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  1. G

    Accessories MDT 10rd .308/creed poly/metal mag new in box

    $40 - MDT 10rd .308/creed poly/metal mag new in box. In west DFW area but shipping available… text is best 346.257.3057. I can send pics or video to verify whatever and am open to most payment types. Selling bc life is pulling me away from the sport and this stuff is too nice to sit in the...
  2. dogman

    SOLD Accuracy International AIAW 6.5CM

    *Spare barrel sold* BLUF: AIAW with 6.5CM barrel, Atlas bipod, AI factory 34mm scope mount, TAB Gear sling, Victor Company skins and grippy cheek riser and one 10-rd factory AW magazine - $3925 shipped. ------------------------------------------------- Never fear – a suitable replacement has...
  3. VaderRubiconJK

    Accessories WTB AIAX Parts / Accessories,Game Changer,PRS Gear

    Looking to add a few updates to a pre-2014 chassis and gather some gear for upcoming season. Would prefer to buy, trade not out of the question either. Pm me if you have something your letting go of or parting out. -RRS AICS AX Chassis Plate -Game Changer for railchanger, OG or Pint, waxed...
  4. X

    Winter Shooting Sako TRG-22 and Observations on Gear

    Hiking downrange for shooting drills at unknown distances. Introduction A couple years ago I was able to take a High Angle Rifle Training (HART) course at Thunder Ranch. The HART course focuses on long range shooting from awkward field positions and angles. During this course we were hit...
  5. KiwiShtr

    Getting an AIAW .338LM (1st post)

    Hi All. This is my first post on this site and thought what a way to start than to mention my up coming purchase of an AI AW 338LM. Before I go on, Ive been browsing over this site/forums for the past month or so and would like to pass on Kudo's to all those who post here. Alot of...
  6. padronanniversary

    AIAW skins

    Can you buy AIAW seperately ? And if so, know of any vendors that carry them ? My udnerstanding is that they are different than the AICS skins
  7. M

    AIAW Barrels?

    What is the best length to get for the .308 AIAW? Do they have the velocity of a Rock (insert name here) for a given length? They are SS Border Barrels - right? Thoughts on the 1:12 twist with 175 SMKs? TIA
  8. beenjammin

    Photos Sharing my AIAW

    Wanted to finally show her off. Had the rifle since Dec. 08 and finally got a scope I liked on it. I got to say GEN 2 XL is a nice reticle. Good Job PR. Ill use this scope until my PH 5-25 comes in. Sorry the pics are not very good, I need to update cameras badly.
  9. padronanniversary

    AIAW reloading - how tight is she ?

    I thought I would put this question out since many of you seem to have AIAW in some fashion. How tight is the chamber ? My understanding is that it is built to shoot pretty much anything that the military hands out. That being said, would it be considered a match chamber in a sense ...
  10. padronanniversary

    AIAW trigger

    I did a few searches and really have not found to much feedback regarding the AIAW trigger. Can someone enlighten me on it ? I understand from the website it is adjustable. How does it feel ? Also what is the adjustment range ?
  11. padronanniversary

    AIAW ring questions

    Does anyone know if I choose a pictanny rail option what size rings I would need for the Premier and also a USO in SN3 -17 with a 44 mm bell ? say with a badger, seekins, or uso rings ? This is for a AIAW 308 Thanks in advance
  12. beenjammin

    Whats this on this AIAW??

    Anyone know what this stock pac thing is called on the back on this aiaw. I want one.
  13. beenjammin

    2009 AIAW pricing

    I know stacy would be good to send this to, but I just saw a listing on gunsamerica where a guy wasselling a nice tan AIAW 308. It came with a S&B and suppressor. HE was selling for 13k, but had a price breakdown. He said that the AWs were going for 8k now? Is that right or close? Even with all...
  14. beenjammin

    would you buy an AIAW or DR SRS scout

    I know you guys hate this, but ima throw it out there just for fun. Here are the stipulations: Would you rather have a AIAW .308 in a 1.5 chassis with nothin else or a DR SRS in .308 with a premier heritage scope. Where is 5500 better spent between these two choices.... for those of you that...
  15. T

    Rifle Scopes AIAW 308 What is the best mount for S&B

    I have a AIAW 308 with 26" barrel, adj cheek. I also have a S&B 4-16 X 50 with a lit reticle. Which one piece mount, the AI at 28 moa or 18 moa? I want the scope as close to the barrel as possible with out touching the barrel. Or should I go with Badger rings?
  16. LoneWolfUSMC

    Backyard training possibility? Airsoft AIAW

    I live inside city limits so even a silenced .22 is a no-no. I saw this today and though how cool it would be for me and the boys to be able to shoot in the back yard. <object width="320" height="265"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/FtdRjlX3jF8&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param...
  17. Blackcloud

    AIAW and S & B Scope question

    Just got my first AIAW,,,,, and its sweet. I've owned numerous full customs over the years but always wanted an AIAW. The lond wait is over thank god! The gun is equipped with the picatinny rail and I did order a 1 piece base for the scope. However, I got the wrong base. I ordered the 28MOA...
  18. W

    Photos Latest hand-load 10 shot group. 100 Meters AIAW 26

    Latest hand-load turned out to be fairly decent. Fired from Accuracy International Arctic Warfare in 26". .550" - .308" = 0.242" total Win Brass WLR Primer 43.4 gr RE-15 175 SMK 2.8 OAL Light Taper Crimp Finally, these were shot in the pouring rain.
  19. G

    Where are you guys getting your AIAW rifles?

    TacPro? Impact guns? Stacey B. ? Where are is the best place to get an Arctic Warfare?
  20. N

    AIAW versus PGW Coyote-

    I posted this on another forum, but I know that many here have extensive expirience with the AW, and maybe could shed some opinions. I am looking at picking up one of the two within the coming months. Anybody have expirience with both? Any opinions? I like the durability, folding stock and...