1. rweldon

    Photos My two precision rifles

    The bottom rifle is my first "build", a Remington SPS Tactical .308 w/ McMillan M40A1 HTG stock, Nightforce Steel rings, Nightforce 20 MOA base, Leupold LRT 3.5x10x40 w/ M1 turrets, Harris BiPod, TIS sling, and Eagle stock pack. The top rifle is a Springfield Armory Standard M1A w/ Springfield...
  2. hunter223

    Rifle Scopes Pics please Mk4 4.5-14x50 on A5/A4 stocked rifles

    Hey If you have or, know of some pics of rifles wearing either McM A-4's or A-5's AND a Mk4 4.5-14x50 please post 'em. THANKS!!! Hunter
  3. tillroot1

    Remington Sendero Rifles

    Can someone tell me how many variations of the Sendero that Remington made? I have seen some with just Sendero on the barrel and I think some with Sendero II and last night a friend showed me a 7mmRM that had Sendero Special on the barrel. It was a no j-lock and looked to be a little older...
  4. longeyes

    30-06 rifles

    Hey Folks, How about posting some pics of your 30-06 set-ups
  5. D

    One Gap or a couple lesser rifles

    I have some factory and some semi-custom rifles that are fine. However, the pull of the GAP force is strong. I've been strongly considering selling a couple of my "lesser" rifles to fund the purchase of a GAP .243. Nothing fancy in the GAP, merely a base tactical. I know a number of you have...
  6. F

    Rifle Scopes Correct ring height for 700 rifles?

    I am on the verge of acquiring both an LTR and XCR compact. After I put on a quality one piece picatinney rail (Badger Ordnance or Nightforce) I am not sure which height scope rings to get. I plan on equipping both with 30mm scopes that have an 50mm objectives. I find the "factory" stocks...
  7. S

    Lets see some Muliticam and GAP camo Rifles !

    Dont have one but, this is the camo pattern I am looking at on my current build. Whatya got? Ken
  8. M


    CZ750 S1M1 Sniper rifles in 308. Double the fun! With an effective range of 800 yards, the CZ 750 Sniper is ideal for use by the elite military and law enforcement snipers it was designed for. The synthetic thumbhole sniper style stock is adjustable for comb height as well as length of pull...
  9. Wheres-Waldo

    Pay-Pal...The only method of payment / Rifles Only

    Is paypal the the only method of payment? I'de rahter not open an account with Paypal if I dont have to.
  10. C

    do you own both bolt and gas precision rifles ...

  11. uvson

    New! PGM rifles in the USA

    <span style="font-size: 17pt"><span style="font-weight: bold">PGM Rifles in the USA!</span></span> <span style="color: #006600"> </span> Hello Every body, I'm very happy to announce you that PGM Precision is distributed by an US company. www.pgmprecision.com DRAKE ASSOCIATES NY...
  12. dtmowns

    Let me see your Military Rifles!

    Anything you would classify as a Military rifle, post it!
  13. R

    precision rifles... show em

    how bout a thread for everybody to post pics of their long range rifles. ill have pics of mien as soon as i find the card reader. cory