1. wpeach1912

    Reloading Equipment Found

  2. darth_ritis

    brass getting crushed during bullet seating

    I was trying to reload some 300 Blackout subsonic ammo last night. I had to stop after 3 rounds because the bullet seating die (from RCBS FL die set # 22401) started crushing the cartridge in the neck area. The deformation was uniform, almost like the shell was too long, so I don't think it was...

    bullet seating !

    i picked up rcbs kit @ cabela's and rcbs die's for .308. when i seat the bullet into the case on the press it goes in very easy is that right? i checked overall length and it is right on i try to pull the bullet out by hand and it wont come out. so am i just being paranoid about it or is it the...
  4. Tactical30

    Bullet seating Question

    I had had a question about COAL and got a answer. The answeR was COAL is a testing thing,everybody is different. So if you go up in the powder load, seat the bullet higher?(away from the powder) How much? Im am shooting mostly out of a AR so I have a 2.260 min. Example: I just loaded 52gr Sierra...
  5. H

    Primer seating for 338LM

    I have an RCBS hand primer that is supposed to work with LR and SR. I cant get the 338LM shell holder to fit into it. Should it? Or do I need another part?
  6. bdh308

    Seating length?

    I bought some used competition Rcbs dies for 308win. Ive only been reloading for about 6mths so bare with me if this dumb question. I cant seem to get the bullet seated accurately everytime. Im seating the bullet to 2.820 but Ill get some that are 2.821 or 2.19.5 sometimes 2.17. This really...
  7. H

    bullet seating depth

    Finally got my first long range gun . Guy I bought it from said seat off the lands at .015 thousand. He was shooting 2.9"@600yds with this gun and has the load development with it . Just need to make shure I load properly . Have loaded hunting rifles before but nothiing like a long range...
  8. S

    Berger 105VLD seating depth?? What working for you

    I am loading for a 6 dasher and i am looking for some general seating depths for the 105vld. I know each barrel is different, but i didnt know if some of you guys have found a trend with the 105's? My records are showing that 15 into the lands is to much. I am having some good results at 5thou...
  9. J

    seating bullets out for new brass??

    I am sorta new to the magnums in reloading. I was smart enough to get a Wilson case gauge for it. Instructions said to set up the adjustable gauge put in a fired case from the rifle your loading for. I did that and then set the bushing for the neck. I has some new ufired Winchester brass and...
  10. J

    Seating the Hornady A-max

    Where does everyone start seating these in relation to jump to the lands when working up a load? I am working with 162 amax in a 7mm-08.
  11. G

    Redding Competition Seating Die worth it for....

    Do you guys think this die is worth using for semi-auto (AR15). Should I just stick to the standard seating die? I'm loading for a SPR MK12 Mod0.
  12. lordt313

    Minimum seating depth?

    Is there a minimum seating depth for 175 SMK's on FGMM trimmed to 2.008? I mean I know i cant go too deep, but is there a recognized point where the bullet is seated to deep? Thanks, Taylor
  13. R

    Experimenting with seating depth?

    Hi guys. I'm new to reloading and I was wondering about experimenting with the seating depth of my loads for my new Rem 700 SPS Varmint in .243. I have measured the length to the lands with a homemade dummy round with low neck tension that gives me very repeatable measurements, confirmed with...
  14. RobG

    Issue with primer seating, need HELP!

    So I had 2k + mixed, crimped, 5.56 brass processed by a guy. He said he was using a Dillon set up and Dillon swager. He had positive feedback from others so I went with him. Anyway, I am now having trouble seating primers. They either kind of "pop" in or get deformed in previously crimped brass...
  15. I

    Seating depth and primers changes?

    I know that when you change primers you need to back the powder off and work back up, but would a different primer ( large to magnum primer ) change the seating depth? Or is it once the seating depth is established for a particular bullet and barrel then it becomes a fixed and known quantity...
  16. sobrbiker883

    Thread size for seating depth tool?

    Does anyone know the thread size for the now Hornady Chamber-All tool (formerly the Stoney Point) for measuring seating depth to the lands? I want to make a modified 7-08 case but don't know what size tap I'd need......
  17. BgBmBoo

    inconsistent bullet seating w/RCBS "precison" dies

    Hi gang. Ok...I spent yesterday doing case prep on 50rds of once fired Black Hills .223 ammo. To day I actually re-loaded for the first time ever. I am using RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme press and precision FL dies. Here is the deal. I started checking the COAL on each round I made...I am...
  18. P

    Bullet Seating Trouble

    Just got my RCBS 338 Lapua dies in yesterday. I went to seat a bullet and it left a ring towards the top of the bullet. I tryed adjusting it every witch way and it still leaves a ring. Anyone know What is wrong with the dies or am i just not doing something right
  19. jacq220

    seating die trouble

    Okay, first batch of 5 rounds just to get a feel for things... got to the RCBS competition bullet seater in .308 cal... using 155 scenars i cannot get the die set up to seat the bullet deep enough... its running around 2.950 at the moment and i need to get it down to around 2.800... why is this...
  20. flopduster

    Seating depth or charge weight? Which is primary?

    I am working on a new load for my rifle. I have selected berger 155 hunting vlds and am using r-15. After researching about loading vlds and reading the berger bulletin about them, I selected a near max powder charge of 46.0 grains, then loaded some work up single rounds in half grain...