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  1. kingofthepoors

    HELP! Aero M5 not running

    This is my first 308 build and its been nothing but headaches. I have the JP gas block adjusted almost all the way out. I have about ten rounds through it and have only gotten it to eject twice. It has yet to pick up another round. Im thinking my spring is too strong or something is up with the...
  2. OpticsPlanet

    Shop now and get 10% OFF your order entire order!

    Shop now and get 10% OFF your order entire order! With the beginning of April kicking off the start of spring sports and activities, we are experiencing a little spring fever. All joking aside, we are providing you with a 10% OFF SITEWIDE coupon for 3 Days! Save on shooting accessories, sports...
  3. BMG50CAL

    Suppressors Should i replace the Sig229 Recoil spring

    When should i replace the recoil spring on my sig 229 ? How will i know when its time ? Where to buy spring and are they all the same for the p229 9mm sig? Will it cause any issues when the spring starts to wear out ? How do you guys like the sig p229
  4. K_4c

    AR extraction spring assembly question

    I've never had to replace the extraction spring in any of my ar's but I've decided to replace all of them with new springs and D-fender rings. My question is.... How do you assemble the spring into the extraction tab??? I feel dumb for asking this easy question, but I wanna make sure that I'm...
  5. 3

    Gunsmithing S&W Revolver Hand Tension/Torsion Spring HELP!!

    I have a S&W Airweight 442 and the hand tension/torsion spring broke. I got a new spring in but cannot figure out how it goes in the pistol. Any pictures or descriptive's would be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. LoneWolfUSMC

    Gunsmithing Pre-xmark sear spring help!

    I got my used "old school" trigger off of gunbroker the other day. It is missing the sear spring. Does anyone know where I can purchase (or beg) a replacement from? I have been told that Remington will not sell internal trigger parts to mere mortals. What is the chance the X-mark sear spring...
  7. A10XRIFLE

    Spring ASC Results

    1st Place Tim "Moon" Roberts 2nd Place Dan Wolfe 3rd Place Pete Pi Jr 4th Place Jerod Joplin 5th Place Jason Burnette The Match was outstanding as usual. Great wind to make it challenging for all. Only rained a little. Thanks to Rod and John and Brock and all the other mountain help...
  8. Ishallbie O'Cullkillin

    Gunsmithing AR10 Buffer & Spring Mix Up

    After switching from an Armalite collapsible stock to a Magpul PRS, I realized that I had mixed up some of the parts with some AR15s. My original rifle length buffer & spring got cannibalized by some other build. Looking at all the buffers & springs before me, there is one rifle buffer that is...
  9. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Force of Firing Pin Spring

    I have a factory 700P in 300WM and a custom built on a 700 LA with a Callahan firing pin assembly. When dry firing, I notice that the factory firing pin assembly falls much harder than the Callahan and the the primers are dented more than any rifle I have. I would not really care but have...
  10. E

    Gunsmithing Which AR buffer and spring do I use?

    My set-up is a Magpull collapsable stock, and 16 inch LWRC upper. I have the short buffer and the standard buffer. I have the short recoil spring and the standard length recoil spring. Which combo do I use?
  11. S

    Hunting & Fishing Spring Turkey

    Not sure how many of you are heading out to chase turkeys this spring. If you are have a safe and success hunt. I will be backpacking into the Gila Wilderness tomorrow early morning. I have a couple of canyons that seem to never get hunted. Will post pics when I get back.
  12. L

    Tac Pro Spring Sniper Match

    The Tac Pro spring sniper match is posted on their web site. Dates are May 30 & 31.
  13. Texgal_338

    Rifle Scopes unertl spring

    i have an old unertl mounted on a 30-06; how much tension should the spring have? finally got the rifle back with the scope mounted, so haven't shot it yet.
  14. T

    Hunting & Fishing spring bear hunting

    Anybody else getting ready for Spring bear hunting? I've been pumped up to get out there! Season here starts April 1st, I've got the guns ready, just waiting... Ty
  15. Hogshooter

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 firing pin spring

    Is there an easy way to replace the firing pin spring in a Rem. 700 bolt. I have no problem removing the firing pin assembly from the bolt body using the edge of a desk or the shoestring method. If I remove the item (dime) in the slot it looks like it may be a bear to compress the spring to get...
  16. E

    Hunting & Fishing Spring Turkey Anyone?

    I havent seen anything posted yet recently. Our season in the south zone in Texas opened the 21st of March. I scored on this rio, not a brute but a nice 2 yr old. 9.75" beard, 19 lbs and 7/8" spurs.
  17. jb1000br


    RESULTS POSTED BELOW, post #1189286 --------------------------------- Anything you want to know about the match can be found here: www.smackthesmiley.com This is a postal match, where you shoot the targets I send you on your home range, then send them in to be scored. Participating in this...
  18. gr8fuldoug

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss Spring Promotion

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Carl Zeiss Sports Optics 2009 Consumer Promotions (through May 31st, 2009)</span> Zeiss is running a Spring Promotion. <span style="font-weight: bold">Carl Zeiss Victory FL Binocular Promotion $100 Cash Back</span> All Victory FL binoculars share one thing in...
  19. W

    Gunsmithing trigger spring to short?

    i'm trying to adjust an old style remington trigger here, but when i try to get the pull weight down theres tons of slack in the trigger shoe and the sear won't engage in a proper manner. it seems as though the trigger return spring is to short and not putting enough pressure to keep the...
  20. 500grains

    Hunting & Fishing ready for spring

    It snowed 10 inches at our his this a.m. Although I like winter, I am thinking of spring/summer. My son, last summer with a PD he shot: