1. Wheres-Waldo

    Owning multiple rifles in the same cal?

    I know some people who own 3-4 rifles in .308 or another popular chambering. I always ask myself; if you own 1 accurate rifle in a chambering, what the point of buying more in the same chambering? I could understand staying with the same caliber for interchangability of reloading components...
  2. Smokin

    Anschutz Air Rifles?

    How practical is it to shoot this in an urban back yard? How noisy are they? Seems like a hell of a way to get some good practice in. How are they refilled? http://www.creedmoorsports.com/store/home.php?cat=366
  3. BgBmBoo

    Remington 6 1/2 small rifles primers 5000 of em

    I know this is not the for sale section, but figured this would target the group of folks most interested in them. I am small rifle primer rich! And decided I need the money for other things vs me ever using the amount of primers I have on hand. So...I am open to offers on 5 "bricks" (1000...
  4. B

    Photos My Rifles

    I been in here a few times and since then I have been working on guns/rifles that I would enjoy and after a few tests and using my buddies stuff this is what I prefer to use. Remington .308 on H-S precision Stock and tasco scope. (i know i know tasco but hey its not the scope its the shooter...
  5. B

    Thoughts on JP rifles please

    I'm thinking about building a clone to the new Army sniper rifle M110?? but in .223. I'm also looking at a JP Rifles, JT-15. I want to compete in F-Class TR, swap optics and shoot three gun. Possible? my model numbers may be wrong above but you get the idea. got about a $1,500 budget, not...
  6. patches

    Vandyke RIfles Input or Product Review

    Vandyke Rifle is located here in Kansas, where I live. I am a CNC machine tool dealer and one of our sales people calls on John's shop. My sales guy actually has one of Vandyke's rifles build on the AI chassis and is very happy with it. Just wanted to get input to see if anyone has any...
  7. david walter

    Rifle Scopes Does anyone make bases for the FN PBR rifles?

    Does anyone make bases for the FN PBR rifles except those that come with the rifle? It seems that the holes are 8x instead of 6X. Is the easiest solution to just open up the holes on regular Win model 70 bases?
  8. M

    LRB M25 rifles

    In your opinion how are LRB built M25's? I can get a bare receiver or have a complete rifle built. Specs; M25 receiver, USGI bolt, Criterion NM chrome lined medium wt barrel, Sadlak spring guide, trigger job, their improved gas cylinder, NM sights. I have not seen a build from them, has...
  9. S

    New Here- Give Your Opinion On Savage Rifles

    Hello everyone. Im new here to this forum. Im curious as to what the consencus is on Savage rifles. I have owned 2 model 10's which I eventually sold off for whatever reason. I have decided to get back into it and purchased a new model 10 last weekend. They have changed the crappy plastic stock...
  10. J

    Photos My new R Bros Rifles 338 Lapua

    Got to handle my new 338 Lapua built by TMR/ JLR AKA R Bros Rifles. Very very nice! Pictures don't do it Justice. Phoenix action, Seekins bottom metal, mag, rail and lug. Jewell trigger, Manners T2A stock, Rock M-24 fluted 9.3 twist, Defensive Edge brake, desert digital camo. Enjoy A little...
  11. banshee sws

    Harold Fredd rifles lets see 'em

    i posted a thread of my new Harold Fredd rifle thought , yeah i would like to see others post your pics of Barreld by Harold rifles here is mine again
  12. P

    US Optics on rimfire rifles... Over the top? :D

    Hello all, Got a USO 3.8x22 coming in a couple of months, but since I don't have a big boys' rifle to mount it on just yet, was thinking about putting it on a Sako Quad 17HMR I should get soon in the mean time... What do you guys think? I've seen a 10/22 with USO mounted on top... If you have...
  13. R

    Anybody know about Unique rifles - from France ?

    http://www.unique-fmr.com/ I understand they are priced competitively. Any importers in the USA ?
  14. Highground

    Gunsmithing Tactical Rifles DM Bottom Metal

    Does anyone have any feedback on this item? Brownells advertises it as a "drop-in fit on a BDL.
  15. Longrange****

    Using Pistol Primers for rifles

    Ok.....I have been looking and looking for SOLID info without much luck or detail.... Wondering if it would work well enough to use pistol primers in our rifles... Here is what I am looking for: -a conversion list IE: 223-what pistol primer...308-same...6BR...6.5-47...yadda yadda yadda...
  16. teknikallysekure

    Lawton rifles thread!

    Hello all, I was wondering there seems to be a few different collections of rifle threads but no Lawton? Would any of you be willing to share pictures of your Lawton rifles? I'd like to see them if it's not to much trouble! Lawton is an official sponsor now, seems like a good day to kick off...
  17. jamesZ71

    what are these rifles worth now?

    how much is a WWll Commemorative M1 Garand 1 of 1500 never fired and with all of the paper work,mags,sling and ammo that came with it when it was bought new selling it for a friend and don't know what to ask for it was bought for 3800 about 15 or so years ago from springfield they were going...
  18. C

    Where are Savage rifles manufactured?

    This is my first new thread and it seems that it would have been simple to find. However i could not find it. I have been lurking on the site all day reading on how i should get started in long range shooting. It has lead me to looking at the Savage Mark II-FV. It looks to be a great starting...
  19. G

    Where are you guys getting your AIAW rifles?

    TacPro? Impact guns? Stacey B. ? Where are is the best place to get an Arctic Warfare?
  20. Smokin

    How do you package your rifles for shipping?

    Do you just zip tie your storm/pelican cases shut? Do you throw locks on them and ship the keys separate? Do you overbox the cases?