1. NevadaMarine

    Rifle Scopes Scope Advice for 500-1000 yards

    Hello Everyone, I have a Savage 110E chambered in 7mm Rem Mag that was recently handed down to me. I am looking to put a new barrel, scope and trigger job on it. Here is what I want to do with it. I want to accurately engage variable distance targets/game up to 1000 yards. When hunting season...
  2. L

    Looking at having a muzzle brake installed.

    Thinking about installing a muzzle brake on my Remington 700 in 7mm Remington Magnum. Supposed to help with recoil. Not really sure which one to use, but I do plan on having a gunsmith install it. Will have him thread the barrel and install it. Recoil is not a big issue, but I am trying to be a...
  3. 18Echo

    7mm 175 sierra matchkings

    These are listed at a certain store for 8.5 twist barrels or faster. Will they stabilize in a 1:9?
  4. Center Mass

    Berger 7mm 180 VLD's

    I can't find them anywhere and I'm sure I'm not the only one. If anyone has a line on them or has some extra's they don't need/want, let me know. I'm only looking for 2 boxes or so. Just enough to run my 7wsm out to +/- 1500yds a few times. Thanks for the help, CM
  5. ohiogunnut

    hBN for 7mm?

    I should be receiving my new 7mm Rem Mag back from GAP in the next couple of weeks and just finished case prep on 500 pieces of brass (getting excited). I have 1000 180gr Berger VLD's and a case of RL22 ready to go and wondered if I should go the hBN route or run them naked. I have read up on it...
  6. Bacarrat

    180gr 7MM bullets

    I need to order up some more 7mm bullets pretty soon. I think I am a little under 400 or so left. How do the JLKs compare to the Bergers? I am currently shooting the Bergers right now with good results. Any other ones I should be looking at?
  7. esromvre

    7MM Mag / Lapua brass

    any interest in this stough.. looking at $255.00 a 100 Note this is NEW IN UNOPENED Box only 2 boxes
  8. Jrb572

    Remington 7mm Rem Mag Question?

    What contour was the Secret Service using on there 7 mags? Are they still using them? What contour would it be in a Bartlein barrel? Thanks any help is appreciated.
  9. B

    7mm Mag and 162 gr AMax

    I have a remington 700 with a trued action, hvy sporter barrel, and soon to have an hs stock. I am going to start reloading and I need a data table on this load. I am going to use Nosler brass and Fed. 215 primers. Also how well does this bullet perform on deer as I am considering on hunting...
  10. U

    Gunsmithing 7mm RSUM Barrel Burn out 570 Rounds

    A friend of mine burned his 7 mm RSUM barrel out in 570 rounds the bore scoped photos look like a 6.5 x 284 barrel after 1000 rounds, stress cracking etc. He is thinking about a coating. Salt-bath nitrocarburizing by Melonite, nitride coating or it has been suggested by several metallurgists...
  11. L

    Accurate 7mm Cartridge

    I'm looking for some opinions here. I'm doing a 7mm long range gun, I just got the barrel, a Lilja stainless 1:9 4 groove, its going on a Savage action. I want to shoot 162 Amax's or 180 VLD's. I was going to do it in a 7 mag but talked to some guys and they seem to like the 7mm08AI but I can't...
  12. J

    Gunsmithing 7mm WSM barrel problem

    Got a custom build back, 7mm WSM, Krieger MTU, surgeon action. I shot it , reloaded by neck sizing only, shot some more, then sent the brass to Warner Tool so he can make me a custom insert for my warner die. He said that it definitely was not a standard 7 WSM chambering after carefully...
  13. hue001t

    primers for 7mm rem mag?

    i was qurious as to what primers i should look at for a 7mm rem mag
  14. HOOFER

    Range Report 7mm STW for long range work

    hey guys, well been kickin around the idea of turning my STW into a long range rig. i have a .308 and shoot it out to 800 yrds. but want something to shoot 1000 plus with a little more stank on it without having to buy another rifle. i have a model 70 7mm STW that i use for hunting mainly...
  15. E

    Need 7mm Dakota loads!

    Hi guys my custom 7mm Dakota is arriving in a week and I need some good loads preferably with heavier bullets 160grs and up? And if you guys have the velocities can please post them. Thank you elmer
  16. 19Scout77

    Lapua 7mm 170gn Lockbases

    Has anybody used Lapua 7mm 170 gn lockbases? Any idea of the BC? And how did they perform? No info anywhere on these--I believe they are no longer made, and Lapua does not respond to emails. TIA.
  17. M

    7mm RM & 162 gr Horn Amax

    Anyone using this combonation? What powder and charge weight?
  18. W

    Range Report 7mm Rem SAUM F Class Open

    Hi all i have been playing around with my new Lawton rifle i have chjambered an old 28" australian made 7mm 9 twist barrel to 7mm Rem SAUM the results i have got realy suprised me they do not come clost to what i have expected the load is as follows The chamber reamer has the factory case specs...
  19. galveston22

    Anyone have a tricked out 7mm Rem Mag sniper?

    If so, I have a deal for you. I have some really good 7mm Rem Mag 150gr Nosler BT professionally loaded by a guy out of San Antonio who owns Individual Reloading Services. I have about 20 rounds that I dont need anymore as I have sold the rifle that shoots it. I will ship it to you for just the...
  20. Strangedays

    What stock for my 7mm Ruger M77 Mauser action

    I am needing a good after market stock for my Ruger M77 Mauser action 7mm. Any help would be much appreciated.