1. Doc Holiday13

    Suppressors S&W Revolver Tech Needed

    I got a smoking deal on two S&W revolvers. Mod 27 and a 686. Both have 6" barrels. I shot them both yesterday to see how they handle The Mod 27 will fire no problem if the hammer is cocked and trigger pull. However if you try to "rapid" fire it with the double action it will not fire unless you...
  2. Huntinfool

    Rifle Scopes Scope ring advice needed??

    Ok guys I bought a FNAR (I know some of you think it's an ugly rifle!) but any how I had a Leupold 4.5 X 14 X 40 Vari-X 3 mil-dot scope. I have a set of Leupold tactical MK4 1" rings (medium)the only other rings of this style Leupold makes is super high. My mediums are just about 1/8" too low...
  3. Gnab2

    Movie Theater Sniper One review needed..

    I am looking for a review on a book that I saw. The book is: Sniper One: On Scope and Under Siege with a Sniper Team in Iraq by Dan Mills. I would like the skinny and is it worth a crap. Or is this one that I will be bored with and just wasted money... Thanks Dna
  4. Will Fennell

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce knowledge needed.......?

    Folks, I got a chance to pickup a NIB Nightforce NXS 2.5x10x32mm[mil dot reticle], at such a deal, I could not refuse. The only problem, it was sight unseen, and it has the covered-hunting type knobs. I would like zero stop Mil knobs, and while I see on NF's website that you can retro fit scopes...
  5. L

    Gunsmithing Mc Swirly picts needed

    I just picked up a model 7 stainless for my 6yo to grow into and like most girls she likes all things girly so what I was thinking is getting a Mcmillian in pink and grape, but was open to and hoping for picts of work already done... so anyone here wanna show off their swirly? Dave
  6. E

    AR-15 Upper Blueprints Needed

    Hello all, I am a machinist looking for prints for an AR-15 upper, preferably government prints. I've looked and looked and can only find a set of solid models, which may or may not be to spec. Anything will help. Tks, Ed
  7. 19Scout77

    A3 w/ side flush cups pic needed

    Could somebody with a McM A3 with side flush-cups post a pic please? I want to see where the factory puts them. Thanks.
  8. EricF517

    opinions on powder measure needed

    Well I have a Lee Turret press that I use as a single stage for the rifle but use the turret for my pistol loads. Did some reading about powder measures that can be press mounted. The turret came with the Lee disc but I cannot get it to keep a consistant charge. Not to mention the mess the...
  9. G

    A little advice/help needed

    My wife has a Steyr Tactical elite, .223, 20" barrel 1/9" twist. When we use 69gn Sierra Matchkings, and 25.5gns AA2520. At 100yards it's a one ragged hole group gun. Seriously, I won our club competition a couple of weeks ago with it, 10 5 shot groups, none over 1" big. SMKs are however...
  10. JC Steel

    Which way should I go??? Advice needed please

    So like a rookie I purchased a Rem 700 in .243 because I thought that is what I want to shoot. I have since bought all the reloading stuff needed to load my ammo. I have bought bullets,brass,dies, etc. I have not bought a barrel to put on it yet and my gunsmith said he had a match XX douglas...
  11. mp45acp

    Rifle Scopes Springfield MIA scope HELP needed

    hey guys, help me decide between these three scopes for my M1A loaded. I am open to other alternatives if someone has them. i will be using a sadlak mount I want to shoot out to 800 yards without having to dial. Zeiss conquest:
  12. medbill

    Rifle Scopes Spotting Scope needed, waterproof and cheap

    Hey guys, started a new shooting sport and don't need to use a high end spotting scope. I just need something that's waterproof, lightweight and can see .50 cal holes at 100 yards. I'm shooting muzzleloaders and .50 is the smallest cal hole I need to spot. Thanks for any advice on what to go...
  13. S

    6mm dasher die needed

    I have a new custom 6mm dasher and i bought a set of Forster reloading dies for the rifle. My FL die is still a tad bit tight after Fl sizing the brass. the bolt closes but it seems a little stiff. I have herd folks talk about sending fired cases of to have a die made. Who would do this service...
  14. C

    Hunting & Fishing NEW Company Name needed

    Hopefully, I will shortly be involved in a new crossbow/archery company. Looking for some ideas on a name. Any thoughts?
  15. B

    Rifle Scopes Help needed on setting up scope, sight, etc

    Guys, I'd like to get this right the first time. So far I've taken all sage advice and am now asking for your help on scope/ sight(s). The platform is an Armalite in .308. Scope is an US Optics SN3 TPAL 3.2-17, 44mm low profile. Looking for the right mount; Larue has been suggested. Also...
  16. P

    20 MOA Needed?

    I am putting together an AR15 (specs in a previous post), but it may be that my GG&G GS-1 cantilevered rail may hit the scope bell. I can't really find a rail with a shorter cantilevered section that I like, except some that are 20 MOA. But wouldn't these be of little use for shooting an...
  17. Shooter606

    Range Report help needed with zeroing.

    ok today me and the boys took a couple new sps .308's to zero at our range. we got my friends sps tactical zeroed in about 5 shots. mine was a little left, we adjusted and got it close but it seemed like most of the day i was left. please realize that im new to LR shooting and mil-dot scopes. ok...
  18. Moof

    .204 loads needed for AR's

    I bought me a DPMS .204 bout a year ago and now wantin to start tryin some loads through it. It's a 24 inch tube with a 1-12 twist. Like to push some 32gr. out of it. Anyone have any loads that I could start with and try?
  19. wjwill

    Rifle Scopes M144 spotting scope?? Opinions needed please.

    Just looking for opinions on this spotting scope. Has anyone ever used it and is it any good? I have been having this spotting scope a while and just been collecting dust in the closet. Ireally have no use for it and it just sits there. Not even sure what it is worth. Boushe and Lomb 15x45 with...
  20. G

    Gunsmithing Remington 700 Thread pattern/pitch info needed

    Anyone know this I could use the help. Thanks in advance. Gary