1. T

    Rem Action Cleaner discontinued - what's the closest substitute?

    Another casualty of Remington's demise. It was the best (in my opinion) for cleaning action parts of carbon, old lubes, etc. while evaporating quickly leaving absolutely no residue. The SDS sheet says it's "Naphtha, hydrotreated light, 100%". I've searched high and low, and the closest sub I've...
  2. S

    Nylon Brushes

    It seems a lot of precision shooters favor nylon bore brushes over bronze brushes. Why is this? What I've read suggests that nylon is less abrasive to the bore than bronze, but the way I see it just one copper jacketed bullet forced down the bore at 60,000 psi does more damage to the bore than...
  3. I

    Expensive mistake?

    FNG here. Purchased my first firearm (AR-15) recently. After the first range trip I decided to learn how to clean my weapon. Did a fair amount of research and video watching but apparently attention to detail is something you can't always teach as I took a chamber brush and ran it through the...
  4. Cosmic338

    Bore Guide?

    Stumbled upon a Panhandle Precision video about barrel break in and mentions using a bore guide for cleaning. Found a Dewey one for .338 Lapua. 85$. Is it really worth it? Can you really damage the action and barrel just using a normal brass rod without a guide?
  5. Near miss

    Lube for suppressed AR

    I have used Castrol motor oil for my MR223 and it is perfect for it. But I read about how motor oils actually worked after seeing a video about coagulation/flocculants of water which diverted me to wikipedia, to read about motor oil additives. As ARs do not regurly have oil filters on them the...
  6. BoltActionBrotherhood

    WET Tumbling Media options. (Not Stainless)

    Hey fellas, I realize most of us use the standard stainless steel media that came with our wet tumbler, but what other options are out there? I have heard people use ceramic media, anyone have any luck with this? Pros and cons? for example Ceramic Media on Amazon I use my tumbler for my...
  7. Near miss

    Rimfire can cleaning

    Been an owner of Ase Utra Eco can for 2 years now. I have noticed that cleaning the can has become quite easy after dropping around 5 drops of oil like motor oil into the can before shooting the last magazine. The shots will mix the oil everywhere in the can. I do not do this every range...
  8. S

    Cleaning with break fluid?

    Hey all, I was wondering if it's acceptable to clean my Remington 700 SPS Tactical with break fluid rather than conventional cleaners. I'm new to the world and a friend told me it was fine, but I doubt his credibility on the matter. Thanks!
  9. 3

    Barrel Break In and Cleaning Questions

    I am getting a new barrel for my 300wm and Im doing my research on barrel break in because I want to do this one the right way. Call me crazy but it makes perfect sense to me to leave the copper in the bore because when you think about it the first thing you do at the range is fire off some...
  10. lowlight

    Cleaning your rifle teaser video

    Cleaning your precision rifle teaser video, This is part of the 14 minute online training lesson on cleaning your precision rifle. <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. R

    %%Uhut-Oh, Did I ruin this brass?%%

    Wondering about the safety of using this brass. Not THAT big of a deal, it's 13% of a batch of 3000 range brass I bought to load plinkers with. It was in REALLY bad shape when I got it. I experimented with different ways to clean it up. I vibrated some in walnut shells, some I tumbled in...
  12. Hendo

    Barrel Maintenance

    Hey maestros, I have been casually browsing this forum for quite some time, becoming more interested in pushing rifle shooting to another level. I've been shooting for awhile, plus had a little training from Uncle Sam, and have finally stepped into a dedicated stick for my money launching...
  13. captnmo

    Gunsmithing Cleaning requirements for bolt guns vs ARs

    Quite possibly a dumb question and I know this will solicit a lot of opinions. I'm new to the bolt-gun craze and just got a Savage 10FCP in .308. I've run a Otis nylon rod with brass brush, Hoppes no. 9 and patches and left it dry with the bolt removed. I'm used to cleaning ARs so I don't...
  14. N

    Gunsmithing Ultrasonic Cleaning

    Do any of you guys use an ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning gun parts?
  15. general_purpose

    Suppressors Lewis Lead Remover for cleaning lead

    For those who may practice with lead bullets. I saw this on Brownells ...for the Lewis lead remover. It's supposed to get the lead out of your barrels, chambers, and forcing cone completely.
  16. S

    Advanced Marksmanship Cleaning Freq. and Barrel Cooldowns

    Hi guys. I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to higher powered precision shooting and was hoping for a couple of tips. There are probably varying preferences to my questions, but I would just like to hear them and judge for myself. I will be shooting a .308 and wondered about, as the title...
  17. BigBrother

    When cleaning- bore brush or no?

    So, I've been cleaning since I got my first rigs about a year and a half ago using the Otis kits, with BreakFree as my all purpose cleaner. So far no complaints. But, I'm beginning to doubt the use of bore brushes entirely. I used to follow the Otis instructions to a T, always wet patch...
  18. K

    Primer pocket cleaning

    Does not brushing out the carbon thats left after you tumble your brass for about 1.5 hours make difference in accuracy? Or is there any other problems this cause. I have loaded many handgun rounds and never cleaned the primer pocket other than what the tumbler does but I am new to precision...
  19. beenjammin

    tips for cleaning your .22lr

    OK, I got in from the range with my new 10/22 and mk3. They shot great and it was too much fun, but when I sat down to clean them, I realized what a pain it is to get swabs in theat tiny hole. Any tips on what to use to make things any easier. The 40x has a long barrel and is going to be a...
  20. C

    Cleaning case question...

    Do you really have to clean you're brass every time it's shot is it necessary?