1. Cinch

    Gunsmithing Rock 338 Edge twist?

    I've been thinking about building an Edge as my next project and I see there may be another Rock group buy coming up. I was curious to know what twist you guys with a Rock barreled Edge are using. I will be getting a 30" tube and would like to shoot the 300gr SMK. Thanks for the info. Cinch
  2. K

    Rifle Scopes USO > Simmons > rock (USO torture test)

    You always hear people say "I could hammer nails with my USO", but the reality seems to be that all optics are a little tougher than we think. Well, this one goes out to all the people too afraid to hit a new USO on a phonebook to knock a little dust off their reticle. (Brought to you by...
  3. G

    338 Lapua on (non-supreme) rock chucker possible?

    Hi, I have a standard RCBS old school rock chucker that I got on loan. It is not the 'supreme' one with the taller opening. Is it possible to load 338LM on this (it looks like it will be tight, but might work) .....or not [?] Love to hear if anyone has successfully done so, or already...
  4. mark5pt56

    CDI stock mod back and ready to rock

    Got this back from Jeff and I did the final fitting of the assembly in regards to the mag latch. It fits nice and tight, no wiggle at all. This is the 700P that had feed issues and I decided to go with this mod sooner than planned to correct it. Jeff is great to work with, answers the phone...
  5. G

    ga rock out to 1000

    Will a GA PRECISION Rock 308 with it's 22 barrel go out to 1000 yards with out a lot of problem? Looking at purchasing one. Thanks My alternative was a 300 wsm which I would reload. Porbably purchase a 300 wsm fn receiver and send it to Ga Precison
  6. Gnab2

    Rock River Arms??

    I am looking at getting my first AR frame rifle. I am looking at the Rock River predator pursuit. What is your opinion on Rock River? I am looking at looking to spend less than $1500. Just looking for some advise. Thanks in advance!!
  7. X

    Yardsale Score--USMC Rock Island 03!!

    At a yardsale in Woodstock, no less. A Rock Island 31xxxx serial 03 reworked for the USMC. Barrel dated 6-41, Sedgely Mfg, has the extra vent hole in left of receiver, serial etched on bolt, stock and bore almost mint. Well worth the $200 the guy was asking........sometimes living in a town with...
  8. M

    Hunting & Fishing A few rock chucks

    My youngest son and I went out with the varmint rifles, a 6mm Rem and a .204 Ruger, and nailed a few rock chucks recently. A good time, and a great way to improve marksmanship & field skills: Yes, he put the ear protection in place before shooting... Loaded 75 gr Sierra HP's to about...
  9. 500grains

    I built a Rock River bull barrel gun recently.

    Here is a sample target (note I wrote 2008 but the correct year is 2009. Oops.) Parts: RRA upper, lower, LPK, YHM forearm, JP gas block, RRA 20" 1-8 barrel.
  10. cut rifled

    Rock Creek out of shop all week.

    Guys we will be out of the shop all week in Ohio at the Super Shoot so no one will be in to answer phones will be back on the 26th. I will have my computer so PM me if you need to get ahold of us. Paul
  11. Brians708

    Photos Rock River Twins....

    By brians708, shot with DSC-W70 at 2009-05-14
  12. M

    M40A1/GAP Rock

    The M40A1 is arguably the best sniper rifle (under 800 yds) to date ever considering the improvements, which come at an expense i.e. weight. Do you consider the GAP Rock a sort of improved M40A1? Reasons either way..
  13. Dsparil

    RCBS Rock Chucker - who has them in stock?

    grafs is the cheapest but out of them. called them and they have on idea when they'll be in stock. Who's the next best?
  14. dar1246

    Gunsmithing Rock Creek Barrels

    Who here shoots these barrels. I would like more info on these from users. I want the pros and the cons. I read some on them. What kind of accuracy are you getting? Thanks
  15. selfbowhunter

    ROCK vs. KRIEGER....a visual comparison

    i just received two barrels. one from ROCK the other from KRIEGER. i was looking them both over and it was immediately apparent that the finish externally and INTERNALLY was much smoother on the ROCK. i fully expect both of these barrels to shoot extremely well but if the quality of finish is...

    Will Redding dies fit in a RCBS Rock Chucker?

    I am selling some dies in calibers that I dont own guns for. A potential buyer asked if Redding dies will fit in his rock chucker. I am almost sure they will but I figured you guys would know best. Thanks
  17. R

    Rock M24/M40 barrel weight

    Can anyone tell me their Rock M24/M40 30 cal. finished barrel weight (without flutes) at 22" long? 24"?
  18. J

    Hunting & Fishing Mr rock chuck meets Mr 750 A-Max

    300 yard shot with the Barrett 82A1 with a 750 A-Max BOOM HeadShot! OOPS broke the rock with that one! Hmmm the carnage
  19. J

    Is a 30cal Rock barrel "fast"?

    I m having my custom .308WIN rifle built. I want to get to 1k meters(yards) consistantly. What length of barrell should i go with? 26"? 24"? 22"? Some people told me that a "fast" 18" or 20" barrel will get me to 1k yds, and that BHA 175SMK will have MV in the range of 2650fps..... I would...
  20. konabully

    Maggie’s #2) Sunrise at Coffin Rock – Part II

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Sunrise at Coffin Rock – Part II</span> by Raymond K. Paden (This was printed in 1999) Thomas sat alone upon the cold stone, shivering slightly in the chilly pre-dawn air of this April morning. The flashlight was turned off, resting beside him on the bare...