel rifle? If so why? Thanks, Lee
  5. stillbuster

    Gunsmithing AICS recoil lug opening dimensions?

    What are the factory dimensions for the recoil lug opening on an AICS for a Rem 700 SA? My search fu is very lacking this a.m.
  6. jhedg

    Gunsmithing Lug question

    I see alot of stocks for sale that are cut for specific lugs. My question is if you I have a reg Rem lug, and buy a stock cut for a diffrent recoil lug is it possible to get it to work? and how would it work. Also if I had to open up the lug area on a stock for a oversize lug and did not...
  7. syme71

    Gunsmithing Oversize Recoil Lug

    What advantage does an oversize recoil lug provide over a standard sized recoil lug? I'm about to have my 700P trued up and new Krieger installed and was wondering if it's worth upgrading to the Badger Ordnance recoil lug. Thanks, Al
  8. 3

    Gunsmithing Remington model 700 recoil lug question

    Pertaining to a Model 700 short action in .308 caliber, what is being gained by replacing the 3/16" thick recoil lug with a thicker lug? What is the real reason why factory recoil lugs are replaced with thicker ones? Can a rifle with a 3/16" lug do everything that a thicker lug can do?
  9. T

    Gunsmithing Lockig Lug grease alternative?

    I ordered a few items from sinclair but I forgot to order high heat grease for my lugs. I called them back today and the fellow I talked to recommended anti-seize. I went down to my local Napa and picked up some copper Permatex high heat anti seize. Is this a good route to go? Can anyone say...
  10. T

    Gunsmithing Lug Lapping question---

    Is there any disadvantage of lapping your lugs with your firing pin in and letting the tension of the firing pin spring lap your lugs? Please advise.. Thanks
  11. R

    Gunsmithing Inletting AICS lug area for .3 tubb lug

    Who can Inlet an AICS stock for a .3 lug? In a reasonable turn around time. Is there a good way to do this in a home shop without a mill? AHA Rad
  12. Nocalphoenix

    Rifle Scopes Recoil lug on a scope base

    Are the lugs on the bases that lock into the open area of the receiver a necessity for the heavy scopes or is it a belt and suspenders approach? Im going to be running the 8x40 screws and have been bedding the last few bases in steel bed to begin with. I have been a fan of the DNZ mounts on the...
  13. SuperSeal110

    Gunsmithing Reusing a factory Rem 700 recoil lug?

    Any reason not to use a factory remington 700 recoil lug take off? This will be used on a .223ai. Thoughts/opinions Please.
  14. D

    accuracy and recoil lug space in stock

    What kind of effect, if any, on accuracy when the recoils lug space in the stock is thicker, larger than the actual recoil lug? Just curious to know. Thank you in advance.
  15. T

    Gunsmithing Recoil Lug

    Does anyone know if the recoil lug on a Remington 700 supposed to be square with the bottom of the rifle or does it matter? I just got a custom barreled action back from a gunsmith today and the recoil lug is crooked by a few degrees. I would like to find out if that’s normal and acceptable...