1. 3

    Measuring CBTO With Hornady OAL Gauge Problem

    I have a 300 wm and changed from FC to WW brass. I had Hornady make a piece of brass from the FC brass when I first started using it which would give me a CBTO measurement of 2.996. Now after firing my WW I sent brass off to Hornady to make another piece for the OAL tool which is giving me a...
  2. G

    Another OAL Question .308

    I'm loading Hornady A-max 168gr bullets. When i run the Hornady/Stoney Creek guide on it, i consistently come up with a length of 2.950 This is on a new remington 700P. Doesn't that seem long?
  3. Tactical30

    Bullet OAL and COAL CHARTS

    What websites show you the correct COAL for all the different brands of bullets? The SPEER book I got only shows 40gr,50gr,52gr,55gr,63gr,70gr. bullets. I need the COAL lengths for 62gr,69gr,75gr,77gr etc. Is a Speer 52gr. HPBT bullet going to have the same COAL as a Sierra 52gr. HPBT bullet...
  4. Tactical30

    Brass OAL Question

    im new to reloading and have a question. The speer book i got with my RCBS set said to load .223 casings the max brass case length was 1.760 and trim to 1.750. The question is can you go under that length by a little without making a difference, does it have to be exact 1.750? Like 1.745 or...
  5. Down Under Hunter

    50 BMG loading- 750 GRN AMAX OAL ??

    Can anyone suggest good loads they use using the 750 grn Amax and 50 BMG ? What OAL are you using ? Any other hints appreciated. Cheers DUH
  6. Stratmeister

    New .223 Rem, Sierra 55 gr. OAL issue?

    I got a new Weatherby TRR chambered in .223 Rem which has a Kreiger barrel, bought some factory Reminton 55 gr SP and Winchester 55 gr. Silvertip factory ammo. I also decided to load some home brew ammo to start building loads of my own. I picked up some Sierra 55 gr. HPBT bullets, some Midway...
  7. B

    Where to start OAL or powder charge?

    I am new to reloading and now that I have a couple hundred rds through the barrel I want to try to find what it really likes. I have a Remington 700 5R, .308, 24", 1:11.25 twist. If I load to the standard 2.80 OAL I am jumping .155 with SMK 175's and .139 with Scenar 155's. So, my question...
  8. C

    Minimum OAL

    First off, I would just like to hi, and to thank everyone for taking the time to create such a great site with more knowledge than I could ever imagine. I've just begun reloading in the past year, and since the few reloading manuals I have differ, I'd like to get some concrete insight into...
  9. H

    Bullet OAL on SMK 77gr .223

    Does anyone have a 77 gr .223 SMK that they can measure the BULLET dimension for me please? Google and a site search aren't netting me anything. I bought a bunch of Amax's only to find they won't fit in my magazine. Thanks.
  10. R

    7wsm w/ hornady oal gauge

    had a quick question for you guys. I just recently picked up a hornady oal gauge and comprator. My normal load was 7 wsm with an OAL of 2.965" w/ a 175 smk bullet. I was getting hit or miss accuracy (.295-1 moa) mainly due to me loading on OAL vs o give I am assuming. So I use the OAL gauge as...
  11. Smokin

    what is your OAL on your .260's?

    Do you jump your .260 loads or do you seat them into your lands?
  12. S

    .308 OAL ????

    I currently have a Remington 700 BDL VS in a .308. The barrel is the stock 24" 1 in 12 RHT. This is my dillema. Ive been loading all my cartridges to 2.808". Ive been shooting the Barnes TSX 168gr. The gun consistently holds 5 shot groups between .266 and .300" groups @ 100 yds. At 200 its...
  13. P

    338 lapua cartridge oal vs magazine

    I am shooting a 338 lapua using AI magazines. I find my oal is limited by my magazines 3.5" maximum. Once I drop a 300 grain bullet and 94gr of H1000 I am concerned that I will not be able to get an accurate load. I still need to break in the barrel, chrono the loads and of course measure the...
  14. D

    OAL and case tension

    Hey All, Total Noob here. I have a factory rifle and to get decent accuracy I must load long. I'm currently at 2.900 OAL and 2.940 puts me into the lands with 175 SMK's. I would like to stretch out to 2.925 but when I measured how much bearing surface was in the case neck, it mic'd out at...
  15. B

    OAL question

    I'm just getting started reloading. I've read that when firing cases for the first time, loading to a particular rifle's chamber OAL will produce more concentric formed necks. But, my HS Precision 300wsm has a detachable magazine that is .10 off the lands than the rifle's chamber OAL. My...
  16. Mag 300

    How do I get oal and headspace on an M1A?

    I have shot bolt rifles for years and know this for all bolt rifles , what do I have to get or buy to beasure headspace and oal for the m1A. or is it worth it on a semi auto . Feel free to laugh I feel rather dumb asking but this is where I have gotten a lot of answers and learned a lot. Thanks Bill
  17. rc2125

    OAL variance

    Have recently aquired a redding T7 turret press. Had an rcbs turret before the T7 and a rockchucker before the rcbs turret. Can't remember much about the chucker, as it was awhile ago and I sold it because at that time ammo was affordable. The rcbs turret had obvious play in the turret head and...
  18. K

    A hell of a time with OAL!

    I need some help. I'm shooting a .243 win. Using Winchester brass trimmed to 2.030". My desired OAL with 95gr VLDs is 2.830" I'm getting variances in OAL every time I work brass. I'll load 50 or so, and shoot. Once I work the brass and go to load more, I have to adjust my die for OAL to get it...
  19. syme71

    Neck Sizing & OAL questions...

    Finally got my Redding T7 installed. New to rifle reloading Have a few questions. Components are 308 Lapua brass/175 SMKs/Fed primers I have Lapua brass. Using the TiN coated Redding .335 neck sizing die. How far down the neck should I be sizing? 1/2 way or just above the shoulder or ...
  20. Alaskaman11

    TRG 42 OAL

    IN a 42 338LM is there a standerd length to the lands, I dont have a OAL gauge yet, but I was questioning OAL that the manual was stating. I plan to run the 250 scenar