1. T

    Problem with McM A5

    I finally got in the A5 that I ordered for my aac-sd from thirdgenshootersupply. Not sure if im sold on the stock yet or not. It feels comfortable, but I didn't know sniper fill was so damn heavy. Anyway, Im having trouble getting my action installed properly. My stock is inletted for a...
  2. GunjunkieM24

    Photos 300 Win Mag in McM A5 with BO M5

    Just trying to figure out how to post pics.... Specs are : True 700 action Badger Knob, M5 and Base Leupold MK 4 scope and rings McM A5 with adjustable cheek and spacers Mike Rock 5R cut rifled SS MTU contour barrel Shoots well and has very little recoil with the added weight.
  3. USMCj

    Gunsmithing Need help modding MCM A5 for Surgeon *Pics Added*

    Hi guys, I finally got my MCM A5, and Im trying to fit my Surgeon RSR action into the stock. I spent 20 minutes inletting the recoil lug area to accept the Surgeon .3" recoil lug. Now I need to make a releif cut for the Surgeon side bolt release, does anyone have any pics of a McMillan A5...
  4. 19Scout77

    Gunsmithing Adding 1/2" Spacer to McM A3

    I need to add 1/2" LOP to a McM A3, but do not have time to send it to AZ for a spacer, and don't want a thicker recoil pad type spacer. Was thinking about machining a piece of plastic and glueing it between the pad and stock. And belt-sanding it to shape. Has anybody gone this route? If so...
  5. P

    McM A5 broken cheekpiece

    I noticed yesterday that my cheekpiece was a bit loose. Thinking I just had to tighten the two screws, I took it apart and noticed one of the screws floating around. The stock is BRAND NEW and has had maybe 5-10 rounds through it and then this happened. Does anybody have any suggestions for...
  6. A

    Adding adjustable butt to an McM stock

    Guys I have a Sako with a McM varmint stock on it, a lot like a HTG stock, well I am having issues with stock heel slip and also some recoil management problems when prone, I take the recoil on a small part of my skinny assed shoulder and I would like to have the centerline of the stock...
  7. D

    Gunsmithing Color Match Question - McM A5 Forest Camo

    I have a McM A5 in Forest Camo and I would like to paint my barrel and action to match the dark green portion of the camo pattern. Which color and which type of finish would you reccomend for this? Thanks.
  8. USMCj

    Gunsmithing MCM A5 bedding question, not what you think!

    Hi guys, I want to buy a A5 off of a hide member, he sent me pics of the stock and he said that he got some oil in the action inlett of the stock from when he cleaned and lubed his barreled action. Im worried that when I bed the action to the stock, the bedding compound wont stick properly...
  9. 9

    McM A-5 for F(tr) Class?

    Will a McMillan A-5 with thumbwheel cheek and spacer system be OK for F(tr) Class matches? Or will the butt hook and spacer system not work well with a rear bag?
  10. V

    Hunting & Fishing Hunt with McM HTG?

    Just curious fellas, how many of you have hunting sticks with McM HTG stock? How well does the stick handle (shooting aside) with the HTG stock? Pics for moral support appreciated!
  11. 11B-B4

    Gunsmithing MCM A5 or AICS 2.0... trying to decide please Help

    Im thinking of an A-5 GAP camo with all the bells and whistles... But im curious on cost. Out the door it almost looks like the AICS is cheaper when everything is said and done... AICS 2.0 $1000 From what i have heard you can drop them in and they dont need to be bedded although some...
  12. alien319

    Gunsmithing New McM A4 with SPS-V, trigger housing problem?

    Hey guys, I just received my new McM A4 stock and my new SPS Varmint in .308 win. I am having trouble with the trigger housing fitting into the stock. Is this due to the new X-Mark Pro Trigger? Do I need to file or sand down the trigger housing channel to get it to fit? Please help with this...
  13. O

    Gunsmithing MCM A5 and PT&G bottom metal??

    Anyone have or seen Dave Kiff's Remington 700 bottom metal. I have a Mcmillan A5 inletted for Rem. BDL and tried a Williams trigger guard. It is a very sloppy fit. Can anyone tell me if PT&G fits any better?
  14. BasraBoy

    Gunsmithing McM HTG stock question

    Can anyone recommend a basic toolkit for maintenance of a rifle with this stock and a 700 SA, particularly kit needed for removing/replacing the stock? Thanks in advance.
  15. JLM

    Gunsmithing Manners or McM?

    For those that have owned/used both? Can you give me a rundown on what you like and more importantly why? And what you don't like as well. An honest assessment. I keep hearing more and more stuff about Manners, and am really interested in his stuff, but so far I've had a heck of a time making...
  16. S

    Gunsmithing Questions for DIY bedding a FN SPR in a McM

    I'm sorting out my bedding process for my build. I plan on using Devcon steel putty. I have a FN SPR action with the factory detachable magazine and a McM A3 adjustable stock with machined in pillars. I've read the 6mbrr bedding topic and the long post in here. Both are installing pillars at...
  17. Luvman

    McM A5 LOP spacer retofit

    I've got an A5 that came on a sav 10FCP I'd like to have the LOP spacer added to it. I emailed McM but haven't heard back. is there anyone else that can do it? thanks, LM
  18. B

    McM HTG vs Manners MCS-T

    Any comments? I tried search but all it gave me was a million "for sale" threads. Looking for comments on ergos, quality, inletting, strength, weight, value etc
  19. 427Cobra

    Gunsmithing How To Install BT17 Rail for Atlas Bipod in McM A5

    Tools/Supplies Drill 3/4 bit of some sort, I used a 3/4 HS Counterbore with #21 drill bit as a pilot 1/4 inch drill bit Tape Not pctured, glue Allen wrenches BT17 Rail from our own Kasey BT1517 fastener set from Kasey And of course the Atlas Bipod I removed the bipod stud that McM...
  20. Seventy 1

    McM Cheekpiece

    What is the difference between the thumbwheel cheekpiece and the integral? Most popular? pros and cons on either of them? Are they unstable and come loose all the time? Help