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    READE RANGE "FUN WEEKEND" Oct.18 & 19. 2014

    Miker. See you 7:30 on Sunday! Do you have a round count for Sunday as I'm shooting another match on Saturday and want to make sure I have enough ammo made up? Thanks, Mike
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    Training Courses Bhtc 2015 wish list

    Freddy & Mike, The Int/Adv. class was fantastic. Tons of info and the chance to have someone's eyes on you to help with position. Bring it back again in 2015 and sign me up again! Thanks, Mike
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    READE RANGE "FUN WEEKEND" Oct.18 & 19. 2014

    Miker Will probably shoot the Sunday tac match. Mike
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    Feeler for Comp. in Pa.

    Miker, What comes to mind is that all the guys in NJ, NY,CT, MA , etc, might be questioning the length of drive for a one day match Vs. your fun, fantastic two day sniper shoots! Maybe add a mini-tactical (7-8 stages) on second day? Mike
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    READE RANGE "SUMMER" sniper challenge RESULTS

    Miker, As always, had a great time. Thanks for your effort on our behalf. Lots of new and lots of laughs! Just make sure that the next time you build a hide, you provide some roof altitude for those of us who are, as you put it, in shape, round being a shape! Thanks again, Mike
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    Training Courses BHTC 2 Day Intermediate/Advanced Precision Rifle 8/22-23-14, Lewistown, PA

    Freddy, just signed up tonite, hope you still have space. Had some trouble clearing my work schedule but classes like this are few and far between. Wether I made it or not, THANKS for offering it! Mike
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    Reade range "summer" sniper challenge 2014

    Miker, Money order goes out tomorrow. See you in August! Mike
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    Saratoga War Horse

    Want to share an interesting site here in NY that has an amazing program for vets with PTSD type problems. Google it and watch the video's. Another site is set to open in Aiken, SC soon. I am going up to check it out and volunteer some work this week. Just want to spread the word. Saratoga...
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    Gunsmithing Both Remington 700 action screws too long?

    if the bolt inserts properly with the action out of the stock, and/or with the action in the original stock, you have a clearance issue with the bolt release/fit of trigger group. Once that is eliminated, place the action in the new stock without any screws or bottom metal. If bolt inserts...
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    2013 thunder valley precision shoot dates

    Want to shoot the headhunter on Saturday, do I need to sign up or just show up. What time and any driving directions avail? I will be coming from youngstown area. Thanks, Mike
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    PRS Tripod and Saddle

    A quick thanks to Danel and Sharon Jenkins at Precision Rifle Solutions. I ordered a med. Slik tripod and SSP-1 saddle early last week, at my door in 3 days! Shot it this past weekend and was very pleased. A great piece of kit. Thanks, Mike
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    Advanced Marksmanship I need help please

    get rid of the lock-tite on the ring screws and pull them apart. If the scope is moving with every shot, you'll have the scars on the scope to prove it. If these are quality rings, great, if not, get a good set of rings and torque to manufacturers specs, often around 15 in/lbs. The connection...
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    Gunsmithing AICS 1.5 Question

    with a jewell w/ top safety, the inlet for the trigger is not quite wide enough. You can open up the tight spot with a dremel or with hand files , or have someone with a mill do a "proper" job. Either way won't make a difference as long as you pick up the little bit of clearence you need. No...
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    Reade range "summer" results 2013

    Miker, Thanks for a great shoot! Stages were a challenge and we all appreciate the effort that you put into creating a unique, fast-paced match. You don't stand around much at Miker's shoots. Thanks also to the vendors who supplied prizes, Impact Data Books and Hart Barrels. Lastly...
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    Wolf Precision's Practical Tactical - Somerset, PA

    Jamie, I'm in! Check is in the mail this week. See you in October. Mike