1. S

    Gunsmithing Break free bore paste

    Just wondering if any of you use it. The local gun shop owner sold me some and said it worked great. I sent 25 patches down the barrel and am still getting dirty patches. I can't believe my rifle was that dirty. Should I keep following the directions and keep going til I have a clean patch or am...
  2. dpharley

    How to properly break in a new rifle?

    I’ve just bought my first long range rifle, Savage BAT with Super Sniper scope, what is the proper break in procedure I should follow? I have heard many conflicting theories on proper barrel break in procedures. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. C

    Gunsmithing Barrel Break In

    Just rebarreled my Remington 700 with a Schneider barrel. Any thoughts on how to break it in. Read some articals that say it is a waste of time. Others say to treat barrel with Sentry Solutions Smooth Kote with BP 2000.
  4. S

    Gunsmithing FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break.

    Do any of you guys now the torque for FTE Badger Ordinance muzzle break? I removed it to clean my rifle and but I don’t know the torque to put it back. Thanks, Christian
  5. Ghogs Nightmare

    Gunsmithing Help with an OPS Inc break...

    Thinking about putting one on my 16" DPMS. Currently it has a PWRS brake on it. . Dont like the way the PWRS vents. So was looking at an OPS Inc as an alternative. . My question is....Does anyone know where i can find one thats been finished already that'll fit the threading on the DPMS 308...
  6. awaken

    22LR Barrel Break in

    Picking up my new Savage MK II FV soon, Do you recommend a running in procedure? I have never bought a brand new rimfire so I'm unsure Thanks Dave
  7. V

    TRG 22 Barrel Break in, necessary?

    I have used a break in procedure on rifles and not used it. I think you talk to 5 guys and you will get 7 opinions. As far as a TRG 22 goes, has anyone tried it and what were the results, positive or negative. I know this is a never ending debate but just wondering about this rifle as I have a...
  8. christian77

    KAC Triple Tap break

    While I do think that Knight's Armament makes some good stuff (some stupid stuff too, but...), I can't for the life of me figure out what warrants the price tag on this muzzle break... MSRP $437.00 At that price, the break better be giving me blowjobs when I am not shooting!
  9. smith934

    DPMS LR308 - Initial Sight In & Break In ?

    I bought a new DPMS LR308 and I'm going to the range this weekend. I have a large quantity of 7.62 surplus ammo (Port, Hirtenberger and Radway Green) and am wondering if it would be ok to use it for the initial sight in and for barrel break in. Any recomendations would be appreciated.
  10. sr15match

    Suppressors OPS INC 12th Model muzzle break

    Where can I buy an Ops Inc 12th Model Muzzle Break and collar for my wifes .308win SPS-Tactical. I'm looking for the same set-up as is supplied on the Remington USR. Besides calling Ops Inc is there any other place to buy?
  11. diggler1833

    Range Report Barrel break In/load development .223 SPS Tac

    I'm pretty pleased to say the least with my SPS Tactical. I picked up some 68gr Hornady BTHP and just threw them in some unprepped (other than sized and chamfered/deburred) once fired Winchester brass that I picked up from the range where I work at. Haven't done any attempts at changing...
  12. Norwiscutter

    Gunsmithing I need a break

    For an m24 conture 30 cal barrel. Going to be chambered in 300 wby and was looking at the surefire or Vais, but are there any other suggestions?
  13. M

    To Muzzle Break or To Not Muzzle Break?

    Gents, I'm kinda in between a choice here... I have a 300RUM and man does she kick. Kinda like it, feels great cracking off a shot knowing whatever is down-range on the buisness end is hatin life even more. But I'll be honest and admit the recoil is most definitly effecting my accuracy...
  14. N

    Muzzle Break on my AR?

    I'm thinking about putting a muzzle break on my stock AR-10T. I'm concerned about this affecting my accuracy. What's everyones thoughts on this?
  15. M

    New Rifle Break In

    Hey all, I am brand new to precision rifles and need some advice. I just picked up a Rem 700 (SPS Tactical, .308). What is the proper way to "break in" the rifle. I have done a little searching around the site and some people say break in is not necessary, some talk of polishing rounds, some...
  16. mildot326

    Sniper rifle with a Surefire FA556K muzzle break

    I'm considering this setup? Does anyone have a pic on a 20" barrel for instance?
  17. hide and seek

    barrel break in

    I have just purchased 2 aw rifles one in 308 win and 338 lapua. These are my first new rifles. I have been useing a used ssg 69 so I have no experience with new rifle breakin and I would like to get this right the first time with these two fine rifles. Thanks
  18. Jimmy2Times

    Savage MK II FV - Barrel break in, Yes or No?

    So I just set up my new Savage MK II FV. EGW 20 MOA base and a Bushnell 3200. My question is, is it necassary/prudent to break in the barrel on this weapon just as I would any other? I had planned on it but didn't want to waste my effort if it was not a good idea. Thanks as always for the advice.
  19. Surgeon_Shooter

    .338 lapua break in???

    Hey fellas Im going to pick up my surgeon remedy tommorow.I've broke in several other smaller rifles but never a .338 lapua. What's the best break in method for a 28" 9.5 krieger?
  20. G

    Gunsmithing how about a muzzel break fo my GAP

    Hey guys I just got the GAP Sniper Country Limited edition from Hawk Gunner and im torn whether or not just to put a cap on the threaded barrel or get a muzzel break for it. Any Ideas it has a 5/8 x 24 thread