1. FleshGolem

    Scout-ish Rifle Suggestions

    Looking for some suggestions for bolties that include a few different features. Namely: Chambered in .308 Win Threaded stainless steel barrel, ideally 18-20" and not less than 16", ideally free-floated Open sights, ideally full-length and ghost ring style Detachable magazine that either comes...
  2. S

    Is the 6.5 Creedmoor too "perfect" of a round for a "Battle Rifle"?

    The commercial factory ammunition in 6.5 Creedmoor tends to max out at about 147 grains, and many of the commercial offerings are far lighter than that. Whereas the classical NATO battle rifles [7.62/308] offered payloads out to 175 and even 185 grains. When reading about the 6.5 Creedmoor, I...
  3. Dr. Davy Jones

    Rifle Scopes Seeking advice on value: NF F1 NXS 3.5-15 vs Steiner T5xi 3-15

    Hey gents, I’m hoping to tap into the wealth of first-hand, hard experience here for some scope advice. I recently bought a Nightforce F1 NXS 3.5-15 with the MLR2 reticle and like it a lot. Super tough, nice features, great magnification range for my purposes. That said, I’m a man of limited...
  4. G

    16” vs 18” suppressed .308

    Hi there! I have recently been looking at grabbing a 16” Daniel Defense or Larue in .308. I have been running an 18” gas 308, but wanted to shave some pounds and a couple inches off the barrel for Stalk hunting. something I was curious about however was how much worse does the recoil get in...
  5. M

    Rifle Scopes Scope advice for LWRC IC

    Hello everyone, after reading and reading all those wonderful in-depth discussion here I've learned a lot about scopes in general, however being very new to the sport, i feel overwhelmed to make a decision. Especially since some scope options out there and some are quite expensive. Obviously...
  6. V

    Need some help please

    So i want to join the Marines really really badly. My only problem is with the VA sending their letters disarming vets scares me, Of course i love guns so if i join, and i come back what if they put on my record that i have mental disabilities and i cant buy guns? I would probably die if that...
  7. F

    Rifle Scopes 7mm Rem Mag Scope under $500?

    Hello good people! I'm hoping to leverage the magnitude of collective experience on this forum to advise my next purchasing decision. I'm in the market for a scope for my 7mm Rem Mag. I Primarily enjoy target shooting over long distances (300-900m) I have roughly $500 to spend. I'm...
  8. O

    Looking for advice: shooting from the bench

    I have recently gotten back into bolt action shooting. My setup is in my signature. I have fired 80 rounds since I got her. When shooting from the bench with the bipod, I am experiencing the rifle jumping from the point of aim to two targets to my right (at the range) usually after pulling the...
  9. Huntinfool

    Rifle Scopes Scope ring advice needed??

    Ok guys I bought a FNAR (I know some of you think it's an ugly rifle!) but any how I had a Leupold 4.5 X 14 X 40 Vari-X 3 mil-dot scope. I have a set of Leupold tactical MK4 1" rings (medium)the only other rings of this style Leupold makes is super high. My mediums are just about 1/8" too low...
  10. C

    Rifle Scopes looking for advice - trading out an IOR

    Hey all, A ways back I was on here looking for advice and got some great tips. I wound up going with an IOR 3-18x42 scope from Scott at Liberty Optics. Well I found that I want something a little lower power, smaller, and lighter as I changed out guns and its going to be going on an SPR type...
  11. JonLSU

    Fieldcraft Need advice on painting setup

    I'm wanting to duracoat my 700p, just the barrel, action, and base and rings. The stock is already done. I have one of these compressors. I am planning on getting this $25 airbrush from Lauer - link. My question is, other than the paint, what else do I need to get started. I have heard...
  12. Known

    Vibratory case cleaner bit the dust - need advice

    Folks, My old Midway case cleaner model 6029 bit the dust. It was a pretty big unit some I'm looking at the Dillon CV 2001. Has anybody used the Dillon? Should I look somewhere else? Thanks, Ed
  13. lordt313

    Range Report Interesting event happened yesterday, advice?

    I was shooting yesterday at the range at 200yds, I began with shooting my 175SMK handloads and everything was good, then I tried some of my 178AMAX loads and they were hitting 4 inches right on the target!!! I corrected my windage to get on target and then everything was fine, I went from 200...
  14. TBM

    Suppressors Mossberg 500 accessories advice required.

    I have a stock 500, 8 shot, 24" cylinder bore barrel with rifle sights. It's going to be used for practical/combat style courses of fire. It requires pimping up, so any advice welcome. Now I can't have folding stocks as it becomes a prohibited weapon in the UK, nor can I reduce the barrel...
  15. O

    Rifle Scopes Red Dot for AR10 308 TAC, need advice

    I have an DPMS AR10 16" TAC 308. I have a Trijicon 1.2-4 on it, which works fine but I'd also like to get a faster acquisition red dot type sight. I see everything from $29.95 to $600 bucks. I want something durable, doesn't need 25 different features, but rugged and as inexpensive as possible...
  16. Sgt.Henry

    Maggie’s Advice to my Friends

    1. You really shouldn't drink beer in the PD parking lot after the 2-10 shift. 2.If you did drink beer in the PD parking lot, Its really not a good idea to go shoot out street lights with your buddies 3.You really should have headed home before daylight. 4.Street Lights are alot more expensive...
  17. veezer

    Fieldcraft advice on reactive targets

    We are having a shoot this coming weekend and have some tannerite to use. What I need is some good ideas on things to attach them to to make it a litter funner. We have used 5lb flour bags in the past that worked reall well, but I am looking for some more ideas. We will be using some full...
  18. Gnab2

    New to the Black Rifle world and need advice.

    I have just for a RRA Entry Tactical and I am looking for some accessories for the new Blacky. What would you advise for my new toy?? Thanks
  19. JC Steel

    Which way should I go??? Advice needed please

    So like a rookie I purchased a Rem 700 in .243 because I thought that is what I want to shoot. I have since bought all the reloading stuff needed to load my ammo. I have bought bullets,brass,dies, etc. I have not bought a barrel to put on it yet and my gunsmith said he had a match XX douglas...
  20. glock24

    Gunsmithing FIXED! - Advice on fitting a Manners stock?

    I just received my barreled action today (TAC30 w/ medium Palma Bartlein) and dropped it into my Manners T3. For some reason, the barrel is hitting the stock along the entire left side. The channel is deep enough as there is clearance beneath the barrel. Only the left side is making contact...