1. S

    AICS mag question???

    is there or will there ever be an AISC or AICS type magazine for the 223? What about for Pete Lincolns AICS style stock? I would have to think that would be a gold mine!!!!! Whats the scoop? Lee
  2. E

    Rem 700 5R 300 win mag comments?

    Just saw one on guns america for sale and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with one or just have any comments about them. Thanks Eric
  3. K

    300 win mag???

    what length barrel do i want for my winchester model 70 for long range shooting 190 and 210 grain ammo thanks for your input
  4. rockybrashear

    7mm rem mag formula

    hey i just built a 7mm rem mag with a thirty inch barrel that will be pushing 180 gr berger vlds for target shooting. im looking for a good reloading formula to get some good extreme range loads target loads out of this (1200+ yards) anybody got any ideas?
  5. T

    trg mag ?

    I have a question for the trg 22 owners about feeding on the last 5th and 4th rounds out of the mag it seem a little week on my mag. I was out shooting the other day and the rounds at the end of the mag were not popping up and feeding it the gun. Has anyone else had this problem and was there a...
  6. E

    Gunsmithing Roedale Mag system Howa

    I'm not the greatest friend of a mag systems for lightweight hunting rifles. If two deer are down I have enough to drag and mostly 2-3 rounds are enough. But mag systems have their good points. I talked to Pete Lincoln of Roedale Precision about his new in house mag system for the howa 1500. He...
  7. Metalhead0483

    44 Mag rifle load

    I've got a winchester 94 in 44 mag on the way from Acehigh (thanks John) and am looking for a hotter load for it. It's going to be a close-in bear gun (Think Alaskan browns...) so I'm looking for heavier loads for heavier slugs, preferably 300grn+ JSPs. The rifle's got a 20" bbl, so I should be...
  8. B

    Gunsmithing Rem model 7 help, j-lock, bbl contour, mag boxes,

    Trying to find a replacement firing pin assembly to dump a j-locked one. I have found countless manufacturers for the 700, but none for the 7. Any source other than Remington? Can anyone identify the barrel contour of a non-magnum Model 7? I've found no luck searching. Also, do the...
  9. kraigWY

    38s and mag primers???

    For years I have been laoding 231 in 38 spl cases with sp primers. Now seems all I can find is Mag primers. I use 3 grns of 231 in my 148 grn wc cast bullets for bullseye and practice in my 642 pocket pistol, and 4.5 grns of 231, 150 grn SWC cast bullet (Lyman 358477) for carry in my 642...
  10. rijndael

    Gunsmithing AICS Mag Springs

    Does anyone offer replacement mag spring for AICS mags?
  11. rweldon

    How do I convert a HS Precision 10 round .308 mag

    Ho do I convert a HS Precision 10 round .308 magazine into a .223 magazine. I called HS Precision and they weren't a lot of help, they said they only make a five round magazine for the .223 and if someone is converting the .308 ten round mags into a .223 mags, they didn't know who it was.
  12. N

    Savage 93 Classic .22 mag ?

    Just wonder what opions are on these rifles. I have a Savage .22LR bolt gun without a scope -- pretty good shooter although the little banana mag seems to misfeed on the last round frequently. I like the Accu-trigger. I'm most interested in the 93 Classic that retails for @ $500 - $600. With a...
  13. H

    Gunsmithing AR-15 WSSM conversion mag question w/ SOLUTION!!!

    I'm building a 243 WSSM and the factory AR-15 (NOT AR-10 ) mags are modified in the following way... The Mag catch hole is raised by .080 in. (lowers the lips by this amount because the bolt & carrier is different/larger diameter). All the other mods done to the mags I can easily do in my...
  14. J

    300 ultra mag

    how does the 300 ultra mag compare to say 300 wsm for out to 1500 ?
  15. H

    Suggestions for 300 mag components.

    I picked up a new 300 Win Mag yesterday and need to start loading for it. All I am set up for is 308/45ACP. I am a Lapua brass lover but it seems there is none for 300WM. I am looking for suggestions on what components I should start looking for. What is the most durable and consistent brass for...
  16. R

    300 Ultra Mag....

    Whats up guys.Im new to the forum and have been long range shooting with my .223.Got it up to 800 yards with my Bushnell Elite series scope.But I just picked up a Remington Model 7 .300 Ultra mag that has never been fired for a steal.So thats going to be my long ranger.Is this rifle capable of...
  17. 7mmRM

    Gunsmithing AICS Mag- 223/223AI Mod done

    I finnished up my Badger M5/AICS mag mod to work with the 223/223AI. I did it very simple, no real mod to the mag. The mod netted me 6 rounds in the mag and it functions flawlessly. First I bent the lips in to hold the smaller cartridges. I then stuffed as many rounds in it as I could, I got 6...
  18. ROLEXrifleman

    AW/AE/AICS mag diffrences

    This should be the last post about the diffrences between AI mags. 1st is a full view of .308 and .338 rifles. Take note at the diffrence in thickness in the mag well area: Close up of the .308's: Close up of the .338's: In each of the following mags there are 3 rounds loaded. These...