1. J

    Suppressors Price check colt 1911

    I was thinking about parting with this, but I'm having trouble finding a value. If someone could help it would be much appreciated. Colt Model-01992 m1991a1 series 80 9mm 5" barrel Matte blue finish Less than a 1000 rounds through it. Thanks, Jacob
  2. M

    Sniper Type M1A Price Check

    I think I'm going to have to sell my M1A to pay some upcoming medical bills but I'm not sure what to ask. It was made in 1997 and has the following features. Springfield Armory M1A full size rifle with USGI parts. Barrel is stamped NM ( National Match ). Trigger group is TRW and bolt is SA...
  3. Q

    Rifle Scopes Night Vision Purchase,How to check it out.

    I saw an ad for night vision for sale on another forum, How do you find out if they are stolen or not? What resource can a guy use to make sure? Thanks for any help
  4. B

    Check out this shoot

    Go to and check out the ITRC. International tactical rifle championship, that is an awsome shoot for a team event. Two shooters and I guarantee it will challenge you and your weapons, pistol, carbine, and longrange. Best of luck, & GOD bless Mac's
  5. raising_arizona

    Rifle Scopes Sanity check: Badger rings and Menace 4-14x44

    Just checking: will the standard Badger rings (.823") work for a Rem 700 LTR, Falcon Menace 4-14x44 mm, and 20 MOA base? I don't have them in front of me (working out of town) and I'd like to order the Badgers. Thx!
  6. L

    Check out this primer

    Here's the deal. In my Springfield 3.8gr of Vectan Ba-10 230gr RN FMJ. Very light load. No problems, great load. However, in a friends Taurus I get this. Looks like a piece of another primer welded/pressed on top of this primer. Factory Fiochi loads don't have this problem, and are much hotter...
  7. Target07

    AR-30 .300 Win Mag...Price Check?

    I have a nicely set-up AR-15 for trade on this forum and others. I just got a trade offer for an Armalite AR-30 in .300 Win Mag. Round count is 36 and it has a SS10x mounted on it. The rifle alone retails for $1742 msrp. I only have, at the most, $1200 in my AR. Sounds to good to be true but he...
  8. JCH

    Suppressors 10 weeks for ATF to cash check??

    I finished my Form 4 and sent in a Certified Bank check to the ATF for a SWR Omega 10 weeks ago. After 9 weeks of my check not cashing I called the ATF and wasn't given an explanation. So I called my dealer who was very concerned and very helpful and started calling them himself to find out what...
  9. Tony.

    Price Check: Eric Reed built M40A1 build

    There seems to be a few M40a1 spec builds in the for sale section lately with Unertl's on them. I am thinking about selling my full spec Eric Reed built M40a1 with no scope, but includes a Badger clip slot picatinny rail. S/N is a 7-digit series, Remington dated it as a 1969 production...
  10. JCH

    Suppressors Calling ATF to check on Form 4

    I submitted a form 4 to transfer a suppressor. How do I call and check on the status of the submission? Do I simply call the ATF and ask for whoever is handling my states submissions or what? All help is appreciated as this is my first form 4 submission.
  11. 3

    Target Range Correction...Double Check My Math

    Happy Father's Day Gentlemen! I'm through my 1st week of Sniper School at OPOTA in London, Ohio. Our Instructor wants us ready for a cold bore shot at 300 yards on Monday....I would appreciate a math check. Here's the specs: Remington PSS .308, Federal Match 168gr BTHP MK, Leupold...
  12. wjwill

    Member Link Up Louisiana members.. check in here.

    So just how many of us from Louisiana are on this board. Destrehan here
  13. K

    338 Lapua Sanity Check

    Hello all, I am looking for some sanity checking on my 338LM loads for my trg42. I am using a 250 grain Scenar and either VV N560 and H4831sc, Lapua brass and GM215M primers. For the H4831SC starting load is 82 grains working up to around 90 (trying to get around 2950-3000fps if possible)...
  14. S

    Photos Check these out!

    Shooter pics.
  15. zscurlock

    AK 47 Transferable MG Price check

    What is the going rate for a fully transferable Russian AK47 with a 1959 serial number? I know enough about full auto right now to get me in trouble.
  16. Andybull

    Springfield MIA NM price check

    I've owned since new a Springfield M1A NM, with a walnut stock and scope mount that I purchased in the early 80's. I put maybe 40 rounds thru it and have kept it in the safe since. What is this rifle worth? I'm thinking I might want to offer it on a partial trade for an SR-25. Thanks, Andy
  17. wksinatl

    Rifle Scopes HotRod9mm please check your PM's

    I need some rail info. thanks, Keith
  18. Black-X

    Price check on a Remington 700 please

    I was down at the pawn shop (girlfriend's uncle owns it) helping a friend order a ring and I saw a Remington 700 in 30.06 that looked like it was in decent shape. It had iron sights (blah) and a black plastic stock but the price was $325 IIRC. Is this worth picking up at that price for a...
  19. DRAM40A1

    Check this out!!!!

    We shot a 50 round belt to start Stage 1 at the Larue 3 Gun this weekend. HO Lee Shit!
  20. CT

    Suppressors Help! Price Check on Springfield Loaded PX9151LP?

    Looking at a possible trade and need to know what a like-new Springfield Loaded .45 (model PX9151LP) with 75 rounds fired/factory box/paperwork is worth? Thanks.